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Combining conventional ground-based and remotely sensed forest measurements [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-12-17
Decuyper, Mathieu \ 2018
Down to Earth – Remote Sensing in het Waterbeheer : verslag Najaarsbijeenkomst 2017 NHV/STOWA \ Stromingen : vakblad voor hydrologen [Article]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-05-01
Weeren, B.-J. van \ Talsma, M. \ Eertwegh, G. van den \ 2018
hydrology - water - netherlands -

Remote sensing heeft een tijd geleden al zijn intrede gedaan in het waterbeheer. We kennen de weersatellieten, maar bijvoorbeeld ook landgebruik en de toestand van gewassen kan door middel van remote sensing informatie worden bepaald. Vijf jaar na de NHV-Voorjaarsbijeenkomst 2012 'Hydrology from Air and Space' is er op initiatief van het SAT-WATER programma binnen STOWA de samenwerking met de NHV gezocht en een symposium over remote sensing en waterbeheer georganiseerd. Tijdens het NHVSTOWA- symposium op 30 november 2017 zijn meer recente ontwikkelingen op het vlak van remote sensing, hydrologie en waterbeheer toegelicht. We blikten met deskundigen en gebruikers kort terug en met name vooruit op toepassingen van remote sensing informatie voor: kwantitatief waterbeheer, waterkeringen, waterkwaliteit en bodemdaling. Het vergaren van data vanuit de lucht met behulp van drones, vliegtuigen of satellieten kan het waterbeheer vooruit helpen én kosten besparen, zo bleek tijdens deze dag. Zeker als vraag en aanbod goed op elkaar worden afgestemd en een aantal technische hobbels worden genomen.

Climate-smart livestock production at landscape level in Kenya [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-11-30
Brandt, Patric \ 2018
STOWA droogtebulletin [Newsletter]

STOWA heeft samen met SAT-WATER een speciaal droogtebulletin uitgebracht. Hierin vertellen we kort wat waterbeheerders precies doen en welke rol de inzet van remote sensing en het gebruik van satellietdata daarbij kunnen spelen. In het nieuwsbulletin laten STOWA en SAT-WATER zien hoe zij werken aan het verbeteren van de informatievoorziening voor het operationele waterbeheer via de inzet van remote-sensingtechnieken. Dit gebeurt binnen het SAT-WATER programma. Er wordt specifiek ingegaan op data, informatie en toepassingen om inzicht te krijgen in de actuele watertekortsituatie. Dat helpt waterbeheerders bij het treffen van adequate droogtemaatregelen.

Resilience of tropical forest and savanna: bridging theory and observation [PhD thesis]
Staal, Arie \ 2018
Intelligentie (niet) uit de lucht gegrepen \ V-focus : vakblad voor adviseurs in de dierlijke sector [Article]
Lentz, J. \ 2018
livestock - livestock farming - animal husbandry - animal production

Gewasgroei, bodemgezondheid, onkruiddetectie en ganzenschade. Zomaar een paar zaken die met satellietbeelden waargenomen worden. Jakko de Jong, data scientist bij QNH Consulting, schreef ‘Aan de slag met remote sensing’ en ziet volop mogelijkheden voor de Nederlandse landbouw.

Federal data science : transforming government and agricultural policy using artificial intelligence [Monograph]
Batarseh, Feras \ Yang, Ruixin \ 2018
Agriculture and state - Artificial intelligence Agricultural applications

Federal Data Science serves as a guide for federal software engineers, government analysts, economists, researchers, data scientists, and engineering managers in deploying data analytics methods to governmental processes. Driven by open government (2009) and big data (2012) initiatives, federal agencies have a serious need to implement intelligent data management methods, share their data, and deploy advanced analytics to their processes. Using federal data for reactive decision making is not sufficient anymore, intelligent data systems allow for proactive activities that lead to benefits such as: improved citizen services, higher accountability, reduced delivery inefficiencies, lower costs, enhanced national insights, and better policy making. No other government-dedicated work has been found in literature that addresses this broad topic. This book provides multiple use-cases, describes federal data science benefits, and fills the gap in this critical and timely area.

Stardust Final Conference: Advances in Asteroids and Space Debris Engineering and Science [Conference proceedings]
Vasile, Massimiliano \ Minisci, Edmondo \ Summerer, Leopold \ McGinty, Peter \ 2018
Physics - Planetary science - Astrophysics - Automatic control - Robotics - Mechatronics - Asteroids - Space debris

Space debris and asteroid impacts pose a very real, very near-term threat to Earth. In order to help study and mitigate these risks, the Stardust program was formed in 2013. This training and research network was devoted to developing and mastering techniques such as removal, deflection, exploitation, and tracking. This book is a collection of many of the topics addressed at the Final Stardust Conference, describing the latest in asteroid monitoring and how engineering efforts can help us reduce space debris. It is a selection of studies bringing together specialists from universities, research institutions, and industry, tasked with the mission of pushing the boundaries of space research with innovative ideas and visionary concepts. Topics covered by the Symposium: Orbital and Attitude Dynamics Modeling Long Term Orbit and Attitude Evolution Particle Cloud Modeling and Simulation Collision and Impact Modelling and Simulation, Re-entry Modeling and Simulation Asteroid Origins and Characterization Orbit and Attitude Determination Impact Prediction and Risk Analysis, Mission Analysis- Proximity Operations, Active Removal/Deflection Control Under Uncertainty, Active Removal/Deflection Technologies, and Asteroid Manipulation.

Remote sensing of clouds and precipitation [Monograph]
Andronache, Constantin \ 2018
Clouds Remote sensing - Imaging systems in meteorology - Precipitation (Meteorology) Remote sensing

This book presents current applications of remote sensing techniques for clouds and precipitation for the benefit of students, educators, and scientists. It covers ground-based systems such as weather radars and spaceborne instruments on satellites. Measurements and modeling of precipitation are at the core of weather forecasting, and long-term observations of the cloud system are vital to improving atmospheric models and climate projections. The first section of the book focuses on the use of ground-based weather radars to observe and measure precipitation and to detect and forecast storms, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. It also discusses the observation of clouds using ground-based millimeter radar. The second part of the book concentrates on spaceborne remote sensing of clouds and precipitation. It includes cases from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, using satellite radars to observe precipitation systems. Then, the focus is on global cloud observations from the ClaudSat, Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observation (CALIPSO), including a perspective on the Earth Clouds, Aerosols, and Radiation Explorer (EarthCARE) satellite. It also addresses global atmospheric water vapor profiling for clear and cloudy conditions using microwave observations. The final part of this volume provides a perspective into advances in cloud modeling using remote sensing observations.

Landslide Dynamics: ISDR-ICL Landslide Interactive Teaching Tools: Volume 2: Testing, Risk Management and Country Practices [Monograph]
Sassa, Kyoji \ Tiwari, Binod \ Liu, Ko-Fei \ McSaveney, Mauri \ Strom, Alexander \ Setiawan, Hendy \ 2018
Earth sciences - Natural disasters - Geotechnical engineering - Remote sensing - Geomorphology - Mathematical physics - Environmental monitoring - Landslides

This interactive book presents comprehensive information on the fundamentals of landslide types and dynamics, while also providing a set of PPT, PDF, and text tools for education and capacity development. It is the second part of a two-volume work created as the core activity of the Sendai Partnerships, the International Consortium of Landslides. The book will be regularly updated and improved over the coming years, based on responses from users and lessons learned during its application.

Spatial Techniques for Soil Erosion Estimation: Remote Sensing and GIS Approach [Monograph]
Patil, Rupesh Jayaram \ 2018
Geography - Hydrology - Geographic information systems - Geomorphology - Civil engineering - Soil erosion prediction

This book presents a novel computation of the topographic LS factor of the USLE model to estimate spatial soil erosion. In developing countries, soil erosion is one of the main concerns as it adversely affects agriculture and reduces food production. Therefore, the author presents a particularly relevant approach, as he demonstrates how the C++ programming allows us to identify important erosion stages like detachment and deposition. He does this by assessing the annual rate of soil erosion from the Shakkar River watershed in India using distributed information and applying RS and GIS techniques. He also discusses different approaches that have been proposed to work out the influence of topography on erosion. Simulated and observed data of sediment loss are compared for the period 1992 to 2006.This book provides an easy-to-understand basic piece of soil erosion and hydrological research and reaches out to young researchers and students at the graduate and undergraduate level as well as applicants of soil erosion models. .

Digital geoarchaeology : new techniques for interdisciplinary human-environmental research [Monograph]
Siart, Christoph \ Forbriger, Markus \ Bubenzer, Olaf \ 2018

Modern archaeology can be considered as an interdisciplinary approach that increasingly combines different methods and datasets to answer questions about ancient cultures and their remains. Having its major focus on new technologies and multi-method research approaches, the book promotes interdisciplinary studies between different disciplines such as archaeology, computer sciences, geography, geoinformatics, geodesy, history, etc. Common fields of work as well as future challenges are identified and discussed from different scientific perspectives. Each chapter starts with a general introduction to the topic followed by case studies. By stimulating knowledge transfer and collaboration, Digital Geoarchaeology contributes to an effective protection of cultural heritage and a better understanding of ancient landscapes along with their forming processes. This book includes topics and applications such as geographic and archaeological information systems, remote sensing, e.g. satellite imagery, aerial photographs, terrestrial and airborne laser scanning, digital image processing and pattern recognition, digital elevation models, 3D and 4D visualization and landscape reconstruction, geophysical prospecting, e.g. ERT, SRT, GPR as well as spatiotemporal analysis.

Bistatic SAR System and Signal Processing Technology [Monograph]
Wang, Robert \ Deng, Yunkai \ 2018
Bistatic radar - Signal processing - Synthetic aperture radar

This book reports the latest results in the study of Bistatic/Multistatic SAR system and signal processing techniques. Novel research ideas and experimental verification have been collected on all kinds of configurations of Bistatic/Multistatic SAR system, including the preliminary construction of system model, imaging algorithm design, mission design and the corresponding application representations etc. Handy well-prepared tables are provided for readers? quick-reference, and the practical design of an interferometric SAR system is illustrated step by step. The book will be of interest to university researchers, R&D engineers and graduate students in Remote Sensing who wish to learn the core principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of Bistatic/Multistatic SAR system.

High-resolution microwave imaging [Monograph]
Yang, Ruliang \ Li, Haiying \ Li, Shiqiang \ Zhang, Ping \ Tan, Lulu \ Gao, Xiangwu \ Kang, Xueyan \ 2018
Microwave imaging

This book comprehensively describes high-resolution microwave imaging and super-resolution information processing technologies and discusses new theories, methods and achievements in the high-resolution microwave imaging fields. Its chapters, which include abundant research results and examples, systematically summarize the authors? main research findings in recent years. The book is intended for researchers, engineers and postgraduates in the fields of electronics systems, signal information processing and data analysis, microwave remote sensing and microwave imaging radar, as well as space technology, especially in the microwave remote sensing and airborne or space-borne microwave imaging radar fields.

Landslide dynamics : ISDR-ICL landslide interactive teaching tools. Volume 1, Fundamentals, mapping and monitoring / [Monograph]
Sassa, Kyoji \ Guzzetti, Fausto \ Yamagishi, Hiromitsu \ Arbanas, Željko \ Casagli, Nicola \ McSaveney, M. J. \ Đặng, Khang \ 2018

This interactive book presents comprehensive information on the fundamentals of landslide types and dynamics, while also providing a set of PPT, PDF, and text tools for education and capacity development. As the core activity of the Sendai Partnerships, the International Consortium of Landslides has created this two-volume work, which will be regularly updated and improved over the coming years, based on responses from users and lessons learned during its application.

Mobile information systems leveraging volunteered geographic information for earth observation [Monograph]
Bordogna, Gloria \ Carrara, Paola \ 2018
Earth sciences Remote sensing - Geographic information systems

This book, written by an international team of prominent authors, gathers the latest developments in mobile technologies for the acquisition, management, analysis and sharing of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) in the context of Earth observation.ɴ is divided into three parts, the first of which presents case studies on the implementation of VGI for Earth observation, discusses the characteristics of volunteers? engagement in relation with their expertise and motivation, analyzes the tasks they are called upon to perform, and examines the available tools for developing VGI. In turn, the second part introduces readers to essential methods, techniques and algorithms used to develop mobile information systems based on VGI for distinct Earth observation tasks, while the last part focuses on the drawbacks and limitations of VGI with regard to the above-mentioned tasks and proposes innovative methods and techniques to help overcome them. Given its breadth of coverage, the book offers a comprehensive, practice-oriented reference guide for researchers and practitioners in the field of geo-information management.

Earth observation open science and innovation [Monograph]
Mathieu, Pierre-Philippe \ Aubrecht, Christoph \ 2018
Earth sciences Remote sensing
Mechatronics for cultural heritage and civil engineering [Monograph]
Ottaviano, Erika \ Pelliccio, Assunta \ Gattulli, Vincenzo \ 2018

This book presents recent advances in mechatronic and integrated monitoring and management systems with applications to architectural, archaeology survey, construction management and civil engineering. It consists of 16 chapters authored by recognized experts in a variety of fields including dynamics, signal processing, inverse modeling, robotics and automation, in particular, here applied to design and construction of civil structures and architectural survey, monitoring and maintenance of cultural heritage assets, structures and infrastructure. The book is organized in three main sections: “Robotics and Automation”, “Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage” and “Civil Structural Health Monitoring”. Topics include image processing for automated visual inspection, fiber optical sensor technology, wireless sensor monitoring, bridge inspection and monitoring of tunnel infrastructures, design tools for construction engineering, smart cities. Direct and inverse modeling of multibody systems and robots contributes to the development of applications for civil engineering and smart cities. Digital technology and mechatronic systems changes the way of looking at restoration of historical and archeological sites, analysis, inspection, visualization, management systems and sensor network for Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). Combined use of geographical information system (GIS), laser scanner, remote sensing, digital thermography and drones as integrated systems permits to highlight new frontier for building and infrastructure knowledge. The book offers a valuable reference work for scientists, architects, engineers, researchers and practitioners in engineering and architecture since the integrated development of new technologies for the design and management of existing and new infrastructure may produce a new market of services and products for safe and economically optimized infrastructure management. Through the dissemination of advanced research developments in mechatronics and integrated management systems, the book promotes exchanges and collaborations among researchers of different disciplines. The book contributes to further advancements in the rapidly growing field of integration of robotic, automation and information technologies in the area of facilities and infrastructure management and construction processes.

Hydrologic Modeling: Select Proceedings of ICWEES-2016 [Monograph]
Singh, Vijay P. \ Yadav, Shalini \ Yadava, Ram Narayan \ 2018
Engineering - Engineering geology - Foundations - Hydraulics - Hydrogeology - Hydrology

This book contains seven parts. The first part deals with some aspects of rainfall analysis, including rainfall probability distribution, local rainfall interception, and analysis for reservoir release. Part 2 is on evapotranspiration and discusses development of neural network models, errors, and sensitivity. Part 3 focuses on various aspects of urban runoff, including hydrologic impacts, storm water management, and drainage systems. Part 4 deals with soil erosion and sediment, covering mineralogical composition, geostatistical analysis, land use impacts, and land use mapping. Part 5 treats remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) applications to different hydrologic problems. Watershed runoff and floods are discussed in Part 6, encompassing hydraulic, experimental, and theoretical aspects. Water modeling constitutes the concluding Part 7. Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), Xinanjiang, and Soil Conservation Service-Curve Number (SCS-CN) models are discussed. The book is of interest to researchers and practitioners in the field of water resources, hydrology, environmental resources, agricultural engineering, watershed management, earth sciences, as well as those engaged in natural resources planning and management. Graduate students and those wishing to conduct further research in water and environment and their development and management find the book to be of value.

Volcanic landscapes and associated wetlands of lowland Patagonia [Monograph]
Mazzoni, Elizabeth \ Rabassa, Jorge \ 2018
Volcanic fields Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) - Geomorphology - Volcanic fields

This book presents the most relevant basaltic plateau exposures in the provinces of Neuquén (northern Patagonia) and Santa Cruz (southern Patagonia), and analyzes their geomorphological and morphometric characteristics. The existence of wetland ecosystems near the volcanic plateaus is quantified, thus providing indexes that describe the quantitative relationships between these landscape features. These indexes also make it possible to estimate the development of these wetlands in non-surveyed areas, opening the door for studying remote, isolated areas by means of remote sensing images. In turn, the book proposes a numerical classification system for this type of landscape that summarizes the main geomorphological and hydrological characteristics.

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