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Land in post-conflict situations : war, decentralization, land governance and state formation In Northern Uganda [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-04-30
Kobusingye, Doreen Nancy \ 2018
Precision molecular pathology of prostate cancer [Monograph]
Robinson, Brian D.. \ Mosquera, Juan Miguel \ Ro, Jae Y.. \ Divatia, Mukul \ 2018
Prostate Cancer

This volume focuses on our current understanding of the molecular underpinnings of prostate cancer and their potential application for precision medicine approaches. The emergence and applications of new technologies has allowed for a rapid expansion of our understanding of the molecular basis of prostate cancer and has revealed a remarkable genetic heterogeneity that may underlie the clinically variable behavior of the disease. The book consists of five sections which provide insight about the following: (1) General principles; (2) Molecular signatures of primary prostate cancer; (3) Molecular signatures of advanced prostate cancer; (4) Key molecular pathways in prostate cancer development and progression; (5) Precision medicine approach: Diagnosis, treatment, prognosis. Precision Molecular Pathology of Prostate Cancer is an important resource for the practicing oncologist, urologist, and pathologist, and will also be useful for researchers in the prostate cancer community. .

Pediatric hypertension [Monograph] - Fourth edition.
Flynn, Joseph T.. \ Ingelfinger, Julie R.. \ Redwine, Karen M. \ 2018
Hypertension in children

The fourth edition of this book is the most comprehensive major reference work on hypertension in children and adolescents. Since the publication of the previous edition, there have been notable changes in the field, with the arrival of new evidence of the long-term sequelae of hypertension in youth, an evidence-based review of the value of routine BP screening in children and adolescents, and further evidence of the cardiovascular consequences of the childhood obesity epidemic. This expanded edition covers these new findings, while featuring new chapters on such timely topics as routine blood pressure screening, hypertension in late adolescents/young adults, and current pediatric hypertension research. The reference work also includes thorough updates on chapters from the previous edition, as well as new clinical practice guidelines for childhood hypertension, which have not been revised since 2004. Written by experts in the field, Pediatric Hypertension, Fourth Edition is the definitive resource for clinicians and researchers interested in childhood hypertension. .

The economics of women, men, and work [Monograph] - Eighth edition.
Blau, Francine D.. \ Winkler, Anne E.. \ 2018
Sexual division of labor United States - Labor market United States - Feminist economics - Labor market - Sexual division of labor - Women Economic conditions - Women Employment - Women Social conditions
Rethinking Roma : identities, politicisation and new agendas [Monograph]
Law, Ian \ Kovats, Martin \ 2018
Ethnic relations - Romanies Ethnic identity - Romanies Politics and government - Romanies Social conditions

This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of the emergence, development and implications of the Roma political phenomenon in contemporary Europe. It also challenges the conventional epistemological basis to political claims of distinct Roma people and argues that the contemporary politics of Roma is better understood as the public application of Roma identity. In recent times a new word has entered the political lexicon across Europe and beyond: Roma. Thirty years ago it would have been hard to encounter the public use of the word outside of a small number of academics and activists. In the second decade of the new millennium, Roma has become a dynamic political identity championed by hundreds of organisations, thousands of activists and applied to millions of people across Europe and beyond. Roma has become an agenda item for local and national authorities, as well as being taken up by the European Union and other international organisations. In challenging the conventional epistemology, this book examines the principal interests and processes that are constructing Roma as a public, political identity encompassing highly differentiated groups of people. This book brings together critical race theory and theories of ethnic mobilisation to provide a new critical framework for understanding Roma identity, history and transnational politics. It will be of particular interest to students and academics within the fields of global racialization and ethnicity studies.

Sociolinguistics in England [Monograph]
Braber, Natalie \ Jansen, Sandra \ 2018
Historical linguistics England - English language Social aspects - Historical linguistics

This book presents an overview of sociolinguistic research in England. Showcasing developments in sociolinguistic theory, method and application, the chapters examine sociolinguistic topics on different linguistic levels and in different geographical areas across the country. Allowing the reader to engage with contemporary research in the field, each chapter is unique in the topic or geographical area explored. Topics include historical sociolinguistics, British Sign Language, lexical variation, life-span change, and variation and innovation in urban and peripheral areas; while the regions covered range from Cornwall to West Cumbria. Edited and authored by a range of international scholars, this is sure to be a key research resource for students and scholars interested in language use in England. Natalie Braber is Reader in Linguistics at Nottingham Trent University, UK. Her research interests include language variation and identity in the East Midlands, perceptions of language in the region and studies around ‘pit talk’, language used by coal miners. Natalie has published widely on language variation in the East Midlands. Sandra Jansen is Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics at the University of Paderborn, Germany. Her research focuses on language variation and change, with a specific interest in Cumbrian dialects and L2 varieties of English. Sandra has published several journal articles and book chapters on language changes in the far north-west of England.--

Reducing inequalities : a challenge for the European Union? [Monograph]

This edited collection analyses social inequality in the European Union, within and between countries. The work critically explores both vertical inequality, existing between those with high incomes and low incomes, and horizontal inequality, existing between groups according to nationality, age, ethnicity, and gender. 0'Reducing Inequalities' has been written by leading academics in the field who describe the current social situation in the European Union, focusing on inequality from a multidimensional perspective that includes income, poverty, social exclusion, education. The authors argue that social issues such as these have become national prerogatives for countries within the European Union. In response they ask: How does the European Union engage with inequality today? What principles of social solidarity ought to be applied between states and citizens of the European Union? What should be the role of European Union and its institutions regarding the challenge of reducing inequality? 0This book will be of interest to anyone seeking to understand inequality as a multidimensional concept, rather than solely as an economic phenomenon, across different geographical and historical contexts.

Demographic and socioeconomic basis of ethnolinguistics [Monograph]
Siegel, Jacob S.. \ 2018
Anthropological linguistics - Linguistic demography - Sociolinguistics

This book presents a description and analysis of sociolinguistics written from a demographer’s perspective. It synthesizes the data on the materials, methods, and issues of this interdisciplinary field, pulling together the scattered materials published in this area into a coherent whole. Drawing on a wide range of sciences in addition to demography and sociolinguistics, including sociology, anthropology, statistics, psychology, neuroscience, and public policy, the book treats theoretical and applied issues, links methods and substantive findings, covers both national and international materials, and provides prehistorical, historical, and contemporary illustrations. The book treats the theoretical issue of how the language we use develops socially on a base of linguistic genetic capacity and the practical issue of how the intervention of the state and public figures may profoundly alter the natural evolution of the language. As such, this book will appeal to a wide range of users, from students to teachers and practitioners of social demography, sociolinguistics, cultural anthropology, and particularly to those social scientists interested in ethnic studies and human migration. .

Narratives of difference in an age of austerity [Monograph]
Gedalof, Irene \ 2018
Coalition governments

This book traces the narrative strategies framing austerity policies through an illuminating analysis of policy documents and political discourses, exposing the political consequences for women, racialized minorities and disabled people. While many have critiqued the ways in which austerity has captured the contemporary political narrative, this is the first book to systematically examine how these narratives work to shift the terms within which policy debates about inequality and difference play out. Gedalof’s exceptional readings of these texts pay close attention to the formal qualities of these narratives: the chronologies they impose, their articulation of crisis and resolution, the points of view they construct and the affective registers they deploy. In this manner she argues persuasively that the differences of gender, race, ethnicity and disability have been stitched into the fabric of austerity as excesses that must be disavowed, as reproductive burdens that are too great for the austere state to bear. This innovative, intersectional analysis will appeal to students and scholars of social policy, gender studies, politics and public policy.

Energy balance and prostate cancer [Monograph]
Platz, Elizabeth A.. \ Berger, Nathan A.. \ 2018

"This volume provides a comprehensive treatise on the latest studies linking prostate cancer with energy balance, which together constitute a major challenge and opportunity for research scientists and clinicians especially those dealing with the expanding population of older men confronted with obesity and associated comorbidities. This volume should be a valuable resource to physicians, oncologists, urologists, endocrinologists, nurses, nutritionists, dieticians, and exercise therapists dealing with men with energy balance issues and/or questions regarding the linkage between energy balance and cancer. Moreover, this volume should serve as an important resource for cancer researchers especially for scientists studying lifestyle modification and prevention strategies to better understand and disrupt the linkage between obesity and cancer."--

Sustainable future for human security : society, cities and governance [Monograph]
McLellan, Benjamin \ 2018
Human security - Sustainable development

This book focuses on the human and societal aspects of sustainable development. Three major perspectives are considered: governance and its influence on sustainable development; urban environments and their broader human and environmental impacts; and disaster management. Each of these elements is critical in considering the current and prospective development of societies towards a sustainable future in which human security is guaranteed. This 2-volume set discusses a wide range of topics concerning sustainability and human security in Asia, particularly South East Asia. The individual chapters have been contributed by authors from various fields, and due to the breadth of the material are separated into two thematic volumes.The set offers a valuable resource for professionals and researchers in the urban planning industry, postgraduates, policymakers, government officials and natural resources managers. In addition, it can be used in courses on Environmental Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry, Public Policy and Earth Science.

Nature, Tourism and Ethnicity as Drivers of (De)Marginalization : Insights to Marginality from Perspective of Sustainability and Development [Monograph]
Pelc, Stanko \ Koderman, Miha \ 2018
Geodiversity - Land use - Marginality, Social - Sustainable development

This book considers de-marginalization attesting that marginal regions have the potential for de-marginalization and are anchored in developmental terms on the following core themes: nature; tourism; ethnicity and general factors including migration. Adding to the discussion on marginality and sustainability this book contributes a number of case studies on a diverse selection of topics and regions in which these crucial issues connect. It delivers a reflection of (de)marginalizing processes in today’s globalized world where an increasing number of people, groups, societies and regions are marginalized and vulnerable not only from social and economic factors, but also from natural causes such as natural hazards. This book addresses the unsustainable practices in the past that have often generated difficult conditions for sustainable development in the future. Marginal regions that have not been developed are given much needed consideration as they may now enjoy the benefits of having not been exploited in the past to their present-day developmental advantage. The overview offered by this book is significant in that marginal regions with relatively unspoiled and attractive natural (and cultural) landscapes have a great potential for sustainable tourism. Contributions include the (de)marginalization of ethnic groups, the role of education and migration in the process, and different economic and political perspectives. Considering the topics covered, the book should be appreciated by all those involved in creation of social policies, urban and regional planning – coordinating economic with spatial and social development and by those studying in the fields were competencies for such activities are important part of study program.

Diversity and inclusion in the global workplace : aligning initiatives with strategic business goals [Monograph]
Aquino, Carlos Tasso Eira de \ Robertson, R. \ 2018
Diversity in the workplace - Multiculturalism - Personnel management - Psychology, Industrial

This edited collection offers a nontraditional approach to diversity management, going beyond gender, race, and ethnicity. Examining ageism, disability, and spirituality, the book provides a discussion of different D&I applications and introduces a framework consisting of a diagnostic phase, gap analysis, and an action plan, which can be modified to attend to specific needs of organizations. Researchers and practitioners will learn a viable way to address diversity in global organizations.

Making citizens : political socialization research and beyond [Monograph]
Wasburn, Philo C.. \ Adkins Covert, Tawnya J.. \ 2017
Political participation - Political socialization - Political sociology

This book assembles what political scientists, sociologists, and communication analysts have learned in almost six decades of research on political socialization (the lifelong process by which we acquire political beliefs). It also explores how people develop political values, attitudes, identities, and behavioral dispositions. Of particular interest to Philo C. Wasburn and Tawnya J. Adkins Covert is the process by which people are made into active citizens who are politically interested, informed, partisan, tolerant, and engaged. Finally, Wasburn and Adkins Covert identify some suggestions for institutional change that would lead to "better" citizenship.

Football fandom and migration : an ethnography of transnational practices and narratives in Vienna and Istanbul [Monograph]
Szogs, Nina \ 2017
Football fans Austria - Football fans Turkey - Emigration and immigration Social aspects - Football fans

This book studies how transnationalisation, Europeanisation and migration processes intersect with football fandom, through an analysis of the transnational narratives and practices of Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray football fans in Vienna, Austria. Based on ethnographic fieldwork in Austria, Turkey and Germany, the author analyses the ways in which narratives about football fandom are often linked to migrant experiences, including practices of (self‑)culturalization in the diasporic context in Austria. The book shows how constructed ethnicities and also masculinities and femininities meet in football fan performances and in the construction of what makes a “proper” football fan. Turkish football fandom is a field where powerful prejudices and stereotypes amalgamate and interact. This study enables the reader to look into migration processes and discussions about related topics from a different angle: the love of a football club. Football Fandom and Migration

Memories of Burmese Rohingya refugees: contested identity and belonging [Monograph] - 1st edition 2017
Farzana, Kazi Fahmida \ 2017
Refugees Burma - Minorities - Refugees - Rohingya (Burmese people)

This book provides a critical analysis of the Rohingya refugees’ identity building processes and how this is closely linked to the state-building process of Myanmar as well as issues of marginalization, statelessness, forced migration, exile life, and resistance of an ethnic minority. With a focus on the ethnic minority’s life at the Myanmar-Bangladesh border, the author demonstrates how the state itself is involved in the construction of identity, which it manipulates for its own political purposes. The study is based on original research, largely drawn from fieldwork data. It presents an alternative and endogenous interpretation of the problem in contrast to the exogenous narrative espoused by state institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the media.

Contemporary consumer culture theory [Monograph]
Sherry, John F.. \ Fischer, Eileen \ 2017
Consumer behavior - Consumers' preferences

Contemporary consumer culture theory contains original research essays written by the premier thought leaders of the discipline from around the world that reflect the maturation of the field Customer Culture Theory over the last decade. The volume seeks to help break down the silos that have arisen in disciplines seeking to understand consumer culture, and speed both the diffusion of ideas and possibility of collaboration across frontiers. Contemporary Consumer Culture Theory begins with a re-evaluation of some of the fundamental notions of consumer behaviour, such as self and other, branding and pricing, and individual vs. communal agency then continuing with a reconsideration of role configurations as they affect consumption, examining in particular the ramifications of familial, gender, ethnic and national aspects of consumers' lived experiences. The book move on to a reappraisal of the state of the field, examining the rhetoric of inquiry, the reflexive history and critique of the discipline, the prospect of redirecting the effort of inquiry to practical and humanitarian ends, the neglected wellsprings of our intellectual heritage, and the ideological underpinnings of the evolving construction of the concept of the brand. Contemporary Consumer Culture Theory is a reflective assessment, in theoretical, empirical and evocative keys, of the state of the field of consumer culture theory and an indication of the scholarly directions in which the discipline is evolving providing reflection upon a rapidly expanding discipline and altered consumption-scapes by some of its prime movers.

Transnational frontiers of Asia and Latin America since 1800 [Monograph]
Moreno Tejada, Jaime \ Tatar, Bradley \ 2017
Geopolitics Asia - Geopolitics Latin America - Boundaries - Geopolitics - Historical geography
Race and ethnicity in the study of motivation in education [Monograph]
Decuir-Gunby, Jessica T.. \ Schutz, Paul A.. \ 2017
Ethnicity, gender and the border economy : living in the Turkey-Georgia borderlands [Monograph]
Akyüz, Latife \ 2017
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