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Gender, care and migration in East Asia [Monograph]
Ogawa, Reiko \ Chan, Raymond K. H.. \ Oishi, Akiko S.. \ Wang, Lillian Lih-rong \ 2018
Women caregivers East Asia - Foreign workers - Older people Care - Older people Services for - Women caregivers

"This collection provides a comparative analysis of care arrangements in relation to issues of gender and transnational migration, social policy and labour migration in East Asia. Bridging the key topics of migration and gendered cared work through cross country comparisons, it examines how care work and welfare arrangements have been shaped by national and global forces against the backdrop of changing gender relationships, the rise of female labour force participation, low fertility rates and population aging in East Asia. It particularly addresses the ‘feminization of migration’ which is a salient feature of migration in Asia today as more women from developing countries undertake domestic work and care work in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Addressing the issue of care in relation to employment, care and migration regimes in East Asia and the interaction among welfare regimes, labour markets and work-care balance, this collection provides an up-to-date assessment of gendered transnational migration in the region and sheds light on local and transnational policies and practices which aim to improve the welfare of families and migrant workers."--

Dutch Divergence? : women’s work, structural change, and household living standards in the Netherlands, 1830-1914 [PhD thesis]
Boter, Corinne \ 2017
women - work - household budgets - living standards - gender - cultural history - case studies - netherlands - labour market - macroeconomics - microeconomics - western europe - work sharing - participation
Divorce, families and emotion work : only death will make us part [Monograph]
Moore, Elena \ 2016
Divorced parents Family relationships - Divorced people Psychology

This book focuses on parental commitment to family life after divorce, in contrast to its common perception as an irrevocable breaking up of the family unit, which is often perpetuated by representations from popular culture and the media. In the first detailed review of emotions and emotion work undertaken by divorced parents, the author sheds light on how parents manage feelings of guilt, fear, on-going anger and everyday unhappiness in the course of family life post-divorce. Moore demonstrates how the emotional dimension of divorce is shaped by societal and structural factors and requires parents to undertake considerable emotion work in the creation of new moral identities. The book points to the often gendered responsibilities for sustaining family lives post separation, and how these reflect extensive inequalities in family practices. The author concludes that divorce is not dangerous for society; it is not a social evil or a demonstration of the rise of selfish individualism, and that divorcees remain committed to former partners and children long after divorce. This book will be of interest to scholars and students in the areas of Sociology, Psychology, Family Studies, Social Policy, Social Work and Law.

Globalization lived locally : a labour geography perspective [Monograph] - First edition.
Neethi, P. \ 2016
Labor economics History - Labor economics India - Globalization - Labor economics

This volume concerns the broad theme of globalisation and labour, particularly female labour. Specifically, it applies the labour geography approach to examine contemporary forms of labour control, conflict, and response under a globalisation regime, through four diverse in-depth empirical case studies set in the Indian state of Kerala. Questioning global stereotypes, it argues that labour becomes actively involved in the very process of globalisation and the expansion of capital.

Costa rica 2016 [Monograph]
Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development. \ 2016
Economic history - Economic policy
Between city and country: domestic workers building food sovereignty \ Farming matters : small-scale agriculture for a sustainable society [Article]
Pomier, K. \ Kerssen, T. \ 2015
farming systems - farm planning - sustainability - alternative farming - organic farming

In Latin America and the Caribbean, domestic workers make up 18% of the female labour force. Migrating from rural areas to work in the city, many maintain both rural and urban identities. With strong connections to their family’s farm on one hand, and playing a key role in buying and preparing food in urban households on the other, they occupy a strategic position within food systems. In Bolivia, increasingly well-organised unions of domestic workers are using this space to both empower their members and educate urban consumers about indigenous foods, healthy diets, agroecology, and the importance of supporting the small farm economy.

Local welfare policy making in European cities [Monograph]
Kutsar, Dagmar \ Kuronen, Marjo \ 2015
Public welfare

This book focuses on how EU welfare policies are implemented at the local level in 11 European cities and how local policy making addresses womenℓ́ℓs care responsibilities. The book studies the complex combination of and the relationships between local political processes, policies, institutions, structural conditions and outputs, as well as outcomes for the womenℓ́ℓs labour market integration. It demonstrates how cultural settings and multi-level governance patterns form the ℓ́ℓplaygroundℓ́ℓ for local policy makers to formulate their welfare policies concerning service provision. The book further demonstrates how local production systems and the situation of the local labour market influence the prospects that women have in working and caring. EU welfare policy promotes the labour market integration of women as well as gender equality. The provision of adequate care services is vital in supporting womenℓ́ℓs employment. Within comparative welfare research, the focus has been on the national welfare systems and policies even if care services are overwhelmingly provided by local authorities that in many EU member states enjoy considerable autonomy. This book fills the gap in understanding local welfare policy making from a comparative perspective.

Advances in statistical models for data analysis [Monograph]
Morlini, Isabella \ Minerva, Tommaso \ Vichi, Maurizio \ 2015
Data mining - Mathematical statistics

This edited volume focuses on recent research results in classification, multivariate statistics and machine learning and highlights advances in statistical models for data analysis. The volume provides both methodological developments and contributions to a wide range of application areas such as economics, marketing, education, social sciences and environment. The papers in this volume were first presented at the 9th biannual meeting of the Classification and Data Analysis Group (CLADAG) of the Italian Statistical Society, held in September 2013 at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Aspirations and everyday life of single migrant women in Ghana [PhD thesis]
Tufuor, T. \ 2015
migration - rural rural migration - rural urban migration - rural areas - urban areas - women - gender relations - society - family structure - ghana - west africa
De economische kracht van de ondernemende vrouw [Monograph]
Brummans, M. \ Loonen, N. \ Verheul, I. \ Dijkhuizen, J. \ Essers, C. \ Matser, I. \ Remery, C. \ Wilde, M. de \ Waa, L. van der \ Bevelander, D. \ Steege, M. van der \ Zijl, T. van \ Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming \ [2015]
entrepreneurship - women - female labour - women workers - netherlands
Kraamverzorgster in stal tussen werpende zeugen : werkdag \ Pig business : onafhankelijk ondernemersblad voor de varkenshouderij [Article]
Schriek, R. van \ 2015
pig farming - farrowing houses - piglets - weaning - animal health - pig feeding - occupations - agricultural manpower - female labour - consultancy

Steeds meer varkenshouders vragen Lisette Tuenter om advies en tips voor onder meer het overleggen van biggen. Een zeug moet volgens haar met gemak haar eigen 14 biggen kunnen spenen. Kraamstalmanagement is het toverwoord.

Should I eat grapes from India? : a story of who wins and who loses in export grape production in Nashik district, Maharashtra [Student report]
Larrington-Spencer, H.M. \ 2014
grapes - fruit growing - female labour - irrigation - production - harvesting - women - woman's status - india

Using a feminist commodity chain analysis the author attempted to uncover the experiences of those incorporated into export grape production and understand processes of winning and losing within three nodes of the grape commodity chain; irrigation and hydraulic control, production, and harvesting and processing.

Gendered commodity chains : seeing women's work and households in global production [Monograph]
Dunaway, W.A. \ [2014]
female labour - women - employment - gender - households - commodities - chains - economic aspects - globalization

Gendered Commodity Chains is the first book to consider the fundamental role of gender in global commodity chains. It challenges long-held assumptions of global economic systems by identifying the crucial role social reproduction plays in production and by declaring the household as an important site of production. In affirming the importance of women's work in global production, this cutting-edge volume fills an important gender gap in the field of global commodity and value chain analysis. With thirteen chapters by an international group of scholars from sociology, anthropology, economics, women's studies, and geography, this volume begins with an eye-opening feminist critique of existing commodity chain literature. Throughout its remaining five parts, Gendered Commodity Chains addresses ways women's work can be integrated into commodity chain research, the forms women's labor takes, threats to social reproduction, the impact of indigenous and peasant households on commodity chains, the rapidly expanding arenas of global carework and sex trafficking, and finally, opportunities for worker resistance. This broadly interdisciplinary volume provides conceptual and methodological guides for academics, graduate students, researchers, and activists interested in the gendered nature of commodity chains.

Labouring lives : women, work and the demographic transition in the Netherlands, 1880-1960 [Monograph]
Janssens, A. \ [2014]
history - women - labour - work - demography - female labour - marriage - fertility - netherlands

Labouring Lives unravels the huge changes which have so fundamentally altered the life courses of ordinary women over the past one hundred and fifty years, namely the changes in marriage and fertility patterns. Using dynamic data from Dutch population registers and analytical techniques from the life course approach, the book offers new evidence on women’s changing position in the labour market, their role in pre-nuptial sexuality, and their contribution to marriage and fertility change in the Netherlands between 1880 and 1960. The author reconstructs the socio-economic and demographic worlds of different groups of working and non-working women, and by doing so she is able to locate the various groups driving the changes. Advanced statistical tools enable the author to analyse differences in fertility strategies, stopping versus spacing, employed by various social and cultural groups in the Netherlands. This book leads to conclusions which challenge a number of orthodoxies in the field.

Feminization of agricultural production in rural China : a sociological analysis [PhD thesis]
Meng, X. \ 2014
female labour - agricultural production - rural women - family farms - feminism - sociology - gender - gender relations - woman's status - emancipation of women - women - agriculture - rural development - china

Rural-urban migration of male labour force is an unstoppable process in China. Although some women also migrate to work in cities, most of these women return to the villages after marriage. They need to take care of the children and the family and to work on their smallholder farms. In general, women‟s labour participation in agriculture has increased due to the migration of the male labourers and they have become the main labour force in smallholder agriculture. This thesis is a sociological analysis on the impact of this change on the situation of these women and on smallholder agriculture from the women‟s perspective.

The global political economy of the household in Asia [Monograph]
Elias, J. \ Gunawardana, S.J. \ 2013
households - economics - home economics - political economy - female labour - gender - asia

The household has traditionally been neglected in studies of Asian political economy. While there is an emergent literature that looks at this relationship, to date, it is fragmented. The contributors consider how the household economy has increasingly been incorporated into development planning and policy making within both states and multilateral development agencies. They examine the social consequences of the tendency to view households as marketizable spaces, and explore how the household economy relates to broader structures of industrial production in the region. With case studies on Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China, they provide a comprehensive picture of the centrality of the household economy to ongoing processes and struggles associated with the continuous economic transformation of the region.

Vrouwenstudieclub Oost-Nederland: ‘Vrouwen belangrijk in varkenshouderij’ \ Pig business : onafhankelijk ondernemersblad voor de varkenshouderij [Article]
Burgers, R. \ 2013
pig farming - stockmen - employed women - female labour - agricultural manpower - east netherlands

Met het groter worden van de varkenshouderijen vervullen vrouwen tal van taken op het bedrijf, die anders door duurbetaalde krachten moeten worden uitgevoerd. Zij beslissen mee in bedrijfszaken en excelleren in de kraamstallen. Een aantal varkenshoudsters uit Oost-Nederland heeft zich verenigd in een studieclub om te praten over het bedrijf en ‘de sector'.

Women entertainers of Drayangs in Bhutan: a feminist intersectional analysis of body labour [Student report]
Lhamo, T. \ 2013
sociology - women - women workers - entertainment - urban entertainment centres - values - culture - sexual discrimination - bhutan - south asia - female labour

This research explores the subjectivity of the women entertainers who work in the Drayangs, modern day entertainment centres in Bhutan particularly in the capital city, Thimphu. Drayangs in the recent times had come under intense criticism and has been scrutinised for eroding Bhutanese cultural values, where alcohol and drugs were openly consumed and networking for sex took place. The objective of this research was to study: 1) how the women entertainers exercise their agency by deploying the theory of body labour through an intersectional analysis and 2) how women entertainers are victimised of economic and sexual exploitation.

Drivers of change : agricultural modernization and women's status in SAT India [Monograph]
Palacios, A.C. \ 2013
change - agriculture - agrarian reform - modernization - women - india - maharashtra - andhra pradesh - villages - rural development - female labour - icrisat - woman's status

This paper explores the extent to which agricultural modernization affects women’s status. Agricultural modernization refers to the ever-increasing use of farm implements and techniques that have previously not existed or have not been used in the local setting. These implements and techniques generally intend to imitate the western model of industrial agriculture, making large-scale cultivation more feasible. Examples of agricultural modernization include, but are not limited to, improved seeds, chemical fertilizers, tractors and mechanized threshers. Improved seeds are defined as seeds that are created by a laboratory and later sold to farmers; certainly hybrid seeds in the purist sense have existed for millennia as farmers knowingly cross-bred their plants for desirable traits. Biotech or genetically modified seeds are a subset at the most technologically advanced end of improved seeds, and these are seeds that contain genes not native to their own species.

Gender, inequality, and wages [Monograph]
Blau, F.D. \ Gielen, A.C. \ Zimmermann, K.F. \ 2012
women - disparity - wages - gender - discrimination - labour market - social inequalities - immigrants

This book contains extensive research on progress made by women in the labour market, and the characteristics and causes of remaining gender inequalities. It also covers other indicators of gender inequalities, and other dimensions of inequality. It consists of a collection of previous works, both single-authored and co-authored, which have been revised and form an integrated volume dealing with inequality in the labour market. Each part is introduced by a chapter that places the work in context and explains its genesis, as well as its relevance to current research and policy, and an Epilogue brings together concluding thoughts. The chapters on the gender wage gap probe and quantify the explanations for the gap, show how it has decreased over time in the United States, and suggest explanations for this narrowing and the more recent slowdown in wage convergence. The book also considers international differences in the gender wage gap and wage inequality more generally, ascribing an important role to wage setting institutions. Other chapters more broadly consider a variety of indicators of gender inequality and how they have changed over time, and trends in female labour supply and what they indicate about changing gender roles. In addition, a successful intervention designed to increase the relative success of academic women is evaluated. Inequality by race and immigrant status are also examined, including analyses of race difference in wages and wealth, immigrant-native differences in the use of transfer payments, and the impact of gender roles in immigrant source countries on immigrant women's labour market assimilation in the United States.

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