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Structure and annual biomass production of Nymphoides peltata (Gmel.) O. Kuntze (Menyanthaceae) \ Aquatic botany : an international scientific journal dealing with applied and fundamental research on submerged, floating and emergent plants in marine and freshwater ecosystems [Artikel]
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Experimental analysis of the competition between algae and duckweed \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
Roijackers, R.M.M. \ Szabó, S. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2004
We performed indoor competition experiments between algae and Lemna gibba L. in order to unravel mechanisms of competition. To separate effects of shading and physical interference from nutrient competition we grew the two groups physically separated ...
The strength of limiting factors for duckweed during algal competition \ Archiv für Hydrobiologie [Artikel]
Szabó, S. \ Roijackers, R. \ Scheffer, M. \ 2005
Duckweed (Lemna gibba) growth was found to be strongly reduced by unicellular green algae (Scenedesmus conspicua, Chlorella sp., Chlamydomonas sp.) in indoor experiments. These algae reduced N, P, Fe and Mn concentrations of the medium drastically, m ...
Drought stress and vegetation characteristics on sites with different slopes and orientations \ Ecohydrology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Bartholomeus, R.P. \ Witte, J.P.M. \ Runhaar, J. \ 2012
In this paper, we introduce an ecologically relevant measure of drought stress and its relationship with vegetation characteristics. We used process-based simulations of reference drought stress on inclined surfaces with different soil type, slope, a ...
Does disturbance favour weak competitors? : mechanisms of changing plant abundance after flooding \ Journal of vegetation science : official organ of the International Association for Vegetation Science [Artikel]
Lenssen, J.P.M. \ Steeg, H.M. van de \ Kroon, H. de \ 2004
Question: Does disturbance reduce competition intensity and thus favour weak competitors that are presumably less affected by disturbance than strong competitors? Methods: the authors used a single flooding event with increasing duration to simulate ...
Desmids of the Lowlands : Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae of the European Lowlands [Boek]
Coesel, P.F.M. \ Meesters, J. \ cop. 2007
Desmids are an ecologically diverse group of green microalgae. Their cells show a beautiful symmetry, which distinguishes them from all other algal groups. Like many other algal species, desmids are important indicators of water quality. Their occurr ...
Nutrient requirements of ephermal plant species from wet, mesotrophic soils \ Journal of vegetation science : official organ of the International Association for Vegetation Science [Artikel]
Brouwer, E. \ Backx, H. \ Roelofs, J.G.M. \ 2001
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Eugelink, A.H. \ 1998
Species dynamics in phytoplankton blooms : incomplete mixing and competition for light \ The American naturalist : a bimonthly journal devoted to the advancement (and correlation) of the biological sciences (with special reference to the factors of evolution) [Artikel]
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Distribution of multicellular benthic algae in an eutrophic ditch \ Hydrobiological bulletin [Artikel]
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The taxonomy of Ulva Linnaeus, 1753 and Enteromorpha Link, 1820, (Chlorophyceae) in the Netherlands [Proefschrift]
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User's guide of SWAP version 2.0 : simulation of water flow, solute transport and plant growth in the Soil-Water-Atmosphere-Plant environment [Boek]
Kroes, J.G. \ 2002
SWAFLO, a method to evaluate the impact of groundwater lowering on nature in regional water management [Boek]
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Critical soil conditions for oxygen stress to plant roots: substituting the Feddes-function by a process-based model \ Journal of hydrology [Wetenschappelijk artikel]
Bartholomeus, R.P. \ Witte, J.P.M. \ Bodegom, P.M. van \ Dam, J.C. van \ Aerts, R. \ 2008
Effects of insufficient soil aeration on the functioning of plants form an important field of research. A well-known and frequently used utility to express oxygen stress experienced by plants is the Feddes-function. This function reduces root water u ...
Benchmarking procedure for full-scale activated sludge plants \ Control engineering practice [Artikel]
Abusam, A. \ Keesman, K.J. \ Spanjers, H. \ Straten, G. van \ 2004
To enhance development and acceptance of new control strategies, a standard simulation benchmarking methodology to evaluate the performance of wastewater treatment plants has recently been proposed. The proposed methodology is, however, for a typical ...
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