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    Groenekennis - Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

    Groenekennis bevat artikelen uit vaktijdschriften, rapporten, video’s, presentaties, posters en websites op het gebied van landbouw, visserij, groene ruimte en voeding. Groenekennis wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en bevat ongeveer 500.000 bronnen.

    Groenekennis is de globale view over diverse deelbestanden. Groenekennis is gevuld met alle informatie uit Groen Kennisnet, de Hydrotheek, Tuinpad, IB archief, ARTIK, bioKennis, Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen, Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren en afgesloten documentatiebestanden zoals Land Bodem Water en Consumenten- en huishoudstudies.

    Groen Kennisnet is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van Groenekennis. De doelstelling van Groen Kennisnet is kennis delen op het gebied van Voedsel en Groen te bevorderen en te faciliteren voor een breed publiek.

    Bronnen in Groenekennis kunnen direct opgevraagd worden via een geavanceerde zoekmachine met een 'google-achtige' interface. Met filters kan ingezoomd worden op diverse aspecten, zoals Trefwoord, Collectie, Jaar en Auteur. Bovendien biedt Groenekennis gebruikers de mogelijkheid om via de E-mail geattendeerd te worden op aanvullingen in specifieke vakgebieden.
    De Tijdschriftenlijst biedt een overzicht van tijdschriften waaruit de artikelen voor Groenekennis worden geselecteerd. Door te klikken op een titel krijgt u alle artikelen uit dat tijdschrift in de Groenekennis database getoond.
    Zoeken op kaart biedt een geografische ingang op de beschikbare publicaties over de binnen dit bestand onderscheiden gebieden.

    Groenekennis is onderdeel van het bibliotheeksysteem van WUR. Praktijkgerichte publicaties en rapporten van WUR komen daardoor automatisch beschikbaar. Daarnaast wordt de database doorlopend gevuld met voor het groen onderwijs bruikbare bronnen en artikelen, video’s en websites. Het percentage online is de laatste jaren gegroeid tot tweederde van de totale aanwas per jaar. Dit percentage groeit nog steeds.


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Heritage grains: digging our roots, planting our seeds \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Artikel]
Spruit, K. \ 2016
Two years ago Shelley and Tony Spruit started Against the Grain, an initiative that is reviving heritage grains in Ontario, Canada, from field to fork. Their experience demonstrates how family farmers build seed sovereignty and educate consumers on t ...
Automated packing line eliminates heavy work : no more twisting, dumping and lifting \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Artikel]
Armstrong, H. \ 2015
Some 14 months ago Canadian cucumber grower installed a completely mechanised processing and packing line. Robotic cranes and conveyors now take the strain relieving the packers of the heavy lifting, twisting and stacking. They can also process 50% m ...
Operational efficiency of ballast water biocides at low water temperatures [Boek]
Kaag, N.H.B.M. \ Sneekes, A.C. \ 2015
In the period 2013-2015 the effect of two biocides used for the treatment of ballast water has been evaluated at low ambient temperatures. Peraclean® Ocean and sodium hypochlorite were used as biocides. Most of the tests were conducted during winter ...
Ecological sustainability of wood bioenergy feedstock supply chains: local, national and international policy perspectives [Boek]
Thiffault, E. \ Lorente, M. \ Murray, J. \ Fritsche, U. \ Iriarte, L. \ Endres, J.M. \ McCubbins, J.S.N. \ 2014
The aim of this project is to provide background information on the regulatory and operational aspects of sustainability criteria for solid woody bioenergy feedstocks to policymakers and other stakeholders for the development and possible extensions ...
Adaptation to climate change in urban areas: climate-greening London, Rotterdam, and Toronto \ Climate law [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Mees, H.L.P. \ Driessen, P.P.J. \ 2011
This article aims to gain insight into the governance capacity of cities to adapt to climate change through urban green planning, which we will refer to as climate-greening. The use of green space is considered a no-regrets adaptation strategy, since ...
It's all in the detail : Gerrit Wensink: 'We've got rid of assembly line work on our farm' : herd report \ CowManagement [Artikel]
Pellikaan, F. \ 2011
Gerrit and Margriet Wensink own 360 head of dairy cows in Canada. For two years now they have been milked using a robotic system. As a result, synchronisation is no longer necessary and stress-related disorders are less common.
Heat stress in ruminants [Brochure]
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC) \ 2010
Heat stress can be a welfare issue for all types of livestock. In areas of Canada where high ambient temperatures occur during the summer months, the organic farmer must provide living conditions which give protection from excessive heat.
Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals [Website]
Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals (CCFA) is dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals raised for food in Canada through public education, legislative change and consumer choice. CCFA supporters are animal protection organizations across Canada ...
Seeds of diversity = Semences du patrimoine [Website]
Seeds of Diversity is een Canadese vrijwilligersorganisatie die de biodiversiteit van en kennis over gewassen en tuinplanten bewaart. De organisatie biedt informatie over oude plantenrassen, het oogsten en bewaren van zaden, diversiteit en tuingeschi ...
No inbreeding avoidance in an isolated population of bighorn sheep \ Animal behaviour [Artikel]
Rioux-Paquette, E. \ Festa-Bianchet, M. \ Coltman, D.W. \ 2010
Inbreeding avoidance mechanisms such as mate choice should be selected for when inbreeding produces fitness costs. Several studies, however, suggest that animals tolerate inbreeding despite its costs. We studied inbreeding avoidance in bighorn sheep, ...
Agro-ecological sustainability and segregation of genetically modified (gm) oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in Canada and the Netherlands [Studentenverslag]
Mungall, V. \ 2010
This project compared oilseed rape production in the Canadian Prairies and the Netherlands, Canada being a major GM producer and the latter to a far lesser extent, in order to assess agro-ecological sustainability of GM and non-GM (conventional) prod ...
Curb the cruelty: Canada's farm animal transport system in need of repair [Boek]
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) \ [ca. 2010]
Het dierenwelzijn en de diergezondheid van vee dat in Canada wordt vervoerd staat onder grote druk, door de zeer lange afstanden waarover de dieren worden vervoerd. Ook blijkt dat de regels met betrekking tot veetransport een stuk soepeler is dan in ...
D 2.3 Collection of information on biorefinery research funding and research organisations (projects) : task 2.3.2 outside Europe [Boek]
Annevelink, E. \ Oever, M. van den \ 2010
This report provides an outlook on research into biorefineries in the US, Canada, Australia, China, India, Japan and Brazil. The results will be used for benchmarking or to indicate new opportunities. The most recent EU-funded Specific Support Action ...
Humans and nature : public visions on their interrelationship [Proefschrift]
Groot, M. de \ 2010
This thesis empirically studies what lay people living in Western countries regard the appropriate way to relate to nature. Their environmental ethic might be in line with Mastery over nature, Stewardship of nature, Partnership with nature or Partici ...
Comparing the environmental impacts of pasture-based and confinement-based dairy systems in Nova Scotia (Canada) using life cycle assessment \ International journal of agricultural sustainability [Artikel]
Arsenault, N. \ Tyedmers, P. \ Fredeen, A. \ 2009
A life cycle assessment (LCA) of dairy systems in Nova Scotia was conducted to compare environmental impacts of typical pasture and confinement operations. Data on material and energy inputs and outputs of these systems were obtained from local resea ...
Reintroducing endangered Vancouver Island marmots: survival and cause-specific mortality rates of captive-born versus wild-born individuals \ Biological conservation [Artikel]
Aaltonen, K. \ Bryant, A.A. \ Hostetler, J.A. \ Oli, M.K. \ 2009
Recovery of the endangered Vancouver Island marmot (Marmota vancouverensis) is contingent upon releases of captive-born marmots into natural habitats. Success of such re-introduction programs largely depends on the ability of released animals to surv ...
Hunting tactics of Peregrines and other falcons [Proefschrift]
Dekker, D. \ 2009
De slechtvalk was bijna uitgestorven door giftige residu’s van landbouwchemicaliën, maar de stand heeft zich hersteld. Dekker deed onderzoek naar de invloed van de terugkeer van deze roofvogel op zijn prooisoorten in Nederland en Canada. Hij heeft ge ...
Development process for codes of practice for the care and handling of farm animals [Boek]
National Farm Animal Care Council \ 2009
The Codes of Practice are nationally (Canada) developed guidelines for the care and handling of the different species of farm animals. They are intended to promote sound management and welfare practices through recommendations and requirements for ho ...
Code of practice for the care and handling of dairy cattle [Boek]
National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) \ 2009
The Dairy Code of Practice provides guidance to owners and employees for the welfare of cattle in their care. In this Code the word cattle refers to dairy cattle of all ages. This Code applies to dairy cattle (including bull calves and bulls) on dair ...
Milk losses associated with somatic cell counts per breed, parity and stage of lactation in Canadian dairy cattle \ Livestock science [Artikel]
Dürr, J.W. \ 2008
The reduction in milk production caused by subclinical mastitis in dairy cattle was assessed through the regression of test day milk yield on log-transformed somatic cell counts (LnSCC). Data was obtained from Valacta, Quebec, and a total of 312,756 ...
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