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An alternative urban green carpet \ Science [Article]
Ignatieva, M. \ Hedblom, M. \ 2018

Lawns are a global phenomenon. They green the urban environment and provide amenable public and private open spaces. In Sweden, 52% of the urban green areas are lawns. In the United States, lawns cover 1.9% of the country's terrestrial area and lawn grass is the largest irrigated nonfood crop. Assuming lawn would cover 23% of cities globally [on the basis of data from the United States and Sweden, it would occupy 0.15 million to 0.80 million km2 (depending on urban definitions)—that is, an area bigger than England and Spain combined or about 1.4% of the global grassland area. Yet, lawns exact environmental and economic costs, and given the environmental and economic impacts of climate change, it is time to consider new alternative “lawnscapes” in urban planning as beneficial and sustainable alternatives.

Constantijn Huygens en de oorsprong van de Engelse landschapsstijl \ Cascade : bulletin voor tuinhistorie [Article]
Kuitert, W. \ 2018
design - gardens - history - landscape architecture - landscaping - landscape architecture - style - japan - china - england - zuid-holland - netherlands

Wybe Kuitert toont in zijn artikel, gebaseerd op zijn eerdere publicaties, aan dat Constantijn Huygens goed bekend was met de bewust toegepaste onregelmatigheden en schilderachtigheden in het tuinarchitectuur. Dat Hofwijck, een classicistische tuin bij uitstek, zelfs allerlei schilderachtige aspecten blijkt te hebben. Huygens blijkt door zijn discours met tuinvriend Westerbaen, binnenkomende kunst uit Japan en de tekenkunsten van zijn zoons, de schoonheid hiervan te hebben ontdekt. Hij had grote invloed op William Temple, die later met zijn essay 'Upon the gardens of Epicurus' het begin inluidt van de Engelse landschapsstijl.

Right-to-work laws and the crumbling of American public health [Monograph]
Wallace, Deborah \ Wallace, Rodrick \ 2018
Public health United States - Open and closed shop Law and legislation - Public health

This book discusses the socioeconomic effects of Right-to-Work (RTW) laws on state populations. RTW laws forbid requiring union membership even at union-represented worksites. The core of the 22 long-term RTW states was the Confederacy, cultural descendants of rigidly hierarchical agrarian feudal England. RTW laws buttress hierarchy and power imbalance which unions minimize at the worksite and by encouraging higher educational attainment, social mobility, and individual empowerment through group validation. Contrary to claims of RTW proponents, RTW and non-RTW states do not differ significantly in unemployment rates. RTW states have higher poverty rates, lower median household incomes, and lower educational attainment on average and median than non-RTW states. RTW states on average and median have lower life expectancy, higher obesity prevalence, and higher rates of all-cause mortality, early mortality from chronic conditions, child mortality, and risk behaviors than non-RTW states. The higher mortality rates result in startlingly higher annual numbers of years of life lost before age 75. Stroke mortality at age 55-64 in RTW states results in nearly 10,000 years annually lost in excess of what it would be if the mortality rate were that of non-RTW states. A review of respected publications describes the physiological mechanisms and epidemiology of accelerated aging due to socioeconomic stress. Unions challenge hierarchy directly at work-sites and indirectly through encouraging college education, social mobility, and community and political engagement. How startling that feudal hierarchy lives in 21st century America, shaping vast differences between states in macro- and micro-economics, educational attainment, innovation, life expectancy, obesity prevalence, chronic disease mortality, infant and child mortality, risk behaviors, and other public health markers! Readers will gain insight about the coming clash between feudal individualism and adaptive collectivism, and, in the last chapter, on ways to win the clash by “missionary” work for collectivism.

Financing in Europe : evolution, coexistence and complementarity of lending practices from the Middle Ages to modern times [Monograph]
Lorenzini, Marcella \ Lorandini, Cinzia \ Coffman, D'Maris \ 2018
Finance History Europe - Loans History Europe - Credit History Europe - Banks and banking - Credit - Finance - Loans
Productivity and Inequality [Conference proceedings]
Greene, William H.. \ 2018
Industrial productivity - Income distribution - Industrial productivity

"The volume highlights the state-of-the-art knowledge (including data analysis) of productivity, inequality and efficiency analysis. It showcases a selection of the best papers from the 9th North American Productivity Workshop. These papers are relevant to academia, but also to public and private sectors in terms of the challenges that firms, financial institutions, governments, and individuals may face when dealing with economic and education related activities that lead to increase or decrease of productivity. The volume also aims to bring together ideas from different parts of the world about the challenges those local economies and institutions may face when changes in productivity are observed. These contributions focus on theoretical and empirical research in areas including productivity, production theory and efficiency measurement in economics, management science, operation research, public administration, and education. The North American Productivity Workshop (NAPW) brings together academic scholars and practitioners in the field of productivity and efficiency analysis from all over the world, and this proceedings volume is a reflection of this mission. The papers in this volume also address general topics as education, health, energy, finance, agriculture, transport, utilities, and economic development, among others. The editors are comprised of the 2016 local organizers, program committee members, and celebrated guest conference speakers."--

Female football players and fans : intruding into a man's world [Monograph]
Pfister, Gertrud \ Pope, Stacey \ 2018
Women soccer players History Europe - Women soccer fans Europe - Soccer for women - Soccer Social aspects - Women soccer fans - Women soccer players

This edited collection draws on social science approaches to provide insights into the world of women’s football and female fans. Providing in-depth analysis of the development of the women’s game in different European countries, it examines both the experiences of female fans of men’s football and women’s views, perceptions and evaluations of women’s football. Female Football Players and Fans will be of interest to students and scholars in a range of fields, including sports sociology, sport sciences, gender studies, women’s studies and fandom and cultural studies.

Urban planning for healthy European cities [Monograph]
D'Onofrio, Rosalba \ Trusiani, Elio \ 2018
City planning Health aspects

This book investigates different aspects of the relationship between “healthy cities” and “urban planning”, examining various best practices in Europe. It uses the above as a starting point and investigates different aspects of healthy cities, examining various best practices in Europe. Capitalizing on ongoing trials, the chapters identify the policies that underlie plans and projects that have caused positive changes in local communities in terms of the quality of life and safety of inhabitants. From these best practices, the book deduces criteria and guidelines for planning healthy and safe cities.

Industrial Teesside, lives and legacies : a post-industrial geography [Monograph]
Warren, Jonathan \ 2018

This book evaluates the consequences of economic, social, environmental and cultural change on people living and working within Teesside in the North-East of England. It assesses the lived experiences, working lives, health and cultural perspectives of residents and key stakeholders in the wake of serious de-industralisation in the region. The narrative is embedded within the long-term industrial history of Stockton: an area once dominated by steel, coal and chemical industries. This past still continues to shape its future and influences the ways in which that future is conceived and envisioned. The author explores a ?biography of place? analytical framework to offer a holistic view of the area, which considers the interaction between the social, economic, cultural, visual and environmental legacy of the community, which is firmly grounded in the past, present and future prospects of those who live and work there.

Communicative figurations : transforming communications in times of deep mediatization [Monograph]
Hepp, Andreas \ Breiter, Andreas \ Hasebrink, Uwe \ SpringerLink \ 2018
Digital media - Mass media and culture - Mass media and public opinion - Mass media and social integration - Mass media and world politics

This open access volume is about how to research the influence of our changing media environment. Today, there is not one single medium that is the driving force of change. With the spreading of various technical communication media such as mobile phone and internet platforms, we are confronted with a media manifold of deep mediatization. But how can we investigate its transformative capability? This book answers this question by taking a non-media-centric perspective, researching the various figurations of collectivities and organizations humans are involved in. The first part of the book outlines a fundamental understanding of the changing media environment of deep mediatization and its transformative capacity. The second part focuses on collectivities and movements: communities in the city, critical social movements, maker, online gaming groups and networked groups of young people. The third part moves institutions and organizations into the foreground, discussing the transformation of journalism, religion, politics, and education, whilst the fourth and final part is dedicated to methodologies and perspectives.

Sociolinguistics in England [Monograph]
Braber, Natalie \ Jansen, Sandra \ 2018
Historical linguistics England - English language Social aspects - Historical linguistics

This book presents an overview of sociolinguistic research in England. Showcasing developments in sociolinguistic theory, method and application, the chapters examine sociolinguistic topics on different linguistic levels and in different geographical areas across the country. Allowing the reader to engage with contemporary research in the field, each chapter is unique in the topic or geographical area explored. Topics include historical sociolinguistics, British Sign Language, lexical variation, life-span change, and variation and innovation in urban and peripheral areas; while the regions covered range from Cornwall to West Cumbria. Edited and authored by a range of international scholars, this is sure to be a key research resource for students and scholars interested in language use in England. Natalie Braber is Reader in Linguistics at Nottingham Trent University, UK. Her research interests include language variation and identity in the East Midlands, perceptions of language in the region and studies around ‘pit talk’, language used by coal miners. Natalie has published widely on language variation in the East Midlands. Sandra Jansen is Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics at the University of Paderborn, Germany. Her research focuses on language variation and change, with a specific interest in Cumbrian dialects and L2 varieties of English. Sandra has published several journal articles and book chapters on language changes in the far north-west of England.--

Urban transformations : sustainable urban development through resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience [Monograph]
Kabisch, Sigrun \ Koch, Florian \ Gawel, Erik \ Haase, A. \ Knapp, Sonja \ Krellenberg, Kerstin \ Nivala, Jaime \ Zehnsdorf, Andreas \ 2018
City planning - Sustainable urban development

The book addresses urban transformations towards sustainability in light of challenges of global urbanization processes and the consequences of global environmental change. The aim is to show that urban transformations only succeed if both innovative scientific solutions and practice-oriented governance approaches are developed. This assumption is addressed by providing theoretical insights and empirical evidence pointing particularly at 3 concepts or qualities which are determined here as being central for achieving urban sustainability: resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience. Urban case studies from several international research projects illustrate our conceptual approach of urban transformations towards sustainable development. Thus, the book reaches far beyond a mere additive description of single case studies. It incorporates the results of condensed synthesis, resulting from comparisons and evaluations. It provides, based on cross-cutting reflection of single cases and different scales and methods of analysis, general and transferable findings. They do not only consider the scientific sphere but deliberately go beyond it discussing transferability of knowledge into practice, governance options and the feasibility of policy strategies in order to pave the way for sustainable urban transformations to happen today and in the future.

Flood Risk Management Strategies and Governance [Monograph]
Raadgever, Tom \ Hegger, Dries \ 2018
Climatic changes - Earth sciences - Environmental management - International law - Natural disasters - Political planning

This book points out why organisational or governance aspects are essential for implementing a broad and integrated flood risk management approach. It provides key conclusions on resilient, efficient and legitimate flood risk governance arrangements in vulnerable urban areas in Europe. These are translated into concrete recommendations and good practices that can give you new insights and inspire you to improve policies and practices. The book is a way of spreading the results of the EU 7th Framework Project STAR-FLOOD. The project investigated strategies for dealing with flood risks in 18 vulnerable urban regions in 6 European countries: England, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. STAR-FLOOD focused on governance aspects, from a combined public administration and legal perspective.

Ground-penetrating radar and magnetometry for buried landscape analysis [Monograph]
Conyers, Lawrence B. \ 2018
Geophysics in archaeology - Ground penetrating radar - Magnetometry in archaeology

This book presents the integrated use of magnetometry and ground-penetrating radar geophysical mapping to understand the human presence within buried archaeological landscapes. Ground-penetrating radar can be used to identify buried living surfaces, geological stratigraphy and the architectural remains of sites in three-dimensions. Magnetometry can produce images denoting differences on the composition of those materials, both anthropogenic and natural, but with more limited three-dimensional resolution. The integration of the two has a unique ability to resolve and interpret these buried materials, differentiated between the human-caused and natural layers, and place all buried features within historic landscapes. The final product of geophysical integration, along with some limited subsurface testing, produces a holistic analysis of human adaptations to, and modifications of, the ancient landscape. Examples are shown from sites in Roman Croatia and Britain, Medieval Ireland, Colonial Connecticut, and an Archaic site in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. These examples from very different environments, time periods and cultural groups illustrate how the integrated geophysical methodology can interpret, on a scale approaching many hectares, the ancient landscapes within which people lived.

Fundamentals of strategy [Monograph] - Fourth edition.
Johnson, Gerry \ 2018
Strategic planning - Business planning - Strategic planning
The social and political history of Southern Africa's languages [Monograph]
Kamusella, Tomasz \ Ndhlovu, Finex \ 2018
Communication in politics History - African languages Political aspects - Communication in politics - Politics and government

This book is the first to offer an interdisciplinary and comprehensive reference work on the often-marginalised languages of southern Africa. The authors analyse a range of different concepts and questions, including language and sociality, social and political history, multilingual government, and educational policies. In doing so, they present significant original research, ensuring that the work will remain a key reference point for the subject. This ambitious and wide-ranging edited collection will appeal to students and scholars of southern African languages, sociolinguistics, history and politics. Tomasz Kamusella is Reader at the University of St Andrews, UK. He specializes in language politics and nationalism and has published widely on the topic, including The Palgrave Handbook of Slavic Languages, Identities and Borders (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). Finex Ndhlovu is Associate Professor at the University of New England, Australia. His research specialisms include contemporary linguistic and sociocultural theories of language, identity and sociality in relation to African diaspora communities. His most recent major publication is Becoming an African Diaspora in Australia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). .

The Palgrave handbook of feminism and sport, leisure and physical education [Monograph]
Mansfield, Louise \ Caudwell, Jayne \ Wheaton, Belinda \ Watson, Beccy \ 2018
Feminism and sports

This handbook provides an original, comprehensive and unparalleled overview of feminist scholarship in sport, leisure and physical education. It captures the complexities of past, current and future developments in feminism while highlighting its theoretical, methodological and empirical applications. It also critically engages with policy and practice issues for women and girls taking part in sport and leisure pursuits and in physical education provision. The Palgrave Handbook of Feminism and Sport, Leisure and Physical Education is international in scope and includes the work of established and emerging feminist scholars. It will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, gender studies, sport sciences, and sports business and management.

Unusual diseases with common symptoms : a clinical casebook [Monograph]
Szema, Anthony M. \ 2018
Rare diseases

This book presents detailed case reports of unusual diseases with common symptoms, many of which have emerged in the past decade as a result of nature, advances in medical treatment, and increasing recognition of specific underpinnings of human biology and immunology. These rare diseases must now be considered when the mundane diagnoses do not exactly fit the patient’s clinical history or treatment fails. Some of these diseases include: eosinophilic esophagitis, blastocystis hominis infection, and paromyces allergic fungal sinusitis. Chapters provide in depth clinical examples of a wide range of diseases affecting multiple organ systems. Each case is structured by: a vignette of the case, background / salient features of the case, diagnosis, treatment, key points, and questions to aid in critical thinking. Unusual Diseases with Common Symptoms: A Clinical Casebook is of great interest to practicing physicians and as a teaching resource for students and residents who will one day encounter conditions more complex than they initially appear.

Relational planning : tracing artefacts, agency and practices [Monograph]
Kurath, Monika Maria \ Marskamp, Marko \ Paulos, Julio \ Ruegg, Jean \ 2018
City planning - Urban policy

"This volume introduces the notion of ‘relational planning’ through a collection of theoretical and empirical contributions that explore the making of heterogeneous associations in the planning practice. The analytical concept builds on recent approaches to complexity and materiality in planning theory by drawing on Science and Technology Studies (STS) of urban issues. It frames planning as a socio-material practice taking place within the multifaceted relations between artefacts, agency and practices. By way of this triad, spatial planning is not studied as a given, linear or technical process but rather problematized as a hybrid, distributed and situational practice. The inquiries in this collection thus describe how planning practices are negotiated and enacted in and beyond formal arenas and procedures of planning, and so make visible the many sites, actors and means of spatial planning.Addressing planning topics such as ecology, preservation, participation, rebuilding and zoning, this volume takes into account the uncertain world planning is embedded in. The implications of such a perspective are considered in light of how planning is performed and how it contributes to the emergence of specific socio-material forms and interactions. This is an invaluable read for all scholars of STS, Ecology, Architecture and Urban Planning."--

Hidden inequalities in the workplace : a guide to the current challenges, issues and business solutions [Monograph]
Caven, Valerie \ Nachmias, Stefanos \ 2018
Discrimination in employment - Equality

The book presents a critical framework for assessing whether organisational practice and function reinforces unseen potential differences amongst individuals in the workplace. It offers a comprehensive understanding and awareness of managerial and organisational practices that perpetuate social exclusion and discrimination towards individuals in the workplace. The book draws together themes of non-declared medical or physical conditions, voluntary and involuntary disclosure of difference, dietary requirements, lifestyle, organisational engagement and cognitive bias. As a result, the book provides a unique blend of scholarly and professional research, and brings those who have been affected by social stigmas and discrimination in the workplace to the fore. Hidden Inequalities in the Workplace also offers practical and strategic insights for practitioners, students and policy-makers, and delves the strategic nature of policy intervention and thought-provoking dialogue.

Fractional operators with constant and variable order with application to geo-hydrology [Monograph]
Atangana, Abdon \ 2018
Fractional calculus - Groundwater - Groundwater flow Mathematical models

Fractional Operators with Constant and Variable Order with Application to Geo-hydrology provides a physical review of fractional operators, fractional variable order operators, and uncertain derivatives to groundwater flow and environmental remediation. It presents a formal set of mathematical equations for the description of groundwater flow and pollution problems using the concept of non-integer order derivative. Both advantages and disadvantages of models with fractional operators are discussed. Based on the author's analyses, the book proposes new techniques for groundwater remediation, including guidelines on how chemical companies can be positioned in any city to avoid groundwater pollution.

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