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Obesity prevention : snack vegetables in school vending machines: an online experiment on the effect of promotion and healthier assortment on consumer choice [Student report]
Kamilaraki, Vasiliki \ 2018
Consumers’ quality assessment and purchase intentions of suboptimal fruits and vegetables [Student report]
Jansen, S.E.M. \ 2018

Food that is produced for human consumption but discarded by consumers contributes highly to the amount of food waste along the supply chain. In order to reduce food from being wasted, suboptimal fruits and vegetables should be prevented from being perceiv ed as having lower quality compared to optimal fruits and vegetables. This research aims to investigate how quality perceptions of consumers for suboptimal fruits and vegetables could be increased, and subsequently their purchase intentions for these foods . With the use of an experiment, the influence of increasing the availability of suboptimal fruits and vegetables and adding an authenticity message to these foods is being measured. By analyzing 221 respondents the main findings of this st udy are that adding an authenticity message to the shelf of suboptimal fruits and vegetables will increase consumers’ quality perceptions and purchase intentions as well. Besides, increasing the availability of these foods did not have any influence on consumers’ quality perceptions or purchase intentions. Hence, supermarkets should use the authenticity message as a marketing strategy to increase the quality perceptions of consumers and therefore prevent these foods from being wasted.

Consumers’ choice values and the role of communication on the purchase behaviour of visually non-conforming fruit and vegetables [Student report]
Goossens, Yvon \ 2018
Diet, nutrient status and gestational diabetes [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-05-18
Looman, Moniek \ 2018
Safeguarding and availability of plant genetic diversity: Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN) [Poster]

CGN’s mission is to contribute to the conservation and use of plant genetic diversity on a world scale. We guarantee availability of viable, healthy seeds for professional users. CGN holds about 23.000 accessions of 30 crops, focussing on vegetables. We aim to obtain as much information on our samples as possible to assist users in their search for material. We distribute seed to users all over the world.

Food packaging and preservation [Monograph]
Grumezescu, Alexandru Mihai \ Holban, Alina Maria \ 2018
Food Packaging - Food Preservation
Dietary patterns and whole plant foods in aging and disease [Monograph]
Dreher, Mark L.. \ 2018
Aging Nutritional aspects - Chronic diseases Nutritional aspects
Towards healthy and sustainable diets : perspectives and policy to promote the health of people and the planet [Monograph]
Sarlio, Sirpa \ 2018
Diet - Food habits - Nutrition

This clear-sighted volume synthesizes wide-ranging knowledge of human food consumption, food production systems, and sustainability to offer methods of improving the impact of food choices on people and the environment. The comprehensive coverage addresses myriad challenges and paradoxes (e.g., health-conscious food choices that put greater stress on the planet, hunger amidst plenty) associated with the production of sustainable, nutritious food. Direct and complex links between local and global issues are highlighted in innovative approaches to transforming food production from the farm to the table and from the policy desk to the real world. Chapters identify, examine, and offer realistic recommendations for achieving critical goals, among them: Supporting healthy people and communities within planetary boundaries Reduction and prevention of food waste Combining health and sustainability on the plate “Serving sustainable and healthy food to consumers and decision makers”: from commitment to action. Investing in healthier and more sustainable production. Ensuring a healthy sustainable diet is a goal of all public policies. Towards Healthy and Sustainable Diets is geared toward professionals and policymakers dealing with food, nutrition, and environmental topics seeking new perspectives on longstanding issues in these interrelated areas. It also makes a suitable reference for students studying and conducting research in these areas.

Principles of Food Chemistry [Monograph] - 4th ed. 2018.
deMan, John M. \ Finley, John W. \ Hurst, W. Jeffrey \ Lee, Chang Yong \ 2018
Chemistry - Food Analysis - Food Composition

Completely revised, this new edition updates the chemical and physical properties of major food components including water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals vitamins and enzymes. Chapters on color, flavor and texture help the student understand key factors in the visual and organoleptic aspects of food. The chapter on contaminants and additives provides an updated view of their importance in food safety. Revised chapters on beer and wine production, and herbs and spices, provide the student with an understanding of the chemistry associated with these two areas which are growing rapidly in consumer interest. New to this edition is a chapter on the basics of GMOs. Each chapter contains new tables and illustrations, and an extensive bibliography, providing readers with ready access to relevant literature and links to the internet where appropriate. Just like its widely used predecessors, this new edition is valuable as a textbook and reference. .

Quantitative Methods for Food Safety and Quality in the Vegetable Industry [Monograph]
Pérez-Rodríguez, Fernando \ Skandamis, Panagiotis \ Valdramidis, Vasilis \ 2018
Life sciences - Public health - Microbiology - Food contamination Prevention - Food industry and trade Safety measures - Food Safety measures

This book focuses on the food safety challenges in the vegetable industry from primary production to consumption. It describes existing and innovative quantitative methods that could be applied to the vegetable industry for food safety and quality, and suggests ways in which such methods can be applied for risk assessment. Examples of application of food safety objectives and other risk metrics for microbial risk management in the vegetable industry are presented. The work also introduces readers to new preservation and packaging methods, advanced oxidative processes (AOPs) for disinfection, product shelf-life determination methods, and rapid analytic methods for quality assessment based on chemometrics applications, thus providing a quantitative basis for the most important aspects concerning safety and quality in the vegetable sector.

Food science and the culinary arts [Monograph]
Gibson, Mark \ Newsham, Pat \ 2018
Cooking - Food Analysis

"Food Science and the Culinary Arts is a unique reference that incorporates the principles of food and beverage science with practical applications in food preparation and product development. The first part of the book covers the various elements of the chemical processes that occur in the development of food products. It includes exploration of sensory elements, chemistry, and the transfer of energy and heat within the kitchen. The second part looks in detail at the makeup of specific foodstuffs from a scientific perspective, with chapters on meat, fish, vegetables, sugars, chocolate, coffee, and wine and spirits, among others. It provides a complete overview of the food science relevant to culinary students and professionals training to work in the food industry.Provides foundational food science information to culinary students and specialists. Integrates principles of food science into practical applications. Spans food chemistry to ingredients, whole foods, and baked and mixed foodsIncludes a comprehensive glossary of terms in food science"--

Food crop production by smallholder farmers in Southern Africa : Challenges and opportunities for improvement [Monograph]
Muimba-Kankolongo, Ambayeba \ 2018
Food supply Africa, Southern - Farms, Small - Food supply

Food Crop Production by Smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa: Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement evaluates traditional cultivation practices used by smallholder farmers, providing a synthesis of the latest information on increasing crop yield through adoption of research innovations. The book catalogs smallholder cultivation practices and recommends innovative strategies for improving the agriculture sector including: management practices that reduce net carbon emissions; technologies that improve soil structures and conserve the natural resources base; means of empowering female resources along value chains; and government commitment to adopt policies that enhance agriculture productivity by encouraging farmers to use environmentally sound cultivation technologies. Traditional farming techniques often produce negative impacts on the environment and ecosystem resulting in outbreaks of diseases and pests. In addition to the region's recurrent droughts, these outbreaks of numerous diseases and pests, weeds and other invasive plants put thousands at risk of poverty and hunger, as well as malnutrition. This book presents enhanced agricultural production technologies for ensuring adequate food production, safety and nutritional quality for the population of Southern Africa and forms the basis for an increased SADC regional effort in food production through which financial and trade institutions can improve stakeholder capacities, encourage micro-enterprise development and enhance employment and regional trade.

‘We are committed to high standards of quality, food safety and sustainability’ : Emmanuel Melchor, head grower Agricola Zarattini, Mexico : Mexico : local report \ In greenhouses : the international magazine for greenhouse growers [Article]
Radford, L. \ 2018
greenhouses - greenhouse technology - greenhouse horticulture - protected cultivation

Founded in 1971, Mexican vegetable grower Agrícola Zarattini is a family business that produces peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus and strawberries. Having started out with just 6 ha, nowadays the facility comprises 91 ha of greenhouse crops, with the overwhelming majority of its products being sold for export. With more than 10 years of experience in producing hydroponic vegetables, today this grower sets itself apart with its consistently high-quality produce, including ‘One Sweet’ peppers and the specialty tomatoes Campari and Kumato.

Rare and exotic orchids : their nature and cultural significance [Monograph]
Schiff, Joel L.. \ 2018

Comprising some 28,000 different species, orchids are by far the largest flowering plant family on Earth. Every year, new species are being uncovered in the wild or created by humans, and so this number has only continued to blossom. This book is intended for those who wish to learn about the multifaceted nature of this amazing plant. It covers many different aspects of orchid study, from its cultural history to its evolutionary development and from its first discoveries to ongoing scientific research. No matter your specialty or level of orchid expertise, you can find in this book new and fascinating facts and stories that will make you gasp, laugh, and read on. Through the many exotic and beautiful pictures permeating these pages, you will come to know something of the infinite diversity of this plant family and at last learn why so many orchid growers and fanatics have embarked on this same endless, flowering path.

'Van melk krijg je geen witte tanden' : nulmeting van de consumptie van melk, groente en fruit, de kennis van gezonde eetgewoonten en het eet- en drinkgedrag van kinderen in Nederland [Monograph]
Bogaardt, M.J. \ Haaster-de Winter, M.A. van \ Tacken, G.M.I. \ 2018

Recently, in Europe the school fruit scheme and the school milk scheme have been merged into one school scheme. The purpose of the combined school arrangement is to promote the consumption of vegetables, fruit and milk by children. For the purpose of a long-term effect measurement of the regulation, this research covers the current level of consumption of dairy products, fruit and vegetables, the knowledge about healthy eating and the healthy eating and drinking behaviour of school-age children in the Netherlands who have not previously participated in the two schemes

Drivers of asymmetric vertical price transmission : the case of fresh vegetables in California [Student report]
Breseman, Dana \ 2018
Concurrentie, concentratie en rentabiliteit in de glastuinbouw in Nederland [PhD thesis]
Veerman, C.P. \ 2018
Sustainable management of arthropod pests of tomato [Monograph]
Wakil, Waqas \ Brust, Gerald E.. \ Perring, Thomas \ 2018
Arthropoda Control - Tomatoes Diseases and pests

Sustainable Management of Arthropod Pests of Tomato provides insight into the proper and appropriate application of pesticides and the integration of alternative pest management methods. The basis of good crop management decisions is a better understanding of the crop ecosystem, including the pests, their natural enemies, and the crop itself. This book provides a global overview of the biology and management of key arthropod pests of tomatoes, including arthropod-vectored diseases. It includes information that places tomatoes in terms of global food production and food security, with each pest chapter including the predators and parasitoids that have specifically been found to have the greatest impact on reducing that particular pest. In-depth coverage of the development of resistance in tomato plants and the biotic and abiotic elicitors of resistance and detailed information about the sustainable management of tomato pests is also presented.Provides basic biological and management information for arthropod pests of tomato from a global perspective, encompassing all production types (field, protected, organic).Includes chapters on integrated management of tomato pests and specific aspects of tomato pest management, including within protected structures and in organic production.Presents management systems that have been tested in the real-world by the authors of each chapter.Fully illustrated throughout with line drawings and color plates that illustrate key pest and beneficial arthropods associated with tomato production around the world.

Preharvest modulation of postharvest fruit and vegetable quality [Monograph]
Siddiqui, Mohammed Wasim \ 2018
Crops Postharvest losses
Assessment on location \ Wageningen world : magazine of Wageningen and KLV about contributing to the quality of life [Article]
Wolkers, H. \ 2017
life sciences - university research - precision agriculture - nutrition and health - aquatic environment

The condition of vegetables, fruit and flowers can be assessed anywhere in the world in Cool – Research on the Move, a mobile research facility full of high-tech apparatus. That helps producers and transporters to store and transport their produce under optimal conditions.

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