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    Lake and watershed characteristics rather than climate influence nutrient limitation in shallow lakes \ Ecological applications [Artikel]
    Kosten, S. \ Huszar, V.L.M. \ Mazzeo, N. \ Scheffer, M. \ Sternberg, L. da S.L. \ Jeppesen, E. \ 2009
    Both nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) can limit primary production in shallow lakes, but it is still debated how the importance of N and P varies in time and space. We sampled 83 shallow lakes along a latitudinal gradient (58–558 S) in South America a ...
    Climate-related differences in the dominance of submerged macrophytes in shallow lakes \ Global change biology [Artikel]
    Kosten, S. \ Kamarainen, A. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Nes, E.H. van \ Peeters, E.T.H.M. \ Mazzeo, N. \ Sass, L. \ Hauxwell, J. \ Hansel-Welch, N. \ Lauridsen, T.L. \ Sondergaard, M. \ Bachmann, R.W. \ Lacerot, G. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2009
    It has been suggested that shallow lakes in warm climates have a higher probability of being turbid, rather than macrophyte dominated, compared with lakes in cooler climates, but little field evidence exists to evaluate this hypothesis. We analyzed d ...
    Effects of aquatic vegetation type on denitrification \ Biogeochemistry : an international journal [Artikel]
    Veraart, A.J. \ Bruijne, W.J.J. de \ Peeters, E.T.H.M. \ Klein, J.J.M. de \ Scheffer, M. \ 2011
    In a microcosm 15N enrichment experiment we tested the effect of floating vegetation (Lemna sp.) and submerged vegetation (Elodea nuttallii) on denitrification rates, and compared it to systems without macrophytes. Oxygen concentration, and thus phot ...
    Warmer climates boost cyanobacterial dominance in shallow lakes \ Global change biology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Kosten, S. \ Huszar, V.L.M. \ Bécares, E. \ Costa, L.S. \ Donk, E. van \ Hansson, L.A. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Kruk, C. \ Lacerot, G. \ Mazzeo, N. \ Meester, L. De \ Moss, B. \ Lürling, M. \ Noges, T. \ Romo, S. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2012
    Dominance by cyanobacteria hampers human use of lakes and reservoirs worldwide. Previous studies indicate that excessive nutrient loading and warmer conditions promote dominance by cyanobacteria, but evidence from global scale field data has so far b ...
    Flickering gives early warning signals of a critical transition to a eutrophic lake state \ Nature : international journal of science [Artikel]
    Wang, R. \ Dearing, J.A. \ Langdon, P.G. \ Zhang, E. \ Yang, X. \ Dakos, V. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2012
    Studies of mathematical and experimental systems have shown that systems may ‘wobble’ before a critical transition. Such early warning signals may be due to the phenomenon of critical slowing down, which causes a system to recover slowly from small i ...
    Allied attack: climate change and eutrophication \ Inland waters [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Moss, B. \ Kosten, S. \ Meerhoff, M. \ Battarbee, R.W. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Mazzeo, N. \ Havens, K. \ Lacerot, G. \ Liu, Z. \ Meester, L. de \ Paerl, H.W. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2011
    Global warming and eutrophication in fresh and coastal waters may mutually reinforce the symptoms they express and thus the problems they cause.
    Floating plant dominance as a stable state \ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [Artikel]
    Scheffer, M. \ Szabo, S. \ Gragnani, A. \ 2003
    The authors demonstrate that floating-plant dominance can be a self-stabilizing ecosystem state, which may explain its notorious persistence in many situations. Their results, based on experiments, field data, and models (in Dutch ditches and Lake Ka ...
    Assessing ecological quality of shallow lakes: does knowledge of transparency suffice? \ Basic and applied ecology : journal of the Gesellschaft fuer Oekologie [Artikel]
    Peeters, E.T.H.M. \ Franken, R.J.M. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Moss, B. \ Bécares, E. \ Hansson, L.A. \ Romo, S. \ Kairesalo, T. \ Gross, E.M. \ Donk, E. van \ Nõges, T. \ Irvine, K. \ Kornijów, R. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2008
    The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires that all aquatic ecosystems in their member states should reach 'good' ecological quality by 2015. To assess ecological quality, the WFD requires the definition of reference conditions using biolo ...
    Experimental analysis of the competition between algae and duckweed \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
    Roijackers, R.M.M. \ Szabó, S. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2004
    We performed indoor competition experiments between algae and Lemna gibba L. in order to unravel mechanisms of competition. To separate effects of shading and physical interference from nutrient competition we grew the two groups physically separated ...
    Effects of fish on plankton dynamics : a theoretical analysis \ Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences = Journal Canadien des sciences halieutiques et aquatiques [Artikel]
    Scheffer, M. \ Rinaldi, S. \ Kuznetsov, Y.A. \ 2000
    Dominance of charophytes in eutrophic shallow lakes : when should we expect it ot be an alternative stable state? \ Aquatic botany : an international scientific journal dealing with applied and fundamental research on submerged, floating and emergent plants in marine and freshwater ecosystems [Artikel]
    Nes, E.H. van \ Scheffer, M. \ Berg, M.S. van den \ 2002
    Aquatic macrophytes : restore, eradicate or is there a compromise? \ Aquatic botany : an international scientific journal dealing with applied and fundamental research on submerged, floating and emergent plants in marine and freshwater ecosystems [Artikel]
    Nes, E.H. van \ Scheffer, M. \ Berg, M.S. van den \ 2002
    PISCATOR, an individual-based model to analyze the dynamics of lake fish communities \ Ecological modelling : international journal of ecological modelling and engineering and systems ecology [Artikel]
    Nes, E.H. van \ Lammens, E.H.R.R. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2002
    A simple method for analysing the effects of algae on the growth of Lemna and preventing algal growth in duckweed bioassays \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
    Szabo, S. \ Roijackers, R.M.M. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2003
    A simple novel method for indoor culture experiments with small floating water plants, such as Lemnaceae, is described
    Charisma: a spatial explicit simulation model of submerged macrophytes \ Ecological modelling : international journal of ecological modelling and engineering and systems ecology [Artikel]
    Nes, E.H. van \ Scheffer, M. \ Berger, M.S. van den \ Coop, H. \ 2003
    An individual-based spatially explicit model ('Charisma') designed to simulate the growth of one or more competing species of submerged macrophytes is presented
    The strength of limiting factors for duckweed during algal competition \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
    Szabó, S. \ Roijackers, R. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2005
    Duckweed (Lemna gibba) growth was found to be strongly reduced by unicellular green algae (Scenedesmus conspicua, Chlorella sp., Chlamydomonas sp.) in indoor experiments. These algae reduced N, P, Fe and Mn concentrations of the medium drastically, m ...
    A method for measuring effects of bioturbation and consolidation on erosion resistance of aquatic sediments \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
    Zambrano, L. \ Beijer, J. \ Roozen, F. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2005
    Sediment erosion by water movement affects turbidity and thus benthic communities in numerous aquatic systems. This aspect has been widely studied in coastal habitats and estuaries, but less studied in freshwater systems such as shallow lakes. Here w ...
    Effects of submerged vegetation on water clarity across climates \ Ecosystems [Artikel]
    Kosten, S. \ Lacerot, G. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Motta Marques, D. da \ Nes, E.H. van \ Mazzeo, N. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2009
    A positive feedback between submerged vegetation and water clarity forms the backbone of the alternative state theory in shallow lakes. The water clearing effect of aquatic vegetation may be caused by different physical, chemical, and biological mech ...
    Voorspellen in de ecologie : de beperkingen van modellen [themanummer natuurvoorspelling] \ Landschap : tijdschrift voor landschapsecologie en milieukunde [Artikel]
    Scheffer, M. \ Beets, J. \ 1995
    Aanvoer van gebiedsvreemd water : probleem of oplossing voor natte natuur in het veenweidegebied? \ Landschap : tijdschrift voor landschapsecologie en milieukunde [Artikel]
    Meuleman, A.F.M. \ Beltman, B. \ Scheffer, R.A. \ 1996
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