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    Denitrification of nitrate and nitrite by ‘Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis’ clade IC \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Saad, S.A. \ Welles, L. \ Abbas, B. \ Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ Brdjanovic, D. \ 2016
    Phosphate accumulating organisms (PAO) are assumed to use nitrate as external electron acceptor, allowing an efficient integration of simultaneous nitrogen and phosphate removal with minimal organic carbon (COD) requirements. However, contradicting f ...
    Cooperation between Candidatus Competibacter and Candidatus Accumulibacter clade I, in denitrification and phosphate removal processes \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Rubio-Rincón, F.J. \ Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. \ Welles, L. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ 2017
    Although simultaneous P-removal and nitrate reduction has been observed in laboratory studies as well as full-scale plants, there are contradictory reports on the ability of PAO I to efficiently use nitrate as electron acceptor. Such discrepancy coul ...
    Long-term effects of sulphide on the enhanced biological removal of phosphorus: the symbiotic role of Thiothrix caldifontis \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Rubio-Rincón, F.J. \ Welles, L. \ Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. \ Nierychlo, M. \ Abbas, B. \ Geleijnse, M. \ Nielsen, P.H. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M. van \ Brdjanovic, D. \ 2017
    Thiothrix caldifontis was the dominant microorganism (with an estimated bio-volume of 65 ± 3%) in a lab-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) system containing 100 mg of sulphide per litre in the influent. After a gradual exposure to th ...
    Exploring the relation between governmental flood risk communication and citizens’ self-protective behaviour in flood risk management : a comparative case study along the Rhine river in Germany and the Netherlands [Studentenverslag]
    Welles, I. \ 2015
    This report aims at gaining a better understanding of the relation between perceived governmental flood risk communication and self-protective behaviour. As total flood prevention is unachievable, the Netherlands and Germany have shifted towards a fl ...
    Prevalence of ‘Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis’ type II under phosphate limiting conditions \ AMB Express [Artikel]
    Welles, L. \ Lopez-Vazquez, C.M. \ Hooijmans, C.M. \ Loosdrecht, M.C.M van \ Brdjanovic, D. \ 2016
    P-limitation in enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) systems fed with acetate, has generally been considered as a condition leading to enrichment of organisms of the genotype’ Candidatus Competibacter phosphatis’ expressing the glycogen-accu ...
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