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Where the Land is greener: Case Studies and Analysis of Soil and Water Conservation Initiatives Worldwide.Liniger, H.P.,; Critchley, W. (2007)
Management of Tropical Plantation-Forests and their Soil-Litter System: Litter, Biota and Soil-Nutrient DynamicsReddy, M.V. (2002)
Soil and Water Conservation. Lecture Notes.Noordwijk, M. van; Verbist, B. (2000)
Tree-Soil-Crop Interactions. Lecture Notes.Noordwijk, M. van; Hairiah, K. (2000)
Amazonia at the Crossroads: the Challenge of Sustainable DevelopmentHall, A. (2000)
SCUAF. Version 4: A Model to Estimate Soil Changes Under Agriculture, Agroforestry and Forestry. ACIAR Technical Reports Series no. 41.Young, A.; Menz, K.; Muraya, P.; Smith, C. (1998)
full text Hedgerows on the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso: Development and Research. In: BOS NiEuWSLETTER, Vol. 17 (1), no. 38, July 1998, pp. 28-34. / Publication de l'Antenne 46.Spaan, W.P.; Nibbering, J.W. (1998)
Proposition pour des Aires de Demonstration dans le Sud-Ouest de la Cote d'IvoreReuler, H. van (1998)
Agroforestry for Soil Management. Second Edition.Young, A. (1997)
Beyond Slash and Burn. Building on Indigenous Management of Borneo's Tropical Rain Forests. Advances in Economic Botany Vol. 11.Pierce Colfer, C.J.; Peluso, N.; Chin See Chung. (1997)
Agroforestry for Sustained Productivity in Arid Regions.Gupta, J.P.; Sharma, B.M. (1997)
full text Use and Management of two Multipurpose Tree Species (Parkia Biglobosa and Detarium Microcarpum) in Agrosilvopastoral Land-Use Systems in Burkina Faso. / Document de Projet 41.Wiersum, K.F.; Slingerland, M. (1997)
Integrated Soil Fertility Management on Small Scale Farms in Eastern Province of Zambia. A Review of Current Knowledge and Experiences for Agricultural Extension Workers / Regional Soil Conservation Unit, RSCU, Technical Handbook Series; 15Raussen, T. (ed.) (1997)
Agroforesterie Indigène en Asie Tropicale Humide: Structure et Dynamique Analyse Comparée de deux Etudes de Cas. Mitteilungen, Band 71, Heft 1.Sansonnens, B. (1996)
In Search of Sustainability: Nutrients, Trees and Farmer Experimentation in North Sukumaland Agriculture / Working Paper 16Budelman, A. (1996)
Agroforestry in Dry Savanna Areas in Africa: Interactions between Trees, Soils and Crops.Jonsson, K. (1995)
International Symposium on Alternatives To Slash and Burn Agriculture. Abstracts. (1995)
Experiencias Agroforestales Exitosas en la Cuenca Amazonica.Egg, W.B. (1994)
Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Agriculture. Symposium ID-6. 15th International Soil Science Congress Acapulco, Mexico 1994Sanchez, P.A. (ed.); Houten, H. van (ed.); International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF); International Society of Soil Science (ISSS) (1994)
Reports and Papers on The Management of Acid Soils (IBSRAM/ASIALAND). IBSRAM Network Document no. 6.Myers, R.J.K. (1993)
full text L'Agroforesterie, une Alternative pour le Développement de la Plaine Alluviale de l'Amazone: L'Exemple de l'Ile de Careiro. Travaux et Documents Microédités (TDM) 103, F5.Bahri, S. (1993)
Shifting Agriculture and Sustainable Development. An Interdisciplinary Study from North-Eastern India. Man and the Biosphere Series no. 10.Ramakrishnan, P.S. (1992)
full text Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning. A Case Study of Kenya. Resources Database and Land Productivity. Main Report.Kassam, A.H.; Velthuizen, G.T. van; (et al.) (1991)
Accounts Overdue: Natural Resource Depreciation in Costa RicaSolorzano, R.; Camino, R. de; Woodward, R.; (et al.) (1991)
Field Guidebook for the Conference Excursion of the International Workshop on Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management in the Developing World, 15-21 September 1991 in Chiang Rai, ThailandIBSRAM (1991)
full text SCUAF, Soil Changes under Agroforestry. A Predictive Model. Computer Program with User's Handbook, Version 2.Young, A.; Muraya, P. (1990)
The Role of Trees in Maintaining and Improving Soil Productivity. A Review of the Literature. Technical Paper 279.Ingram, J. (1990)
full text Assessment of Population Supporting Capacity for Development Planning in Kenya. Fuelwood Productivity Working Paper 8Kassam, A.H.; Velthuizen, H.T. van; Singh, K.D.; Fischer, G.W.; Shah, M.M. (1989)
Research into Soil Management and Agroforestry. Report on an IBSRAM/ICRAF Workshop, Nairobi, 1989.Young, A. (1989)
full text Cross River National Park Oban Division. Land Evaluation and Agricultural Recommendations (+maps)Holland, M.D.; Allen, R.K.G.; Barton, D.; Murphy, S.T. (1989)
full text SPRP Research Report 1983-1986. (1987)
The Potential of Agroforestry for Soil Conservation. Part 2: Maintenance of Fertility. Working-Paper no. 43.Young, A. (1987)
The Potential of Agroforestry for Soil Conservation. Part 3: Soil Changes under Agroforetry (SCUAF): A Predictive Model. Working Paper no. 44.Young, A.; Rodney, J.; Muraya, C.P. (1987)
Amelioration of Soil by Trees. Proceedings and Recommendations of a Project Planning Meeting, Eldoret, Kenya, November 1986. Technical Paper 222. (1987)
The Potential of Agroforestry for Soil Conservation. Part 1: Erosion Control. Working-Paper no. 42.Young, A. (1986)
Sustaining Soil Fertility in West Africa. SSSA-Special Publication Number 58.Kral, D.M. (1986)
Sand Dune Stabilization, Shelterbelts and Afforestation in Dry Zones. / FAO Conservation Guide 10.FAO (1985)
Bases Edafologicas de los Sistemas de Produccion Agroforestales. / Serie Materiales de Ensenanza no. 21.Fassbender, H.W. (1984)
Agroforestry in the West African Sahel. Resource Management for Arid and Semiarid Regions. (1984)
full text Climate and Soils of the South Kinangop Plateau of Kenya. Their Limitations on Land Use. (Thesis)Nyandat, N.N. (1984)
Improved Production Systems as an Alternative to Shifting Cultivation. / FAO Soils Bulletin 53.FAO (1984)
An Environmental Data Base for Agroforestry. Working-Paper no. 5.Young, A. (1983)
full text Arid and Semi-Arid Lands Branch Laikipia District. A Pre-Investment Study of Human and Natural Resources. Republic of Kenya. Vol. VI, Chapter10: Forestry; Chapter 11: Agronomy (1983)
full text Proceedings of the Kenya National Seminar on Agroforestry, 12-22 November 1980Buck, L. (1981)
Proceedings of the Summer Institute on Agro-forestry in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones. Vol. I-II-III-IV. (15th June to 14th July, 1981). (1981)
full text Soil Conservation in Kenya. Especially in Small-scale Farming in high Potential Areas using Labour Intensive MethodsWenner, C.G. (1980)
Useful Trees of Zambia for the Agriculturist.Fanshawe, D.B. (1972)
full text map Lands of the Kerema-Vailala Area, Territory of Papua and New Guinea (+ maps, scale 1: 250,000 + 1: 500,000) / Land Research Series no. 23Ruxton, B.P.; Bleeker, P.; (et al.) (1969)
full text Soil Conservation and Land Use in Sierra Leone. / Sessional Paper no. 1.Wldock, E.A.; Capstick, E.S.; Browning, A.J. (1951)
Soil Survey. Reconnaissance of Antigua and Barbuda Leeward Islands.Charter, C.F. (1937)
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