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A complex relationship : banana & Fusarium wilt in Indonesia [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-29
Maryani, Nani \ 2018
Mycosphaerellaceae revisited [PhD thesis]
Videira, Sandra I.R. \ 2018
Augmented reality art : from an emerging technology to a novel creative medium [Monograph] - Second edition.
Geroimenko, Vladimir \ 2018
Augmented reality - Computer art - Computer graphics

This is the second edition of the first ever book to explore the exciting new field of augmented reality art and its enabling technologies. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, and contains 5 new chapters. As well as investigating augmented reality as a novel artistic medium the book covers cultural, social, spatial and cognitive facets of augmented reality art. Intended as a starting point for exploring this new fascinating area of research and creative practice it will be essential reading not only for artists, researchers and technology developers, but also for students (graduates and undergraduates) and all those interested in emerging augmented reality technology and its current and future applications in art.

Software Engineering and Formal Methods: SEFM 2017 Collocated Workshops: DataMod, FAACS, MSE, CoSim-CPS, and FOCLASA, Trento, Italy, September 4-5, 2017, Revised Selected Papers [Monograph]
Cerone, Antonio \ Roveri, Marco \ 2018
Computer science - Computer hardware - Computer organization - Computer logic - Computers - Formal methods (Computer science) - Software engineering

This book constitutes revised selected papers from the five workshops collocated with the 15th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods, SEFM 2017. The 38 papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 55 submissions. They stem from the following workshops: DataMod 2017 -- 6th International Symposium “From Data to Models and Back"; FAACS 2017 -- 1st Workshop on Formal Approaches for Advanced Computing Systems; MSE 2017 -- 1st Workshop on Microservices: Science and Engineering; CoSim-CPS 2017 -- 1st Workshop on Formal Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems; FOCLASA 2017 -- 15th International Workshop on Foundations Of Coordination Languages and Self-Adaptive Systems .

CEO school : insights from 20 global business leaders [Monograph]
Shekshnia, Stanislav \ Kravchenko, Kirill \ Williams, Elin \ 2018
Businesspeople - Chief executive officers - Globalization Economic aspects
Advances in soil microbiology : recent trends and future prospects. Volume 1, Soil-microbe interaction / [Monograph]
Adhya, Tapan Kumar \ Lal, Banwari \ Mohapatra, Balaram \ Paul, Dhiraj \ Das, Subhasis \ 2018
Soil microbiology

This book presents a comprehensive collection of articles illustrating the importance of microbial community structure and function for ecosystem sustainability and environmental reclamation. It addresses a diverse range of topics, including microbial diversity, physiology, genomics, ecosystem function, interaction, metabolism, and the fruitful use of microbial communities for crop productivity and environmental remediation. In addition, the book explores issues ranging from general concepts on the diversity of microorganisms in soil, and ecosystem function to the evolution and taxonomy of soil microbiota, with future prospects. It covers cutting-edge methods in soil microbial ecological studies, rhizosphere microflora, the role of organic matter in plant productivity, biological nitrogen fixation and its genetics, microbial transformation of plant nutrients in soil, plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria, and organic matter transformation. The book also discusses the application of microbes in biodegradation of xenobiotic contaminants. It covers bio-fertilizers and their role in sustainable agriculture and soil health, biological control of insect pests and plant pathogens, and the latest tools of omics in soil microbiology, i.e. genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics, which offer pioneering approaches to the exploration of microbial structure and function.

Physiology and Genetics : Selected Basic and Applied Aspects [Monograph] - 2nd ed. 2018.
Anke, Timm \ Schüffler, Anja \ 2018
Life sciences - Microbiology - Microbial genetics - Microbial genomics - Mycology

In the last few decades, DNA-based tools for the investigation of fungal taxonomy, signal transduction and regulation, differentiation processes and biosynthetic potential have accelerated advances in our understanding of the Mycota. This completely updated and revised second edition presents a selection of exciting issues involving basic and applied aspects of fungal physiology and genetics. In 14 chapters, respected experts provide an overview of traditional, topical and future aspects of basic fungal principles and potential applications in biotechnology. The contributions will bring scientists up-to-date on the latest developments, and help students familiarize themselves with the different topics.

Zoological Collections of Germany : the Animal Kingdom in its Amazing Plenty at Museums and Universities [Monograph]
Beck, Lothar A.. \ 2018
Life sciences - History - Science Study and teaching - Zoology

This book is devoted to the knowledge of up to 250 years of collecting, organizing and preserving animals by generations of scientists. Zoological Collections are a huge resource for modern animal research and should be available for national and international scientists and institutions, as well as prospective public and private customers. Moreover, these collections are an important part of the scientific enterprise, supporting scientific research, human health, public education, and the conservation of biodiversity. Much of what we are beginning to understand about our world, we owe to the collection, preservation, and ongoing study of natural specimens. Properly preserved collections of marine or terrestrial animals are libraries of Earth's history and vital to our ability to learn about our place in its future. The approach employed by the editor involves not only an introduction to the topic, but also an external view on German collections including an assessment of their value in the international and national context, and information on the international and national collection networks. Particular attention is given to new approaches of sorting, preserving and researching in Zoological Collections as well as their neglect and/or threat. In addition, the book provides information on all big Public Research Museums, on important Collections in regional Country and local District Museums, and also on University collections. This is a highly informative and carefully presented book, providing scientific insight for readers with an interest in biodiversity, taxonomy, or evolution, as well as natural history collections at large.

The ixodid ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) of Southern Africa [Monograph]
Horak, Ivan G.. \ 2018

This is a comprehensive work summarizing the current state of knowledge of the biology of the hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) of Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Maputo Province, Mozambique). It provides an overview of the history of tick research in Southern Africa and the evolution of our knowledge of the ticks’ distribution and biology, as well as the methods used to determine tick distribution, abundance and host preference. The morphologies of most of the tick species known to occur in Southern Africa are described and illustrated, and their distributions are described and mapped in relation to the biomes of the region. The known hosts for each tick species are listed, and the tick’s host preferences are discussed. Information on most species life cycle in the laboratory and the field, and their seasonal occurrence, is summarized. The diseases of animals and humans transmitted or caused by each tick species are summarized in relation to tick ecology. Aspects of the biology of the major hosts relevant to tick infestations are described, and extensive tick/host and host/tick lists are provided for each country.

Stardust Final Conference: Advances in Asteroids and Space Debris Engineering and Science [Conference proceedings]
Vasile, Massimiliano \ Minisci, Edmondo \ Summerer, Leopold \ McGinty, Peter \ 2018
Physics - Planetary science - Astrophysics - Automatic control - Robotics - Mechatronics - Asteroids - Space debris

Space debris and asteroid impacts pose a very real, very near-term threat to Earth. In order to help study and mitigate these risks, the Stardust program was formed in 2013. This training and research network was devoted to developing and mastering techniques such as removal, deflection, exploitation, and tracking. This book is a collection of many of the topics addressed at the Final Stardust Conference, describing the latest in asteroid monitoring and how engineering efforts can help us reduce space debris. It is a selection of studies bringing together specialists from universities, research institutions, and industry, tasked with the mission of pushing the boundaries of space research with innovative ideas and visionary concepts. Topics covered by the Symposium: Orbital and Attitude Dynamics Modeling Long Term Orbit and Attitude Evolution Particle Cloud Modeling and Simulation Collision and Impact Modelling and Simulation, Re-entry Modeling and Simulation Asteroid Origins and Characterization Orbit and Attitude Determination Impact Prediction and Risk Analysis, Mission Analysis- Proximity Operations, Active Removal/Deflection Control Under Uncertainty, Active Removal/Deflection Technologies, and Asteroid Manipulation.

Evolution and Systematics [Lecture notes] - Edition BBI: period 4, 2017-2018
Wageningen University & Research \ Wageningen University & Research \ 2018
Motivation of workers on microtask crowdsourcing platforms [Monograph]
Naderi, Babak \ 2018

This book studies the motivation of crowdworkers to find out how to attract more people and reach a higher quality of outcomes. The book first proposes a taxonomy for studying the motivation of crowdworkers including the potential influencing factors, different types of motivation, and possible consequences and outcomes related to the motivation. Next, the CWMS questionnaire, an instrument for measuring the underlying motivation of crowdworkers is developed. It considers different dimensions of motivation suggested by the Self-Determination Theory of motivation which is a well-established and empirically validated psychological theory used in various domains. This instrument can be used to study the effect of platform and user characteristics on the general motivation of crowdworkers. Later, the task-specific motivation of crowdworkers is studied in detail: Influencing factors are investigated, subjective methods for measuring them are evaluated, a model for predicting worker?s decision on taking a task is proposed, the relative importance of different factors for two populations of crowdworkers is studied, and finally, a model for predicting the expected workload (as one of the major influencing factors) given the task design is proposed.

Performance gaps of machines : a process oriented approach [Monograph]
Nüsser, Wilhelm \ Steckel, Thilo \ 2018
Agricultural engineering - Industrial management - Mechatronics
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2017 International Workshops, Barcelona, Spain, September 10-11, 2017, Revised Papers [Monograph]
Teniente, Ernest \ Weidlich, Matthias \ 2018
Application software - Computer science - Data mining - Industrial management - Management information systems

This book constitutes revised papers from the eleven International Workshops held at the 15th International Conference on Business Process Management, BPM 2017, in Barcelona, Spain, in September 2017: BPAI 2017 ? 1st International Workshop on Business Process Innovation with Artificial Intelligence; BPI 2017 ? 13th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence; BP-Meet-IoT 2017 ? 1st International Workshop on Ubiquitous Business Processes Meeting Internet-of-Things; BPMS2 2017 ? 10th Workshop on Social and Human Aspects of Business Process Management; ? CBPM 2017 ? 1st International Workshop on Cognitive Business Process Management; CCABPM 2017 ? 1st International Workshop on Cross-cutting Aspects of Business Process Modeling; DeHMiMoP 2017 ? 5th International Workshop on Declarative/Decision/Hybrid Mining & Modeling for Business Processes; QD-PA 2017 ? 1st International Workshop on Quality Data for Process Analytics; REBPM 2017 ? 3rd International Workshop on Interrelations between Requirements Engineering and Business Process Management; SPBP 2017 ? 1st Workshop on Security and Privacy-enhanced Business Process Management; TAProViz-PQ-IWPE 2017 ?Joint International BPM 2017 Workshops on Theory and Application of Visualizations and Human-centric Aspects in Processes (TAProViz'17), Process Querying (PQ'17) and Process Engineering (IWPE17). The 44 full and 11 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 99 submissions.

Foodborne parasites [Monograph] - Second edition.
Ortega, Ynes R.. \ Sterling, Charles R.. \ 2018
Food Microbiology - Foodborne diseases

The globalization and commercialization of the food system has unintentionally led to the introduction of new foodborne parasites in countries worldwide. Fortunately, advances in detection and control are providing the basis for a better understanding of the biology and control of parasitic infections, and this in turn will likely contribute to the reduction and hopefully elimination of parasitic foodborne outbreaks. Building on the first edition, this completely revised second edition of Foodborne Parasites covers the parasites most associated with foodborne transmission and therefore of greatest global public health relevance. The volume examines protozoa and their subgroups: the amoeba, coccidia, flagellates and ciliates. Chapters also address Trypanosoma cruzi, recently recognized as an emerging foodborne protozoan. The helminth section is expanded to cover teniasis, cysticercosis, hydatidosis, and the trematodes and nematodes including Angiostrongylus, which is present worldwide. Finally, the editors examine the burden and risk assessment determinations that have provided a scientific framework for developing policies for the control of foodborne parasites.

The leishmaniases : old neglected tropical diseases [Monograph]
Bruschi, Fabrizio \ Gradoni, Luigi \ 2018

Out of the 20 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) prioritized by the World Health Organization, the leishmaniases rank in the top 3 among those caused by protozoa. The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a comprehensive and updated overview of all the aspects of leishmaniasis with a worldwide perspective – authors of many chapters include eminent scientists from both the Old and New Worlds. The chapters cover a wide range of topics, classically organized into biology and epidemiology, followed by clinical and control aspects. Following an introductory chapter intended to take the reader into the leishmaniasis complexity, a chapter on Leishmania taxonomy reports on the most recent advances in molecular and phylogenetic data. Parasite biology is then described in detail by means of two separate chapters devoted to phlebotomine vectors and reservoir hosts, respectively. The medical part of the book begins with a chapter on basic immunology and immunopathology associated with Leishmania infection, followed by a classical chapter on clinical aspects of different disease entities. The complexity of disease case management is presented by means of 3 chapters, respectively on diagnosis, treatment of visceral forms and treatment of tegumentary forms. Finally, the last chapter deals with the available approaches to control leishmaniasis and related public health issues. .

Operations research applications in health care management [Monograph]
Kahraman, Cengiz \ Topcu, Y. Ilker \ 2018
Health services administration - Operations research

This book offers a comprehensive reference guide to operations research theory and applications in health care systems. It provides readers with all the necessary tools for solving health care problems. The respective chapters, written by prominent researchers, explain a wealth of both basic and advanced concepts of operations research for the management of operating rooms, intensive care units, supply chain, emergency medical service, human resources, lean health care, and procurement. To foster a better understanding, the chapters include relevant examples or case studies. Taken together, they form an excellent reference guide for researchers, lecturers and postgraduate students pursuing research on health care management problems. The book presents a dynamic snapshot on the field that is expected to stimulate new directions and stimulate new ideas and developments.

Classification in BioApps : Automation of Decision Making [Monograph]
Dey, Nilanjan \ Ashour, Amira S. \ Borra, Surekha \ 2018
Biomedical engineering - Diagnosis Data processing

This book on classification in biomedical image applications presents original and valuable research work on advances in this field, which covers the taxonomy of both supervised and unsupervised models, standards, algorithms, applications and challenges. Further, the book highlights recent scientific research on artificial neural networks in biomedical applications, addressing the fundamentals of artificial neural networks, support vector machines and other advanced classifiers, as well as their design and optimization. In addition to exploring recent endeavours in the multidisciplinary domain of sensors, the book introduces readers to basic definitions and features, signal filters and processing, biomedical sensors and automation of biomeasurement systems. The target audience includes researchers and students at engineering and medical schools, researchers and engineers in the biomedical industry, medical doctors and healthcare professionals.

Bacteriophages : methods and protocols. volume 3 / [Monograph]
Clokie, Martha R. J.. \ Kropinski, Andrew M. \ Lavigne, Rob \ 2018
Cold-spray coatings : recent trends and future perspectives [Monograph]
Cavaliere, Pasquale \ 2018
Protective coatings

This book combines the contributions of experts in the field to describe the behavior of various materials, micromechanisms involved during processing, and the optimization of cold-spray technology. It spans production, characterization, and applications including wear resistance, fatigue, life improvement, thermal barriers, crack repair, and biological applications. Cold spray is an innovative coating technology based on the kinetic energy gained by particles sprayed at very high pressures. While the technique was developed in the 1990s, industrial and scientific interest in this technology has grown vastly in the last ten years. Recently, many interesting applications have been associated with cold-sprayed coatings, including wear resistance, fatigue life improvement, thermal barriers, biological applications, and crack repair. However, many fundamental aspects require clarification and description.

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