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    Groenekennis - Informatie voor professionals in voedsel en groen

    Groenekennis bevat artikelen uit vaktijdschriften, rapporten, video’s, presentaties, posters en websites op het gebied van landbouw, visserij, groene ruimte en voeding. Groenekennis wordt dagelijks bijgewerkt en bevat ongeveer 500.000 bronnen.

    Groenekennis is de globale view over diverse deelbestanden. Groenekennis is gevuld met alle informatie uit Groen Kennisnet, de Hydrotheek, Tuinpad, IB archief, ARTIK, bioKennis, Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen, Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren en afgesloten documentatiebestanden zoals Land Bodem Water en Consumenten- en huishoudstudies.

    Groen Kennisnet is een zeer belangrijk onderdeel van Groenekennis. De doelstelling van Groen Kennisnet is kennis delen op het gebied van Voedsel en Groen te bevorderen en te faciliteren voor een breed publiek.

    Bronnen in Groenekennis kunnen direct opgevraagd worden via een geavanceerde zoekmachine met een 'google-achtige' interface. Met filters kan ingezoomd worden op diverse aspecten, zoals Trefwoord, Collectie, Jaar en Auteur. Bovendien biedt Groenekennis gebruikers de mogelijkheid om via de E-mail geattendeerd te worden op aanvullingen in specifieke vakgebieden.
    De Tijdschriftenlijst biedt een overzicht van tijdschriften waaruit de artikelen voor Groenekennis worden geselecteerd. Door te klikken op een titel krijgt u alle artikelen uit dat tijdschrift in de Groenekennis database getoond.
    Zoeken op kaart biedt een geografische ingang op de beschikbare publicaties over de binnen dit bestand onderscheiden gebieden.

    Groenekennis is onderdeel van het bibliotheeksysteem van WUR. Praktijkgerichte publicaties en rapporten van WUR komen daardoor automatisch beschikbaar. Daarnaast wordt de database doorlopend gevuld met voor het groen onderwijs bruikbare bronnen en artikelen, video’s en websites. Het percentage online is de laatste jaren gegroeid tot tweederde van de totale aanwas per jaar. Dit percentage groeit nog steeds.


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Global and regional greenhouse gas emissions neutrality : implications of 1.5 °C and 2 °C scenarios for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions [Boek]
Soest, Heleen van \ Elzen, Michel den \ Forsell, Nicklas \ Esmeijer, Kendall \ Vuuren, Detlef van \ 2018
Greengas AD [Factsheet]
GreenGas AD Plant is a farm based anaerobic digestion plant located near Shanagolden in County Limerick, Ireland. The the 250 kW el plant was constructed in the course of 2010 and when commissioned in 2011 it was one of the first such plants in Irela ...
Waste-to-Energy Business Models: insights from a compendium of business models \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Artikel]
Gebrezgabher, S. \ Rao, K. \ 2017
Recovering energy, nutrients and water from domestic and agro-waste streams is gaining momentum as a new agenda for promoting sustainable development in developing countries as waste management strategies shift focus from a disposal-oriented approach ...
Sustainable woodfuel for food security : a smart choice: green, renewable and affordable [Boek]
Jin, Sooyeon Laura \ Schure, Jolien \ Ingram, Verina \ Yoo, Byoung Il \ Reeb, Dominique \ Xia, Zuzhang \ Perlis, Andrea \ Nordberg, Mats \ Campbell, Jeffrey \ Muller, Eva \ 2017
Forests cover one-third of the Earth’s land surface. It is estimated that over one-third of the world’s population depends on forest goods and services for the direct provision of food, woodfuel, building materials, medicines, employment and cash inc ...
Feasibility of a fuel-switch from fuel oil for bioheat (0.4 MW in-house heat-only boilers) : horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action number 646495: Bioenergy4Business - a project for the uptake of solid biofuels in promising European heat market segments [Boek]
Tretter, Herbert \ 2016
In this feasibility study a fuel switch from fuel oil for wood-chips (0.4 MW in-house heat-only boilers ) is assessed techno-economically. The assessment is made by and based on default investment, cost and price figures of the “ B4B BioHeat Cost Cal ...
Pre-feasibility comparison of the economic efficiency of a new district heating plant with 4.9 MWp fired with natural gas or solid biomass : horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action number 646495: Bioenergy4Business - a project for the uptake of solid biofuels in promising European heat market segments [Boek]
Tretter, Herbert \ 2016
This pre-feasibility study compares the economic efficiency of a natural gas fired with a wood-chip fired district heating plant. The district heating plant has a peak heat load of 4.9 MW and supplies 10.6 GWh/a heat ( sold energy) to 94 heat consume ...
The Lord of the Willow Rings : a study on the effects of biomass harvesting in natural willow rings around prairie wetlands [Studentenverslag]
Sturris, W. W. J. \ 2015
The increased interest in using woody biomass as a carbon neutral renewable resource for energy production has been a result of the growing awareness of CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. A great potential for production of woody biomass in the ...
Temperature response of duckweed growth at the Ecoferm greenhouse [Studentenverslag]
Ruigrok, T. \ 2015
In Uddel, the first Ecoferm farm is build. The farms consist of a rose calve stable with a greenhouse on top of it. The problem is that in the summer the duckweed at the Ecoferm dies, due to a too high temperature of above 40°C. This thesis focusses ...
Development of heat distribution networks in the Netherlands [Boek]
Niessink, Robin \ Rösler, Hilke \ 2015
This study was conducted in order to gain more insight into the existing heat distribution networks and the preojected developments from the present towards 2030.
Seasonal dependence of the urban heat island on the street canyon aspect ratio \ Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Theeuwes, N.E. \ Steeneveld, G.J. \ Ronda, R.J. \ Heusinkveld, B.G. \ Hove, L.W.A. van \ Holtslag, A.A.M. \ 2014
In this article we study the relation between the urban heat island (UHI) in the urban canyon and street geometry, in particular the aspect ratio. Model results and observations show that two counteracting processes govern the relation between the no ...
Renewable municipal waste barometer ; a study [Boek]
EurObserv’ER \ 2014
Preliminary estimates compiled by EurObserv’ER suggest that the production of primary renewable energy recovered by household refuse incineration plants in the countries of the European Union, only increased by 0.7% in 2013 to achieve 8.7 million toe ...
Green elements in street canyons : research by design for heat mitigation and thermal comfort in urban areas [Studentenverslag]
Hotkevica, I. \ [2013]
The purpose of this study is to find ways how to mitigate the urban heat in the street canyons and create a thermally pleasant outdoor environment by providing shadow of the trees or other green elements. The case study area is Bergpolder-Zuid in Rot ...
Energiehout Holland business plan [Studentenverslag]
Wijngaarden, M. \ 2012
This report was commissioned to provide information about the current market regarding the product assortment of Energiehout Holland. As well as a market analysis and product calculations, to find out where the company stands in relation to their com ...
Sustainable biomass for electricity, heat and transport fuels in the EU27 : policy summary : deliverable D5.4 [Boek]
Uslu, A. \ Stralen, J. van \ 2012
In this publication the summary of a scenario based modelling analysis of biomass use to produce electricity, heat and transport fuels in 2020 and 2030 is presented. The analysis is focused particularly on reaching the biomass demands included in the ...
Urban green-waterscape on street level : landscape approach towards soil-based stormwater management in Dutch cities [Studentenverslag]
Chang, Y.P. \ Ji, Y. \ 2012
Greening building blocks to mitigate heat : a landscape-based design research in residential areas of Rotterdam [Studentenverslag]
Liu, Y. \ Shan, Y. \ 2012
Adaptation inspiration book : 22 implemented cases of local climate change adaptation to inspire European citizens [Boek]
Pijnappels, M. \ Dietl, P. \ CIRCLE-2 \ cop. 2012
This adaptation inspiration book provides a great overview of practical and early examples of actual adaptive actions already taking place across Europe. These actions can make a region or city less vulnerable to the effects of climate change, enhanc ...
Exploring the urban heat island intensity of Dutch cities : assessment based on a literature review, recent meteorological observation and datasets provide by hobby meteorologists [Boek]
Hove, L.W.A. van \ Steeneveld, G.J. \ Jacobs, C.M.J. \ Heusinkveld, B.G. \ Elbers, J.A. \ Moors, E.J. \ Holtslag, A.A.M. \ 2011
In the present study, an up-to-date assessment of the current Urbana Heat Island (UHI)-intensity in urban areas in the Netherlands has been made. The underlying question is whether or not thermal comfort will be a critical issue considering urbanizat ...
Hot and bothered : depressed appetites and listless cows could be the result of heat stress : from the veterinarian practice \ CowManagement [Artikel]
Borsberry, S. \ 2010
Vet Steve Borsberry, from the Solihull-based 608 vet group, part of the XLVet Group, in the West Midlands, shares some tips on disease prevention and tackling health problems in dairy herds, drawing from his many years of on-farm experience. Here he ...
Aardwarmte glastuinbouw : clustering en uitwisseling met stedelijke omgeving : Expermeeting Aardwarmte regio Pijnacker-Nootdorp-Delft, 9 juli 2009 [Presentatie]
Poot, E. \ Vermeulen, T. \ Vermeulen, P. \ Campen, J. \ 2009
Powerpoint presentatie over gebruik van aardwarmte in de glastuinbouw
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