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Heat stress in growing pigs [PhD thesis]
Thuy, T.T.T. \ 2005
pigs - heat stress - growth - environmental temperature - animal physiology - animal behaviour - fattening performance - finishing - cooling systems
Appropriate designs and appropriating irrigation systems : irrigation infrastructure development and users' management capability in Bolivia [PhD thesis]
Gutiérrez Pérez, Z. \ 2005
irrigation - design - appropriate technology - irrigation systems - development - infrastructure - management - bolivia
Sustainability of Dutch dairy farming systems: a modelling approach [PhD thesis]
Calker, K.J. van \ 2005
dairy cattle - dairy farming - farm management - farming systems - sustainability - programming - mathematical models
Chromosome studies and genetic analysis of natural and synthetic apomictic model species [PhD thesis]
Kantama, L. \ 2005
chromosome analysis - genetic analysis - karyotypes - apomixis - brassicaceae
Solanum sisymbriifolium (Lam.): a trap crop for potato cyst nematodes [PhD thesis]
Timmermans, B.H.G. \ 2005
solanum sisymbriifolium - globodera pallida - globodera rostochiensis - seed germination - growth analysis - root systems - hatching - disease resistance - phytophthora infestans - netherlands
Hybrid forms of conflict management and social learning in the department of Cusco, Peru [PhD thesis]
Laats, H. \ 2005
conflict - management - natural resources - resource management - participation - communities - environmental impact - social impact - peru
Chemically enhanced biological NOx removal from flue gases : nitric oxide and ferric EDTA reduction in BioDeNox reactors [PhD thesis]
Maas, P. van der \ 2005
nitrogen oxides - edta - redox reactions - air pollution - flue gases

The emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) to the atmosphere is a major environmental problem. To abate NOx emissions from industrial flue gases, to date, mainly chemical processes like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) are applied. All these processes require high temperatures (>300 °C) and expensive catalysts. Therefore, biological NOx removal techniques using denitrification may represent promising alternatives for the conventional SCR techniques. However, water based biofiltration requires relatively long scrubber/bioreactor retention times, i.e. big reactor volumes, due to the slow mass transfer of NO from the gas into the liquid phase. BioDeNOx is in principle a welcome alternative for conventional NOx removal techniques like SCR and water-based biofiltration, since it does not need high temperatures and catalysts, while scrubber retention times can be very short (< 10 seconds) due to the chemically enhanced NO absorption. In this thesis, the BioDeNOx concept was investigated with special attention to the bioreactor key conversions: NO and Fe(III)EDTA- reduction. This study showed stable NO removal from the gas phase with efficiencies up to 80 %. It was found that the NO removal from the gas phase is primary determined by NO absorption kinetics. Therefore, a high Fe(II)EDTA2- concentration is required, i.e. the FeEDTA absorption liquor should be in the reduced state. However, a totally reduced system should be avoided, since this will induce sulfide accumulation. The latter process is unwanted, since already low sulfide concentrations showed an incomplete NO reduction due to inhibition of N2O reduction to N2. To achieve satisfying NO removal from the gas and to avoid sulfdogenic conditions, the redox potential of BioDeNOx reactors should be steered between -180 and -200 mV versus Ag/AgCl (pH 7.2±0.2). An ethanol dosing system that is controlled by the redox potential signal was shown to be a proper manner to do so

Factors affecting the hyper-aggregation of glutenin particles [PhD thesis]
Don, C. \ 2005
glutenins - aggregation - doughs - kneading - breadmaking - rheological properties
Epigenetics of the locomotory system in zebrafish [PhD thesis]
Meulen, T. van der \ 2005
danio rerio - musculoskeletal system - epigenetics - biological development - ontogeny - marker genes - exercise - biophysics - animal models - animal experiments - mechanical influences
Basics of macroscopic properties of adsorbed protein layers, formed at air-water interfaces, based on molecular parameters [PhD thesis]
Wierenga, P.A. \ 2005
proteins - adsorption - interface - surface interactions - physicochemical properties

The importance of protein characteristics on the role of proteins in forming and stabilising interfaces is studied. This study offers a new understanding of adsorbed protein layers.

The role of B-vitamins - gene interactions in colorectal carcinogenesis : a molecular epidemiological approach [PhD thesis]
Donk, M. van den \ 2005
colorectal cancer - carcinogenesis - folic acid - vitamin b complex - genetic variation
Associative learning in two closely related parasitoid wasps: a neuroecological approach [PhD thesis]
Bleeker, M.A.K. \ 2005
beneficial insects - cotesia glomerata - cotesia rubecula - learning ability - odours - smell - neurophysiology - vespidae - neurobiology
Gouden hoorns : de geschiedenis van de veehouderij op Java, 1850-2000 [PhD thesis]
Barwegen, M. \ 2005
livestock - livestock farming - animal husbandry - history - breeds - races - animal nutrition - animal health - rural development - agricultural development - java - indonesia - netherlands east indies
Assessing the risks and benefits of flowering field edges : strategic use of nectar sources to boost biological control [PhD thesis]
Winkler, K. \ 2005
arable land - field crops - insect pests - biological control agents - biological control - natural enemies - netherlands - nectar plants - risk assessment - boundaries - agri-environment schemes - flowering plants
Innovations in composting pig manure [PhD thesis]
Rudrum, D.P. \ 2005
pig manure - composting - innovations - ammonia - pollution - reduction - composts - quality

Composting manure on farm can emit large quantities of ammonia and smell. This thesis focuses on improving the compost process by analysis of the process control, the feed composition and the bed structure. A low cost solution to the ammonia emission was developed. By composting at low oxygen concentration the ammonia emissions can be reduced with up to 78%. In order to optimise the feed mixture, an oxygen uptake measurement was modified so that the oxygen uptake rate of feed material can be measured on farm. A conceptual model of how the degradation can be predicted from the initial hydrolysis rate is presented. With these tools, the feed composition can be optimised. The analysis of the bed structure revealed the weakness of the compost bed’s structure at higher temperatures, was more important than the initial porosity. Finally, the results of this thesis are combined and it is shown how the acquired insight can be used to optimise the composting process.

Farmer management of gene flow : the impact of gender and breeding system on genetic diversity and crop improvement in the Gambia [PhD thesis]
Nuijten, E. \ 2005
adaptation - farmers - farming systems - genetic diversity - rice - pearl millet - genetic improvement - seeds - gender relations - gambia
Econometric analysis of agricultural production : new primal perspectives [PhD thesis]
Zhengfei, G. \ 2005
agricultural production - production functions - econometric models - Netherlands - agriculture - sustainability - productivity - economic growth
Sensory and behavioural responses of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae to human odours [PhD thesis]
Qiu, Y.T. \ 2005
anopheles gambiae - culicidae - animal behaviour - odours - smell - man - malaria - attractants - host-seeking behaviour
Estimating spatial patterns of soil erosion and deposition of the Andean region using geo-information techniques : a case study in Cochabamba, Bolivia [PhD thesis]
Saavedra, C. \ 2005
erosion - sediment yield - geological sedimentation - sediment - spatial distribution - geographical information systems
Regulatie van voedselinname: een focus op ghreline [PhD thesis]
Blom, W.A.M. \ 2005
food intake - appetite control - satiety - hunger - gastrointestinal hormones

The number of people with (severe) overweight is increasing. More insight into the mechanism of food intake may help to develop foods for weight maintenance. There are indications that ghrelin is an important hunger signal. The role of ghrelin in the regulation of food intake was investigated in human volunteers at TNO Quality of Life in Zeist, in collaboration with the department of Human Nutrition of Wageningen University. Our studies showed that changes in ghrelin concentrations were related to changes in appetite, but these changes did not predict food intake. Suppression of ghrelin concentrations, however, did predict initiation of the next meal. Such suppression of ghrelin appears to depend on type of macronutrient and energy content of a meal. We conclude that ghrelin is a hunger signal that does not determine meal size (satiation), but that regulates next meal initiation (satiety). Foods that contain nutrients (for example dairy protein) that effectively suppress ghrelin concentrations, may help prevent overweight and obesity.

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