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A dictionary of critical theory [Dictionary] - Second edition.
Buchanan, Ian \ 2018
Critical theory

Covers all aspects of critical theory from globalization and race studies, to queer theory and feminism, as well as topics such as the Frankfurt school, cultural materialism, gender studies, literary theory, hermeneutics, historical materialism, and sociopolitical critical theory. Explains complex theoretical discourses, such as Marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, deconstruction, and postmodernism. Features biographies of important figures in the field.

Grenzobjekte und Medienforschung [Monograph]
Star, Susan Leigh \ 2018

Susan Leigh Star's (1954-2010) research encompasses aspects of infrastructural and social theory, knowledge ecologies, feminism and theories of marginality. For the first time, this volume introduces the American science and technology sociologist's most important writings in German. Her texts on border objects, marginality, infrastructures and standards are commented upon by academics and scientists in these fields, and analyzed for their relevance to media studies. With commentaries by Geoffrey C. Bowker, Cora Bender, Ulrike Bergermann, Monika Dommann, Christine Hanke, Bernhard Nett, Jörg Potthast, Gabriele Schabacher, Cornelius Schubert, Erhard Schüttpelz und Jörg Strübing.---Susan Leigh Stars (1954-2010) Werk bewegt sich zwischen Infrastrukturforschung, Sozialtheorie, Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Ökologie und Feminismus. Die wegweisenden historischen und ethnografischen Texte der US-amerikanischen Technik- und Wissenschaftssoziologin liegen mit diesem Band erstmals gesammelt auf Deutsch vor. Ihre Arbeiten zu Grenzobjekten, Marginalität, Arbeit, Infrastrukturen und Praxisgemeinschaften werden interdisziplinär kommentiert und auf ihre medienwissenschaftliche Produktivität hin befragt. Mit Kommentaren von Geoffrey C. Bowker, Cora Bender, Ulrike Bergermann, Monika Dommann, Christine Hanke, Bernhard Nett, Jörg Potthast, Gabriele Schabacher, Cornelius Schubert, Erhard Schüttpelz und Jörg Strübing.

Feminist ecologies : changing environments in the anthropocene [Monograph]
Stevens, Lara \ Tait, Peta \ Varney, Denise \ 2018
Environmentalism - Ecofeminism - Women and the environment - Feminism - Human ecology

This edited volume critically engages with ecofeminist scholarship. It tracks the ongoing dialogue between women's issues and environmental change by republishing the work of pioneering scholars and activists in the field. Together with new essays by contemporary ecofeminist scholars, the book uncovers the dialectical relationship between environmental and feminist causes, the relational identities of feminists and ecofeminists, and the concept of ecofeminism as a rallying point for environmental feminism.

Gender studies and the new academic governance : global challenges, glocal dynamics and local impacts [Monograph]
Kahlert, Heike \ 2018
Educational law and legislation - Feminism and education - Neoliberalism

What is happening to gender studies and gender research as emerging but contested fields of scientific knowledge in the conditions of the new academic governance? And which role do gender studies and gender research play in the current transformations in academia? All articles in this book make clear that the impacts of the new academic governance have global, glocal and local dimensions which have to be taken into account in analysing the state of gender studies and gender research at the end of the 2010s. From diverse geopolitical and sociocultural views the authors simultaneously draw a multifaceted picture of the current situation, criticise the widespread tendencies of the marketisation of scientific knowledge, suggest strategies for resistance against the neo-liberalisation of higher education and research, and identify starting points for further and optionally comparative studies on these issues. These contributions emphasise not only the need for more theoretical reflection and empirical research and for critical exchanges on the current transformations, but also the need for political action to challenge, resist and change them. Contents Interventions: Gender, Gender Studies and Academic Feminism • Interactions: Gender Research, Academic Feminism and Society • Institutionalisations: Gender Studies´ Epistemic and Organisational Statuses in the Academy The Editor Dr Heike Kahlert is Professor and Chair of Sociology/Social Inequality and Gender at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany.

Women and nature? : beyond dualism in gender, body, and environment [Monograph]
Mickey, Sam \ Vakoch, Douglas A.. \ 2018
Ecofeminism - Feminist criticism

This book provides a historical context for understanding the contested relationships between women and nature, and it articulates strategies for moving beyond the dualistic theories and practices that often frame those relationships. In 1974, Francoise d'Eaubonne coined the term "ecofeminism" to raise awareness about interconnections between women's oppression and nature's domination in an attempt to liberate women and nature from subordination. Since then, ecofeminism has attracted scholars and activists from various disciplines and positions to assess the relationship between the cultural human and the natural nonhuman through gender reconsiderations. The contributors to this volume present critical and constructive perspectives on ecofeminism throughout its history, from the beginnings of ecofeminism in the 1970s through to contemporary and emerging developments in the field, drawing on animal studies, postcolonialism, film studies, transgender studies, and political ecology. This interdisciplinary and international collection of essays demonstrates the ongoing relevance of ecofeminism as a way of understanding and responding to the complex interactions between genders, bodies, and the natural environment. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of ecofeminism as well as those involved in environmental studies and gender studies more broadly.

Feminist spirituality under capitalism: witches, fairies, and nomads [Monograph]
Skott-Myhre, Kathleen \ 2018
Capitalism - Feminism - Feminist psychology - Feminist spirituality
The Palgrave handbook of feminism and sport, leisure and physical education [Monograph]
Mansfield, Louise \ Caudwell, Jayne \ Wheaton, Belinda \ Watson, Beccy \ 2018
Feminism and sports

This handbook provides an original, comprehensive and unparalleled overview of feminist scholarship in sport, leisure and physical education. It captures the complexities of past, current and future developments in feminism while highlighting its theoretical, methodological and empirical applications. It also critically engages with policy and practice issues for women and girls taking part in sport and leisure pursuits and in physical education provision. The Palgrave Handbook of Feminism and Sport, Leisure and Physical Education is international in scope and includes the work of established and emerging feminist scholars. It will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including sociology, gender studies, sport sciences, and sports business and management.

(En) gendering Taiwan : the rise of Taiwanese feminism [Monograph]
Chen, Ya-chen \ 2018

This book highlights the diversity and richness of non-Mainland China and Taiwan-oriented gender issues from a unique Taiwanese perspective, in contrast to previous studies that have often placed Taiwanese gender issues under the huge umbrella of Mainland Chinese, Communist Chinese, or P.R.C. women’s and gender studies. In a follow-up dialogue to and with Liu’s, Karl’s, and Ko’s The Birth of Chinese Feminism, this book looks at the various metaphorical details of that “birth” and the different dimensions of Mainland Chinese versus Taiwanese feminism and gender issues. Although Chinese-heritage people share similar traditions, different gender problems have occurred in and challenged various local conditions of Chinese-speaking areas. Taiwan’s gender issues have reflected Taiwan’s unique historical, sociocultural, economic, political, (post)colonial, military, and diplomatic backgrounds, in ways unfamiliar to the many people with a Chinese background who are not Taiwanese. This volume gives a historical outline of the people and events that paved the way for the rise of Taiwanese feminism, and includes portraits of famous feminists, gender issues in institutions, and a variety of gender concerns.

Women leaders and gender stereotyping in the UK press : a poststructuralist approach [Monograph]
Baxter, Judith \ 2018
Women executives - Women in mass media

This book explores how the UK press constructs and represents women leaders drawn from three professional spheres: politics, business, and the mass media. Despite significant career progress made by women leaders in these professions, many British newspapers continue to portray these women in stereotyped and essentialist ways: the extent to which this occurs tending to correspond with the political affiliation and target readership of the newspaper. The author analyses news media articles through three fresh perspectives: first, Kanter’s women leader stereotypes, second, a feminist agenda spectrum and third, a new ‘reflexive’ approach based on Feminist Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis. This book will appeal strongly to students and scholars of discourse analysis and media studies, and anyone with an interest in language, gender, leadership and feminism. .

Muslim Women at Work : Religious Discourses in Arab Society [Monograph]
Sidani, Yusuf M.. \ 2018
Sociology - Sex (Psychology) - Markets - Islam - Business - Gender expression - Gender identity - Gender identity Religious aspects - Globalization

This book explores how a growing religious discourse is advocating for change in women's employment participation in Arab societies. It provides a historical and cultural overview of women in Arab societies as well as issues of homogeneity and heterogeneity in religion. An emerging group of activists, intellectuals, and religious scholars are rocking the boat of traditional Islamic understanding of the role of women and their economic and social participation, which is rooted in reinterpretations of the religious texts and history. Signs of this change are already seen in some Arab workplaces though with varying degrees of success. This book uncovers a neglected discourse on the status of Arab women that is relevant to students and academics with interest in economics, gender studies, the Middle East, and Islam.

African American female entrepreneurship : merging profit and social motives for the greater good [Monograph]
Boateng, Amanobea \ 2018
African American self-employed - African American women - Businesswomen - Entrepreneurship - Self-employed women
Routledge handbook of gender and environment [Monograph]
MacGregor, Sherilyn \ 2017
Ecofeminism - Environmentalism Social aspects - Green movement Social aspects - Women and the environment - Ecofeminism - Environmentalism Social aspects - Green movement Social aspects - Women and the environment

The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Environment gathers together state-of-the-art theoretical reflections and empirical research from leading researchers and practitioners working in this transdisciplinary and transnational academic field. Over the course of the book, these contributors provide critical analyses of the gender dimensions of a wide range of timely and challenging topics, from sustainable development and climate change politics, to queer ecology and interspecies ethics in the so-called Anthropocene.

Academic women in STEM faculty : views beyond a decade after POWRE [Monograph]
Rosser, Sue Vilhauer \ 2017
Curriculum planning - Feminism - Health education - Science Study and teaching

This volume examines major issues facing successful women in academic science. In doing so, Sue Rosser outlines the persisting and shifting perspectives of women who have achieved seniority and remained in academia during the last fifteen years through survey data from women who received POWRE awards from the NSF. Some evidence suggests that budget cuts and an increasing reliance on technology have impacted higher education and exacerbated gender issues, but until now, little research has focused directly on the lingering effects of these changes.

Football fandom and migration : an ethnography of transnational practices and narratives in Vienna and Istanbul [Monograph]
Szogs, Nina \ 2017
Football fans Austria - Football fans Turkey - Emigration and immigration Social aspects - Football fans

This book studies how transnationalisation, Europeanisation and migration processes intersect with football fandom, through an analysis of the transnational narratives and practices of Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray football fans in Vienna, Austria. Based on ethnographic fieldwork in Austria, Turkey and Germany, the author analyses the ways in which narratives about football fandom are often linked to migrant experiences, including practices of (self‑)culturalization in the diasporic context in Austria. The book shows how constructed ethnicities and also masculinities and femininities meet in football fan performances and in the construction of what makes a “proper” football fan. Turkish football fandom is a field where powerful prejudices and stereotypes amalgamate and interact. This study enables the reader to look into migration processes and discussions about related topics from a different angle: the love of a football club. Football Fandom and Migration

The feminist fourth wave : affective temporality [Monograph]
Chamberlain, Prudence \ 2017
Feminism - Feminist theory

This book examines the fourth wave of feminism within the United Kingdom. Focusing on examples of contemporary activism it considers the importance of understanding affect and temporality in relation to surges of feminist activity. Examining the wave’s historical use in the feminist movement, the book redefines the symbol in an attempt to overcome difficulties of generations, identities and divisions. The author contends that feminism must develop its own methods for time keeping, in which past activism and future aspirations touch on the present moment. Through this unique temporality, she continues, feminism can make space for affective ties to create intense moments of activism, in which surges of feeling catalyse and sustain mass action. This thought-provoking book, with its exploration of the relationship between feeling, the personal and political, will appeal to students and academics working in the fields of gender studies, feminism and affect studies.

Media activism in the digital age [Monograph]
Pickard, Victor W.. \ Yang, Guobin \ 2017

The growing subfield of media activism studies has gained wide attention in recent years, but little consensus exists regarding its central questions and concerns. This book begins to chart an evolving research agenda by providing a cross-section of provocative work in this area. Victor Pickard and Guobin Yang have assembled essays by leading scholars and activists to provide case studies of feminist, technological, and political interventions during different historical periods and at local, national, and global levels. Looking at the underlying theories, histories, politics, ideologies, tactics, strategies and aesthetics, the book takes an expansive view of media activism. It explores how varieties of activism are mediated through communication technologies, how activists deploy strategies for changing the structures of media systems, and how governments and corporations seek to police media activism. From memes to zines, hacktivism to artivism, this volume considers activist practices involving both older kinds of media and newer digital, social, and network-based forms. The book captures an exciting moment in the evolution of media activism studies and offers an invaluable guide to a vibrant and evolving field of research.

Current perspectives on Asian women in leadership : a cross-cultural analysis [Monograph]
Cho, Yonjoo \ Ghosh, Rajashi \ Sun, Judy Y.. \ McLean, Gary N. \ 2017
Women executives Asia - Leadership in women Asia - Leadership - Leadership in women - Women executives
Knowledge Production, Area Studies and Global Cooperation [Monograph]
Derichs, Claudia \ 2017
Area studies Methodology - Intellectual cooperation
Gender equality in a global perspective [Monograph]
Örtenblad, Anders \ Marling, Raili \ Vasiljevic, Snjezana \ 2017
Feminism - Human rights - Sex discrimination against women - Sex role
Contemporary issues in marketing and consumer behaviour [Monograph]
Parsons, Elizabeth \ Maclaran, Pauline \ Chatzidakis, Andreas \ 2017
Consumer behavior - Marketing
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