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Youth, Employment and Migration: Urban opportunities, with a focus on Africa \ Urban agriculture magazine / Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture (RUAF) [Article]
Dietz, T. \ 2018
urban areas - towns - agriculture - food production - farming systems - peasant farming - allotment gardens

Demographically, Africa has become the big exception. On a continental scale, Asia, Oceania and Latin America – like Europe, and North America before it – reached demographic stability between 2000 and 2015. Average fertility rates on these continents plunged from more than five or six children per woman in the 1960s to an average of around two in recent years, and in Europe considerably lower still. Africa as well is experiencing a process of demographic transition, yet there are differences: Africa began at a higher level (more than seven children per woman in the 1960s and 1970s), and the pace of transition is much slower than, for instance, in Asia. Currently the fertility rates for Africa as a whole are still beyond four children per woman, and UN demographers expect that Africa will not reach demographic stability until around 2100.

Livestock farming systems on South American native grasslands: when production meets conservation [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-12-12
Modernel, Pablo \ 2018
A global genetic diversity analysis of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense : the Panama disease pathogen of banana [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-16
Ordóñez R., Nadia \ 2018
Global water security : lessons learnt and long-term implications [Monograph]
World Water Council, \ 2018
Water security - Water-supply Management

This book highlights the relationship between the water sector and various other sectors in order to establish an improved understanding of the importance of water resources as an essential cross-cutting vector of socio-economic development. The book is both policy and practice oriented and is not constrained by existing definitions on water security. It includes actual experiences of policy, management, development and governance decisions taken within the water sector, and examples on how these have affected the energy and agricultural sectors as well as impacted the environment, and vice versa, as appropriate. It also discusses trade-offs, short and long-term implications, lessons learnt, and the way forward. The book includes case studies on cities, countries and regions such as Australia, China, Singapore, Central Asia, Morocco, Southern Africa, France, Latin America, Brazil and California.

Global history, globally : research and practice around the World [Monograph]
Beckert, Sven \ Sachsenmaier, Dominic \ 2018
Globalization - World history
Deforestation and agriculture in the tropics: carbon emissions and options for mitigation [PhD thesis]
Carter, Sarah \ 2018
The Social Life of Economic Inequalities in Contemporary Latin America : Decades of Change [Monograph]
Ystanes, Margit \ Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter \ 2018
Economics Sociological aspects - Equality - Ethnology - Social sciences - Social structure

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This edited volume examines how economic processes have worked upon social lives and social realities in Latin America during the past decades. Through tracing the effects of the neoliberal epoch into the era of the so-called pink tide, the book seeks to understand to what extent the turn to the left at the start of the millennium managed to challenge historically constituted configurations of inequality. A central argument in the book is that in spite of economic reforms and social advances on a range of arenas, the fundamental tenants of socio-economic inequalities have not been challenged substantially. As several countries are now experiencing a return to right-wing politics, this collection helps us better understand why inequalities are so entrenched in the Latin American continent, but also the complex and creative ways that it is continuously contested. The book directs itself to students, scholars and anyone interested in Latin America, economic anthropology, political anthropology, left-wing politics, poverty and socio-economic inequalities.

Populist Discourse in Venezuela and the United States : American Unexceptionalism and Political Identity Formation [Monograph]
Savage, Ritchie \ 2018
Populism Venezuela - Populism United States - Diplomatic relations - Populism

Using the conceptual framework of populism as discourse, Ritchie Savage provides a comparative analysis of U.S. and Latin American speeches and articles covering Betancourt’s Acción Democrática, Chávez, McCarthyism, and the Tea Party. In so doing, he reveals an essential structure to populist discourse: reference to the "opposition" as a representation of the persistence of social conflict, posed against a collective memory of the origins of democracy and struggle for equality, is present in all cases. This discursive formation of populism is carried out in comparisons of political discourse in the United States and Venezuela, two countries that are typically classified as empirically specific in their economic and political development and ideological orientation. Populist Discourse in Venezuela and the United States explores how instances of populism, once exceptional phenomena within modern forms of political rule, are becoming increasingly integrated with the structure of democratic politics. .--

Industrial Policy and Sustainable Growth [Monograph]
Yülek., Murat A.. \ 2018

This volume looks at the critical issues of industrial policy and sustainability. It assesses the gap between how developed and developing countries have integrated sustainability issues in their industrial policies, and how they should have ideally done so. The book looks at the specific issues of middle income trap, levels of industrialization and the distribution of manufacturing activities among nations, and presents analysis of sector and country specific policy case studies in areas such as health, energy, medical devices, aviation, automobile manufacturing. The volume also examines trade policies and their impact on industry and environment, and elaborate on how industrial policies involve selective direct and indirect sectoral policies which play a role in assisting policy makers manage objectives of catch up and sustainability.--

The class struggle in Latin America : making history today [Monograph]
Petras, James F.. \ Veltmeyer, Henry \ 2018
Social classes Latin America - Social conflict Latin America - Equality - Social classes - Social conflict
Creativity and English language teaching : from inspiration to implementation [Monograph]
Maley, Alan \ Kiss, Tamas \ 2018
Creative thinking Study and teaching - English language Study and teaching - Language and languages Study and teaching

This book offers a unique perspective on creativity in an educational environment where there is a relative dearth of literature on this subject. The authors link practice and principle to provide a practical and valuable guide for more creative language learning and teaching, using not only theoretical ideas but useful practical advice and recommendations on how better to introduce creativity into teaching and daily life. This innovative volume is sure to become a crucial reference point for teachers and practitioners of language teaching, and anyone interested in the ways in which creativity can be channelled into the teaching and learning process. Alan Maley has worked in the field of English Language Teaching for over 50 years. He has lived and worked in 10 countries, including India and China. He has published over 40 books in the field of language teaching. He is a Past-President of IATEFL and in 2012 received the ELTons Lifetime Achievement Award. His research interests lie primarily in creative writing and innovative materials development. Tamas Kiss is Associate Professor at Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, China. He has been involved with language teacher education programmes in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America and South East Asia. His main interests include language teacher education, materials development, complexity science, language as a complex dynamic system and creativity.

Latin American heritage : Interdisciplinary Dialogues on Brazilian and Argentinian Case Studies [Monograph]
Lopes da Cunha, Fabiana \ Dos Santos, Marcilene \ Rabassa, Jorge \ 2018
Ethnology Latin America - Archaeology - Cultural property - Culture Study and teaching - Environmental geography - Ethnology

Focusing on Brazil, this book approaches the term "heritage" from not only a historical and architectural point of view, but also considers its artistic, archaeological, natural, ethnological and industrial aspects. The book is divided into four thematic sections? 1) traditions and intangible heritage, 2) archaeological heritage, 3) natural heritage and landscapes, and 4) heritage of industrial and built environments? and presents chapters on a diverse range of topics, from samba and cultural identities in Rio de Janeiro, to the history of Brazilian archaeology, the value of scenic landscapes in Brazil, and the cultural landscape of Brazil. As an outcome of the First Heritage International Symposium, this unique book explores a variety of heritage dialogues, pursuing global and specific approaches, and combining different views, perceptions and senses.

Advances in marine vertebrate research in Latin America: technological innovation and conservation [Monograph]
Rossi-Santos, Marcos R. \ Finkl, Charles W.. \ 2018

This book gathers the most recent research findings on ecology and conservation of marine vertebrates in Latin America, making use of high technological methods to show readers the diversity of the marine research that has been conducted in these countries over the last decades. The book brings authors from more than 23 institutions of 7 different countries developing the most diverse research aiming at ocean conservation through the ecology of different vertebrate animals, such as whales, dolphins, manatees, turtles, seabirds and fish. This book deals with technological advances and innovation in the ecology and conservation of marine vertebrates in Latin America. This eclectic collection is broad in scope but provides detailed summaries of new methods that are deployed in the study of marine environmental conservation. Key issues revolve around the development and application of educational methodologies in the field of marine vertebrate research, which provide a rational basis for better management of marine environments using modern techniques associated with GIS, satellite tracking, aerial systems, bioacoustics, biogeochemistry, genetics, underwater videography, species photoidentification, molecular biology, trophic ecological methods, ethological methods, and behavioural ecology, among others. Discussion and elucidation of these kinds of techniques are aimed at university-level students and post-graduate researchers. The scope of this volume includes whales, sharks, rays, dolphins, tropical fishes, turtles, manatees as well as aspects of Latin American marine ecosystem conservation. Researchers in this biogeographic region, as well as others involved with marine vertebrate research, will find this work essential reading.

Social well-being and the values of small-scale fisheries [Monograph]
Johnson, Derek S.. \ Acott, Tim G.. \ Stacey, Natasha \ Urquhart, Julie \ 2018
Fisheries Economic aspects - Fisheries Social aspects - Fishery management

This book advances discussions of values in fisheries by showing the rich theoretical insights and connections possible when value is grounded in a multi-dimensional social well being approach. Questions of value have long been a central, if often unacknowledged, concern in maritime studies and in research on fisheries. Social scientists have looked at changing perceptions of value as coastal regions and fisheries have industrialized, economic interconnections have deepened, ecosystems have been depleted, shifts in population have occurred, and governance arrangements have been transformed. With a focus on the diverse ways in which small-scale fisheries are valued, the contributions to this volume address these and other themes through cases from numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. “This volume provides a timely contribution to the development of new approaches that seek to capture the complexity of how fisheries can be understood beyond standard mo no-dimensional, and often economic, interpretations. Each chapter makes a clear and stand-alone contribution to conceptual and methodological advancement, and collectively these works cover a wide range of frameworks and schools of thought.” Dr Sarah Coulthard, Senior Lecturer in International Development, Northumbria University, UK “The list of contributing authors [is] impressive and covers a wide geographical range of illustrative examples, [which] helps to demonstrate the global value of small-scale fisheries.” Professor J. Allister McGregor, Professor in Political Economy, the University of Sheffield, UK.

Climate change adaptation in Latin America : managing vulnerability, fostering resilience [Monograph]
Leal Filho, Walter \ Freitas, Leonardo Esteves \ 2018
Climatic changes

This book showcases experiences from research, field projects and best practice in climate change adaptation in countries in the Latin American region, focusing on managing vulnerability and fostering resilience. It includes a selection of papers presented at a specialist symposium on climate change adaptation held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in November 2016. Consistent with the need for more cross-sectoral interaction among the various stakeholders working in the field of climate change adaptation in Latin America, the book documents and disseminates the wealth of experiences in the region. It is divided into two main parts: Part 1 addresses the current and future impacts of climate change on fauna, flora and landscapes, while Part 2 is concerned with the socio-economic aspects of climate change adaptation, analyzing some of the main problems prevailing in this vulnerable region and examining ways to address them.

Design of structural elements with tropical hardwoods [Monograph]
Olorunnisola, Abel O.. \ 2018
Hardwoods Tropics - Building, Wooden Design and construction - Hardwoods

This book provides basic information on the design of structures with tropical woods. It is intended primarily for teaching university- and college-level courses in structural design. It is also suitable as a reference material for practitioners. Although parts of the background material relate specifically to West and East Africa, the design principles apply to the whole of tropical Africa, Latin America and South Asia. The book is laced with ample illustrations including photographs of real life wood structures and structural elements across Africa that make for interesting reading. It has numerous manual and Excel spread sheet worked examples and review questions that can properly guide a first-time designer of wooden structural elements. A number of design problems are also solved using the FORTRAN programming language. Topics covered in the thirteen chapters of the book include a brief introduction to the book, the anatomy and physical properties of tropical woods; a brief review of the mechanical properties of wood, timber seasoning and preservation, uses of wood and wood products in construction; basic theory of structures, and structural load computations; design of wooden beams, solid and built-up wooden columns, wood connections and wooden trusses; as well as a brief introduction to the design of wooden bridges. Stands as the only text on structural design with tropical hardwoods for students and professionals based on sub-Saharan African species; Reinforces concepts with ample illustrations, including photographs of real-world wood structures and structural elements across Africa; Maximizes readers’ understanding with numerous manual and Excel examples and review questions that guide first-time designers of wooden structural elements; Class-tested for over a decade by the author in teaching wood structural design at undergraduate and graduate levels; Written in a rigo rous yet lucid style appropriate for technical and non-technical readers.

Conditional citizens : rethinking children and young people's participation [Monograph]
Hartung, Catherine \ 2017
Child psychology - Children Legal status, laws, etc - Children Political activity - Children's rights - Youth Political activity

This book challenges readers to recognise the conditions that underpin popular approaches to children and young people's participation, as well as the key processes and institutions that have enabled its rise as a global force of social change in new times. The book draws on the vast international literature, as well as interviews with key practitioners, policy-makers, activists, delegates and academics from Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Nicaragua, Australia, the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States and Italy to examine the emergence of the young citizen as a key global priority in the work of the UN, NGOs, government and academia. In so doing, the book engages contemporary and interdisciplinary debates around citizenship, rights, childhood and youth to examine the complex conditions through which children and young people are governed and invited to govern themselves. The book argues that much of what is considered 'children and young people's participation' today is part of a wider neoliberal project that emphasises an ideal young citizen who is responsible and rational while simultaneously downplaying the role of systemic inequality and potentially reinforcing rather than overcoming children and young people's subjugation. Yet the book also moves beyond mere critique and offers suggestive ways to broaden our understanding of children and young people's participation by drawing on 15 international examples of empirical research from around the world, including the Philippines, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, North America, Finland, South Africa, Australia and Latin America. These examples provoke practitioners, policy-makers and academics to think differently about children and young people and the possibilities for their participatory citizenship beyond that which serves the political agendas of dominant interest groups.

The pigeonpea genome [Monograph]
Varshney, R. K. \ Saxena, Rachit K.. \ Jackson, Scott A.. \ 2017

Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) is a crop of small land holding farmers in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. It has a number of usages starting from protein rich food to vegetarian families; fuel wood; nitrogen supplier to soil; recycling minerals in soil to animal feed etc. Pigeonpea has been considered to be originated and domesticated in central India from where it travelled to different parts of the world such as Africa and Latin America. In ongoing scenario of climate change, biotic and especially abiotic stresses will make the conditions more challenging for entire agriculture. This volume focusing on the pigeonpea genome will collate the information on the genome sequencing and its utilization in genomics activities, with a focus on the current findings, advanced tools and strategies deployed in pigeonpea genome sequencing and analysis, and how this information is leading to direct outcomes for plant breeders and subsequently to farmers.

Intercultural communication and science and technology studies [Monograph]
Reyes-Galindo, Luis \ Duarte, Tiago Ribeiro \ 2017
Communication in science - Communication of technical information - Intercultural communication - Interdisciplinary research

This timely and engaging book addresses communicative issues that arise when science and technology travel across socio-cultural boundaries. The authors discuss interactions between different scientific communities; scientists and policy-makers; science and the public; scientists and artists; and other situations where science clashes with other socio-cultural domains. The volume includes theoretical proposals of how to deal with intercultural communication related to science and technology, as well as rich case studies that illustrate the challenges and strategies deployed in these situations. Individual studies explore Europe, Latin America, and Africa, thus including diverse Global North and South contexts.

Transnational frontiers of Asia and Latin America since 1800 [Monograph]
Moreno Tejada, Jaime \ Tatar, Bradley \ 2017
Geopolitics Asia - Geopolitics Latin America - Boundaries - Geopolitics - Historical geography
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