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System robustness analysis in support of flood and drought risk management [Proefschrift]
Mens, M.J.P. \ 2015
Floods and droughts cause increasingly large impacts on societies worldwide. The probability of these extreme events is also expected to increase due to climate change. Water management primarily tries to protect against floods and droughts, for exam ...
Adaptation to climate change in urban water management : flood management in the Rotterdam Rijnmond Area \ Understanding and Managing Urban Water in Transition [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Vliet, M. van \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2015
Many large coastal cities are located in deltas, which makes them vulnerable to floods. In many places flood damages have increased due to an increase in people and assets in the cities. This process is expected to continue. At the same time, climate ...
The synergy between flood risk protection and spatial quality in coastal cities \ Research in Urbanism Series [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Nillesen, A.L. \ 2015
Coastal regions throughout the world are subject to flood risk challenges. This paper concentrates on the Netherlands; its coastline fulfils an important role in the protection of the Dutch delta. Due to the expected sea level rise, part of the Dutch ...
Economic optimization of flood prevention systems in the Netherlands \ Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change : an international journal devoted to scientific, engineering, socio-economic and policy responses to environmental change [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Tsimopoulou, V. \ Kok, M. \ Vrijling, J.K. \ 2015
After the flood disaster of 1953, the Netherlands adopted a rational approach to flood risk management with the use of protection standards determined by means of costbenefit analysis. Due to scientific and political developments that have recently t ...
Improving the allocation of flood-risk interventions from a spatial quality perspective \ JoLA : journal of landscape architecture [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Nillesen, A.L. \ 2014
This paper describes an integral approach to flood-risk protection and spatial design that allows for an active involvement of landscape architects and urban designers in the allocation of flood-risk interventions within the Dutch Delta. The Dutch Ri ...
Increasing stress on disaster-risk finance due to large floods \ Nature climate change [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jongman, B. \ Hochrainer-Stigler, S. \ Feyen, L. \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ Mechler, R. \ Botzen, W.J.W. \ Bouwer, L.M. \ Pflug, G. \ Rojas, R. \ Ward, P.J. \ 2014
We present probabilistic trends in continental flood risk, and demonstrate that observed extreme flood losses could more than double in frequency by 2050 under future climate change and socio-economic development. We suggest that risk management for ...
Uncertainty and sensitivity of flood risk calculations for a dike ring in the south of the Netherlands \ The science of the total environment : an international journal for scientific research into the environment and its relationship with man [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Moel, H. de \ Bouwer, L.M. \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2014
A central tool in risk management is the exceedance-probability loss (EPL) curve, which denotes the probabilities of damages being exceeded or equalled. These curves are used for a number of purposes, including the calculation of the expected annual ...
Increasing flood exposure in the Netherlands: implications for risk financing \ Natural hazards and earth system sciences / European Geosciences Union [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jongman, B. \ Koks, E.E. \ Husby, T.G. \ Ward, P.J. \ 2014
The effectiveness of disaster risk management and financing mechanisms depends on an accurate assessment of current and future hazard exposure. The increasing availability of detailed data offers policy makers and the insurance sector new opportuniti ...
Waterveiligheid klimaat en overstromingen [Boek]
Onderzoekers, beleidsmakers en ondernemers werkten in Kennis voor Klimaat samen aan manieren om Nederland klimaatbestendiger te maken. In het thema Waterveiligheid zijn maatregelen bedacht en onderzocht om de risico’s van overstromingen te beheersen.
Salt marshes for flood protection : long-term adaptation by combining functions in flood defences [Proefschrift]
Loon-Steensma, J.M. van \ 2014
In deze dissertatie die zich vooral richt op het Waddengebied, worden een aantal innovatieve concepten verkend, die functies zoals natuur en landschap combineren met het beschermen tegen overstroming. Er wordt met name gefocust op de rol van kwelders ...
Economic implications of multi-layer safety projects for flood protection \ Safety, reliability and risk analysis: beyond the horizon [Congresverslag]
Tsimopoulou, V. \ Vrijling, J.K. \ Kok, M. \ Jonkman, S.N. \ Stijnen, J.W. \ 2014
Looking at flood risk management developments that have lately taken place in the Netherlands, the emergence of a virtual liking of disaster preparation measures is perceptible. Investments in multilayer safety projects are one of the most popular ou ...
The added value of system robustness analysis for flood risk management \ Natural hazards and earth system sciences / European Geosciences Union [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Mens, M.J.P. \ Klijn, F. \ 2014
Decision makers in fluvial flood risk management increasingly acknowledge that they have to prepare for extreme events. Flood risk is the most common basis on which to compare flood risk-reducing strategies. To take uncertainties into account the cri ...
Robust, multifunctional flood defenses in the Dutch rural riverine area \ Natural hazards and earth system sciences / European Geosciences Union [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Loon-Steensma, J.M. van \ Vellinga, P. \ 2014
This paper reviews the possible functions as well as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for robust flood defenses in the rural riverine areas of the Netherlands on the basis of the recent literature and case studies at five locations i ...
Soft engineering vs. a dynamic approach in coastal dune management : a case study on the North Sea barrier island of Ameland, the Netherlands \ Journal of coastal research : an international forum for the littoral sciences / Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Jong, B. de \ Keijsers, J.G.S. \ Riksen, M.J.P.M. \ Krol, J. \ Slim, P.A. \ 2014
Dunes act as flood defences in coastal zones, protecting low-lying interior lands from flooding. To ensure coastal safety, insight is needed on how dunes develop under different types of management. The current study focuses on two types of coastal d ...
Evaluating the effect of flood damage-reducing measures: a case study of the unembanked area of Rotterdam, the Netherlands \ Regional environmental change [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Moel, H. de \ Vliet, M. van \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2014
Empirical evidence of increasing flood damages and the prospect of climatic change has initiated discussions in the flood management community on how to effectively manage flood risks. In the Netherlands, the framework of multi-layer safety (MLS) has ...
Uncertainty in flood risk assessments: what are its major sources and implications? \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Moel, H. de \ Botzen, W.J.W. \ Aerts, J.C.J.H. \ 2013
As with any calculation that uses models with various data sources and relationships, flood risk assessments are surrounded by considerable uncertainty. Investigating uncertainty and its propagation in flood risk assessments is complicated because of ...
Feasibility of unbreachable multifunctional flood protection zones in the Dutch rural riverine area \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Loon-Steensma, J.M. van \ Vellinga, P. \ 2013
This paper provides an overview of possible functions of unbreachable dikes in the Dutch rural riverine area, and an overview and analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of robust multifunctional flood defence zones in the ru ...
Water-safety strategies and local-scale spatial quality \ Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Municipal Engineer [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Nillesen, A.L. \ 2013
Delta regions throughout the world are subject to increasing flood risks. For protection, regional water-safety strategies are being developed. Local-scale spatial qualities should be included in their evaluation. An experimental methodology has been ...
A framework for global river flood risk assessments \ Hydrology and earth system sciences [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Winsemius, H.C. \ Beek, L.P.H. van \ Jongman, B. \ Ward, P.J. \ Bouwman, A. \ 2013
There is an increasing need for strategic global assessments of flood risks in current and future conditions. In this paper, we propose a framework for global flood risk assessment for river floods, which can be applied in current conditions, as well ...
Unbreachable embankments? In pursuit of the most effective stretches for reducing fatality risk \ Comprehensive flood risk management : research for policy and practice [Congresverslag]
Bruijn, K.M. de \ Klijn, F. \ Knoeff, J.G. \ 2013
Experiences with recent and past floods have lead to recurrent calls to reinforce flood defences in such a way as to always prevent their breaching. When a breach forms, the inflow is very fast and furious, leaving no time for evacuation and causing ...
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