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    Van groen naar groen-blauw \ Leven op daken : vakblad ter bevordering van meervoudig ruimtegebruik [Artikel]
    Om groendaken een grotere en wetenschappelijk onderbouwde rol te laten spelen in het stedelijk waterbeheer, is een omslag nodig van groene naar groen-blauwe daken. Een recent onderzoek wijst de weg naar hoe dit kan worden ingevuld.
    Klimaatverandering : wat zijn de gevolgen? [Boek]
    Berendse, F. \ 2015
    De discussie over de vraag of het klimaat wel of niet verandert is niet meer aan de orde. Het klimaat ís veranderd en de gevolgen daarvan zijn voor iedereen te zien. In dit cahier brengen we in kaart wat de consequenties zijn van de klimaatveranderin ...
    Algen : de groene belofte [Boek]
    Hoestra, W. \ Lamers, P. \ 2013
    Algen vervullen niet alleen een essentiële rol in het water, ze staan ook in toenemende belangstelling van de technologie. Vliegtuigen zouden erop kunnen vliegen, kweekvis en andere dieren kunnen ermee worden gevoed. Algen lijken een bron van vele mo ...
    Succession of aquatic vegetation driven by reduced water-level fluctuations in floodplain lakes \ The journal of applied ecology / British Ecological Society [Artikel]
    Geest, G.J. van \ Coops, H. \ Roijackers, R.M.M. \ 2005
    In recent years, interest has grown in restoring floodplain function of regulated rivers. Successful rehabilitation of riparian systems requires knowledge of how regulation of river flow affects biodiversity and ecosystem function. The effects of cha ...
    Closing domestic nutrient cycles using microalgae \ Environmental science & technology / American Chemical Society [Artikel]
    Vasconcelos Fernandes, T. \ Shrestha, R. \ Sui, Y. \ Papini, G. \ Zeeman, G. \ Vet, L.E.M. \ Wijffels, R.H. \ Lamers, P. \ 2015
    This study demonstrates that microalgae can effectively recover all P and N from anaerobically treated black water (toilet wastewater). Thus, enabling the removal of nutrients from the black water and the generation of a valuable algae product in one ...
    Warmer climates boost cyanobacterial dominance in shallow lakes \ Global change biology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
    Kosten, S. \ Huszar, V.L.M. \ Bécares, E. \ Costa, L.S. \ Donk, E. van \ Hansson, L.A. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Kruk, C. \ Lacerot, G. \ Mazzeo, N. \ Meester, L. De \ Moss, B. \ Lürling, M. \ Noges, T. \ Romo, S. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2012
    Dominance by cyanobacteria hampers human use of lakes and reservoirs worldwide. Previous studies indicate that excessive nutrient loading and warmer conditions promote dominance by cyanobacteria, but evidence from global scale field data has so far b ...
    The effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide elevation on plant growth in freshwater ecosystems \ Ecosystems [Artikel]
    Schippers, P. \ Vermaat, J.E. \ Klein, J. de \ 2004
    The authors developed a dynamic model to investigate the effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) increase on plant growth in freshwater ecosystems. Steady-state simulations were performed to analyze the response of phytoplankton and submerged macr ...
    Biomass size distributions as a tool for characterizing lake fish communities \ Journal of fish biology [Artikel]
    Leeuw, J.J. de \ Nagelkerke, L.A.J. \ Densen, W.L.T. van \ 2003
    Biomass size distributions (BSDs) can be useful tools to (1) summarize complex information about fish community structure in a condensed graphical form, facilitating the characterization of freshwater fish communities, (2) compare the position of fis ...
    A meta-analysis of water quality and aquatic macrophyte responses in 18 lakes treated with lanthanum modified bentonite (Phoslock®) \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Spears, B.M. \ Mackay, E.B. \ Yasseri, S. \ Gunn, I.D.M. \ Waters, K.E. \ Andrews, C. \ Cole, S. \ De Ville, M. \ Kelly, A. \ Meis, S. \ Moore, A.L. \ Nürnberg, G.K. \ Oosterhout, F. van \ Pitt, J.-A. \ Madgwick, G. \ Woods, H.J. \ Lürling, M. \ 2016
    Lanthanum (La) modified bentonite is being increasingly used as a geo-engineering tool for the control of phosphorus (P) release from lake bed sediments to overlying waters. However, little is known about its effectiveness in controlling P across a w ...
    Water-level fluctuations affect macrophyte richness in floodplain lakes \ Hydrobiologia [Artikel]
    Geest, G.J. van \ Wolters, H. \ Roozen, F.C.J.M. \ 2005
    The characteristic ecology of floodplain lakes is in part due to their relatively strong water-level fluctuations. We analyzed the factors determining water-level fluctuations in 100 floodplain lakes (during non-flooded conditions) in the active floo ...
    Assessing ecological quality of shallow lakes: does knowledge of transparency suffice? \ Basic and applied ecology : journal of the Gesellschaft fuer Oekologie [Artikel]
    Peeters, E.T.H.M. \ Franken, R.J.M. \ Jeppesen, E. \ Moss, B. \ Bécares, E. \ Hansson, L.A. \ Romo, S. \ Kairesalo, T. \ Gross, E.M. \ Donk, E. van \ Nõges, T. \ Irvine, K. \ Kornijów, R. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2008
    The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires that all aquatic ecosystems in their member states should reach 'good' ecological quality by 2015. To assess ecological quality, the WFD requires the definition of reference conditions using biolo ...
    Controlling eutrophication by combined bloom precipitation and sediment phosphorus inactivation \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Lürling, M. \ Oosterhout, F. van \ 2013
    The hypothesis that the combination of the flocculent polyaluminium chloride (PAC) with the lanthanum-modified bentonite Phoslock (Flock & Lock) could sink effectively a water bloom of cyanobacteria and could shift a turbid, cyanobacteria infested la ...
    First report of (homo)anatoxin-a and dog neurotoxicosis after ingestion of benthic cyanobacteria in The Netherlands \ Toxicon : an international journal devoted to the exchange of knowledge on the poisons derived from animals, plant and microorganisms : official journal of the International Society on Toxicology [Artikel]
    Faassen, E.J. \ Harkema, L. \ Begeman, L. \ Lurling, M. \ 2012
    In April and May 2011, three dogs died and one dog became ill after swimming in Lake IJmeer (The Netherlands). At the time, the lake was infested with the benthic cyanobacterial species Phormidium. A Eurasian Coot (Fulica atra) and a Black-headed Gul ...
    Field research for the authorisation of pesticides \ Ecotoxicology [Artikel]
    Dijk, H.F.G. van \ Brussaard, L. \ Stein, A. \ Brock, T.C.M. \ 2000
    Impact of the fungicide carbendazim in freshwater microcosms. 2. Zooplankton, primary producers and final conclusions \ Aquatic toxicology [Artikel]
    Brink, P.J. van den \ Hattink, J. \ Bransen, F. \ Brock, T.C.M. \ 2000
    Management of eutrophication in Lake De Kuil (The Netherlands) using combined flocculant - Lanthanum modified bentonite treatment \ Water research : the journal of the International Association on Water Quality [Artikel]
    Waajen, G. \ Oosterhout, F. van \ Douglas, G. \ Lürling, M. \ 2016
    Eutrophication of Lake De Kuil (The Netherlands, 6.7 ha, maximum depth 9 m) has frequently caused cyanobacterial blooms resulting in swimming bans or the issue of water quality warnings during summer. The eutrophication was mainly driven by sediment ...
    Betekenis van klimaatverandering voor de ecologische kwaliteit van oppervlaktewateren : achtergrondrapport Ex-ante evaluatie KRW [Boek]
    Dionisio Pires, M. \ 2008
    Op basis van bestaande heeft NIOO de gevolgen van de verwachte klimaatverandering voor de ontwikkeling van de ecologische ecosystemen in Nederland beschreven. Daarnaast wordt ingegaan wat dit betekend voor het behoud van de biodiversiteit en voor de ...
    Differences in the exploitation of bream in three shallow lake systems and their relation to water quality \ Freshwater biology / Freshwater Biological Association [Artikel]
    Lammens, E.H.R.R. \ Nes, E.H. van \ Mooij, W.M. \ 2002
    The development of bream populations, water transparency, chlorophyll-a concentration, extent of submerged vegetation and densities of the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, were analysed in three shallow eutrophic lake systems subject to different ...
    Effect of sulfate and nitrate on acetate conversion by anaerobic microorganisms in a freshwater sediment \ FEMS microbiology ecology / Federation of European Microbiological Societies [Artikel]
    Scholten, J.C.M. \ Bodegom, P.M. van \ Vogelaar, J. \ 2002
    Acetate is quantitatively the most important substrate for methane production in a freshwater sediment in The Netherlands. In the presence of alternative electron acceptors the conversion of acetate by methanogens was strongly inhibited. By modelling ...
    Restoration strategies for river floodplains along large lowland rivers in Europe \ Freshwater biology / Freshwater Biological Association [Artikel]
    Buijse, A.D. \ Coops, H. \ Staras, M. \ 2002
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