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Gezond groen in en om de stad [Monograph]
health - recreation - public green areas - nature - leisure activities - climate - water holding capacity - well-being - movement - physical activity

Recreatie in het groen is belangrijk voor de volksgezondheid in Nederland. De afgelopen decennia zijn de mogelijkheden hiervoor in en om de steden echter achtergebleven bij de vraag van een groeiende bevolking. Een bevolking die bovendien vergrijst, en die daardoor meer tijd heeft om buiten te verpozen. De Gezondheidsraad beveelt in dit advies aan om de mogelijkheden voor ‘groene recreatie’ in de stedelijke omgeving uit te breiden. Daarbij wordt ´groen´ opgevat als natuur in brede zin, watercomponenten inbegrepen. De gezondheid van de Nederlandse bevolking is gediend met uitbreiding van de mogelijkheden voor vrijetijdsbesteding in de natuur in en om de steden. De Omgevingswet biedt gemeenten de gelegenheid om deze uitbreiding te verwerken in visies en plannen voor een gezonde, duurzame, klimaatbestendige en waterveilige stad.

The Palgrave handbook of leisure theory [Monograph]
Spracklen, Karl \ Lashua, Brett \ Sharpe, Erin \ Swain, Spencer \ 2017
Leisure Social aspects

This is the first handbook devoted entirely to leisure theory, charting the history and philosophy of leisure, theories in religion and culture, and rational theories of leisure in the Western philosophical tradition, as well as a range of socio-cultural theories from thinkers such as Adorno, Bauman, Weber and Marx. Drawing on contributions from experts in leisure studies from around the world, the four sections cover: traditional theories of leisure; rational theories of leisure; structural theories of leisure; and post-structural theories of leisure. The Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory is essential reading for students and scholars working in leisure studies, social theory as well as those working on the problem of leisure in the wider humanities and social sciences.

Leisure, health and well-being : a holistic approach [Monograph]
Benkő, Zsuzsanna \ Modi, Ishwar \ Tarkó, Klára \ 2017
Health - Leisure - Quality of life

This book explores health and leisure as a holistic phenomenon with individual and social dimensions. Contributors to this edited volume explore the physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social aspects of health and leisure as well as the influence of moral and religious principles. The connections between the individual and the social structure, social integration, the social division of labor, and the natural environment are also analysed. The volume studies this relationship from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, psychology, psychiatry, medical sciences, sport sciences, education, policy making, and from both national and international perspectives. As such, the collection will be of interest to scholars and students across a range of disciplines, including Leisure Studies, Health Studies, Health Promotion, Psychology and Mental Health, Sociology and Sport Studies. .

Changing Trends in Japan's Employment and Leisure Activities : Implications for Tourism Marketing [Monograph]
Schumann, Fred \ 2017
Business - Culture Study and teaching - Management - Marketing - Tourism

This book reviews employment and leisure trends in Japan from the post-war era to the present. In addition, it also examines how these trends will affect tourism destinations and businesses that rely heavily on Japanese overseas tourism. Topics that are of particular interest to readers include the most current Japanese employment and leisure data and how the data compares with the earlier, postwar era that made up the boom-years of Japanese overseas travel. The latest data provides insight into how today's working and living conditions in Japan impact overseas travel expenditures today. Readers, ranging from academics to business practitioners, will benefit from the book that provides the latest information that can be used in a practical manner to assist tourism-related businesses and organizations meet the current and future needs of the Japan overseas travel market.

Encyclopedia of geropsychology [Encyclopedia]
Pachana, Nancy A.. \ 2017
Geriatric psychiatry - Older people Mental health

This encyclopedia brings together key established and emerging research findings in geropsychology. It is a comprehensive coverage of the entire breadth of the field, giving readers access to all major subareas and illustrating their interconnections with other disciplines. Entries delve deep into key areas of geropsychology such as perception, cognition, clinical, organizational, health, social, experimental and neuropsychology. In addition to that, the encyclopedia covers related disciplines such as neuroscience, social science, population health, public policy issues pertaining to retirement, epidemiology and demography and medicine. Paying careful attention to research internationally, it cites English and non-English empirical literature from around the globe. This encyclopedia is relevant to a wide audience that include researchers, clinicians, students, policy makers and nongovernmental agencies.

The sociology of fun [Monograph]
Fincham, Benjamin \ 2016
Leisure Sociological aspects - Recreation Sociological aspects

What is fun? How is it distinct from happiness or pleasure? How do we know when we are having it? This book is the first to provide a comprehensive sociological account of this taken for granted social phenomenon. Fincham investigates areas such as our memories of fun in childhood, the fun we have as adults, our muted experiences of fun at work and our lived experiences of having fun. Using first-hand accounts and a new approach to interpreting fun, the paradox of fun as not serious or unimportant whilst at the same time essential for a happy life is exposed. Addressing questions of control, transgression and the primacy of social relationships in fun, The Sociology of Fun is intended to provoke discussion about how we want to have fun and who determines the fun we have.

“Natuur is mooi, maar er moet wel wat te beleven zijn" \ Vakblad natuur bos landschap / Stichting Vakblad Natuur Bos Landschap [Article]
Nijhuis, L. \ 2016
nature conservation - forest management - netherlands - landscape conservation - discussion - cultural landscape - landscape experience - nature conservation - nature management - bicycling - walking - visitor centres - holidays - leisure activities - Landscapes Netherlands - Landscape protection Netherlands - Forests and forestry Netherlands - Nature conservation Netherlands - Forests and forestry - Landscape protection - Landscapes - Nature conservation
Apitoerisme: met vakantie bij de bijen \ Bijenhouden : maandblad voor bijenhouders / Nederlandse Bijenhoudersvereniging [Article]
Zewuster, L. \ 2015
apidae - honey bees - beekeeping - beekeepers - netherlands - apidae - beekeeping - supplementary income - rural recreation - farm tourism - farm education - leisure activities - slovenia - spain - international tourism

Imkers zijn gepassioneerde en nieuwsgierige mensen die graag een kijkje nemen in andermans bijenstal. En steeds vaker kunnen niet-imkers op bezoek gaan bij de imker, voor een bijzonder en leerzaam dagje uit. Dit fenomeen mag tegenwoordig een officiële naam dragen: apitoerisme. Apitoerisme combineert recreatie met het leren over bijenhouden en is wereldwijd bezig aan een opmars. Het is een bijzondere niche binnen de vrijetijdsbesteding en een potentiële bron van inkomsten voor imkers. Tegenwoordig hoef je geen genoegen meer te nemen met de bijenstal van de buurman, je kunt namelijk ook op ‘Api Experience’ of ‘bijensafari’ in landen als Vietnam, Trinidad en Tobago, Turkije, Uganda, Italië, Spanje en Slovenië.

Running across Europe : the rise and size of one of the largest sport markets [Monograph]
Scheerder, Jeroen \ Breedveld, Koen \ 2015

Over the past forty years, running has developed into one of the most popular physical leisure activities in Europe. An estimated 50 million Europeans are engaged in running as a way to stay healthy and/or to challenge themselves and there has been a marked surge in running events all over Europe with more people running marathons than ever before. Analysing in-depth data from over 11 European countries ₆ including Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain -- this collection explores this phenomenon and addresses issues of participation, governance, cost, health and the history of running. Drawing on this unique material, the volume sets out policy challenges and marketing possibilities for maximising the current opportunities provided by the running market.

Kenmerkende aspecten van agrarische kinderopvang : de aanwezigheid, het belang en de (mogelijke) effecten volgens experts, ouders en kinderen [Monograph]
Ypma, Tjitske \ Jong, Daniël de \ Schoutsen, Maureen \ Poelarends, Judith \ Singer, Elly \ 2015
child careproviders - child care - child day care - school children - preschool children - early childhood development - leisure centres - leisure activities - children's games - children's farm animals - agriculture - rural environment - supplementary income

Agrarische kinderopvang is populair. Het aantal opvanglocaties groeit. Maar wat is dat nu eigenlijk, agrarische kinderopvang? Wat zijn de kenmerkende aspecten ervan? En wat voor mogelijke effecten hebben deze aspecten op kinderen? Ouders zien bijvoorbeeld dat kinderen contact maken met dieren. Maar wat betekent dat? Wat is het belang en effect ervan? Ook zien we op opvanglocaties dreumessen die steeds weer nieuwe dingen ontdekken en worden uitgedaagd tot bewegen. Wat is hier het belang en effect van? Literatuuronderzoek, observaties van onderzoekers, een ouderenquête, interviews met ouders en een project met BSO kinderen geven antwoorden op dit soort vragen. Ook andere aspecten zijn te vinden in deze brochure. Een uitgebreidere beschrijving van het onderzoek is te lezen in de achtergrondrapportage (http://edepot.wur.nl/365902).

Aspirations and everyday life of single migrant women in Ghana [PhD thesis]
Tufuor, T. \ 2015
migration - rural rural migration - rural urban migration - rural areas - urban areas - women - gender relations - society - family structure - ghana - west africa
De rol van gemeenschapstuinen in Amsterdam : verkennend onderzoek binnen het veranderde proces van voedselproductie [Student report]
Klippe, R. van de \ 2015
hobbies - gardening - urban agriculture - urban environment - allotment gardens - vegetable growing - use value - social change - public participation - leisure activities - social interaction - food crops - amsterdam - netherlands - food production

De geschiedenis van gemeenschapstuinen waarin de productie van voedsel een rol speelt is in Nederland het meest bekend als de volkstuin. Door toenemende welvaart na de Tweede Wereldoorlog verschuift de samenleving van uitkeringen en voorzieningen naar een vorm wat nu beschouwd wordt als de verzorgingsstaat. De betekenis van tuinieren op grond van economische motieven leek hiermee volledig verdwenen. Op de Amsterdamse volkstuinparken wordt nu steeds meer geëxperimenteerd met thematische tuinen en het principe van ecologisch tuinieren naast het verblijfsrecreatieve element.

GPTV: Welcome to the Village wil duurzaam festival zijn [Video recording]
sustainability - recreation - leisure - leisure activities - recreational activities - consumer attitudes - biobased materials

Dit weekend barst muziekfestival Welcome to the Village weer los. Drie dagen lang kan het publiek genieten van muziek, performances, lekker eten en drinken en hopelijk mooi weer. Maar Welcome to the Village wil meer zijn dan een bron van vermaak. Er wordt hard gewerkt om het festival duurzaam te maken. En daarme onderscheid Welcome to the Village zich van andere meerdaagse muziekevenementen. Zo worden er groenten uit eigen tuin geserveerd, vlees van de eigen koe Janneke opgediend, urine verwerkt tot meststof en op ingenieuze manieren energie opgewekt. Welcome to the Village is daarmee een dorp op zich!

The EDM festival sensation : a case study in the Netherlands [Student report]
Dineen, E.A. \ 2015
festivals - music - leisure activities - sociology of leisure - cultural sociology - netherlands

Electronic dance music (EDM) is a popular genre of music that has garnered enormous global success over the past decade. Nowadays, EDM festivals are one of the most common types of music festivals in the growing festival industry, which is an important sector of the current world leisure and tourism industry. EDM is also a type of musical sub-culture that comes with a package of socially created meanings and associations. This study focused on the total EDM experience at music festivals and gathered important information about the significance and practices that are associated with the sub-culture phenomenon. Two methods were used to complete this study, a questionnaire to frame the research and interviews to collect more in-depth data on the topic.

Bayou country bloodsport : the culture of cockfighting in southern Louisiana [Monograph]
Donlon, Jon Griffin \ 2014

"The author's fieldwork, beginning before the ban of cockfighting and conducted mainly in South Louisiana, provides the basis for discussions of issues of society, sport, risk, spectatorship, culture, entertainment, recreation reform, gambling and other "purple leisure" activities"--

Innovative management in information and production [Monograph]
Watada, J. \ Xu, Bing \ Wu, Berlin \ 2014
Management - Management information systems - Management - Management information systems

Innovative Management in Information and Production is based on the proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Innovative Managemet, Information and Production. This symposium is held by International Society of Management Engineers. The symposium took place on October 8-10, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This book examines recent innovative management of information and productions such as digital collection management and operations planning, scheduling and control.

Adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders [Monograph]
Volkmar, Fred R.. \ Reichow, Brian \ McPartland, James C.. \ 2014
Autism spectrum disorders - Autism spectrum disorders in children

The research on children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is extensive and growing. Although these conditions are recognized as affecting the entire lifespan, the literature on ASD after childhood is limited and has not been brought together in a single volume in over a decade. Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders fills this knowledge gap by focusing on needs and difficulties unique to these stages of development. Expert contributors offer cogent reviews of complex issues, from education to employment, leisure activities to illegal behaviors, mental health issues to medical health concerns. The latest findings in key areas, such as psychosocial and residential treatments, social skills programs, epidemiology, the impact of ASD on families, are examined in detail. Throughout the volume, coverage focuses on areas requiring improved models of assessment, updated data, new interventions, and increased support services. Featured topics include: Transition from high school to adulthood for adolescents and young adults with ASD. Innovative programming to support college students with ASD. Romantic relationships, sexuality, and ASD. Treatment of mental health comorbidities. Assessment and treatment planning in adults with ASD. The range of outcomes and challenges in middle and later life.

Children's rights and the capability approach : challenges and prospects [Monograph]
Stoecklin, Daniel \ Bonvin, Jean-Michel \ 2014
Children's rights

This volume addresses the conditions allowing the transformation of specific children's rights into capabilities in settings as different as children's parliaments, organized leisure activities, contexts of vulnerability, children in care. It addresses theoretical questions linked to children's agency and reflexivity, education, the life cycle perspective, child participation, evolving capabilities, and citizenship. The volume highlights important issues that have to be taken into account for the implementation of human rights and the development of peoples' capabilities. The focus on children's capabilities along a rights-based approach is an inspiring perspective that researchers and practitioners in the field of human rights would like to deepen.

De kinderboerderij, een bijzondere ontmoetingsplek \ Vakblad kinderboerderijen [Article]
Piessens, M. \ 2014
children's farm animals - school farms - recreation - non-formal education - leisure activities - communication - human relations - social interaction - social research - cultural integration

De kinderboerderij is een populaire vrijetijdsbestemming. Jaarlijks ontvangen de ruim 500 kinderboerderijen en dierenweides tussen de 25 en 30 miljoen bezoekers! Door de economische crisis moeten gemeenten steeds meer bezuinigen. Het is belangrijke de waarde van kinderboerderijen goed te kunnen inschatten, onder andere in het kader van subsidie. Naast een educatieve en recreatieve rol, kunnen ze ook een belangrijke maatschappelijke functie in de samenleving vervullen als ontmoetingsplek. Mensen van diverse leeftijden en achtergronden bezoeken de kinderboerderij, wat kan bijdragen aan sociale en culturele integratie in de wijk en gemeente.

Paradoxale modernisering : Ede, 1945-1995: groot geworden, herkenbaar gebleven [PhD thesis]
Bloembergen-Lukkes, J.R. \ 2014
history - modernization - politics - economics - demography - culture - education - migration - physical planning - sociology of leisure - local history - veluwe - netherlands
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