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    This database contains bibliographic descriptions of all Wageningen University PhD theses from 1920 onwards. It is updated on a daily basis by WUR Library.

    Author abstracts and/or summaries are added to all descriptions. A link to the full text dissertation is added to the bibliographic description. In a few cases, no electronic version is available, mostly because of copyright issues.

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Virulence contribution and recognition of homologs of the Verticillium dahliae effector Ave1 [PhD thesis]
Boshoven, Jordi C. \ 2017
verticillium dahliae - plant pathogenic fungi - plant pathogens - disease resistance - virulence factors - virulence - immunity - host parasite relationships - plant-microbe interactions - symbiosis - mutagenesis - resistance breeding
Panama disease in banana and neoliberal governance: towards a political ecology of risk [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-23
De la Cruz, Jaye \ 2017
bananas - musa - Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense - governance - innovations - politics
Recognition of Verticillium effector Ave1 by tomato immune receptor Ve1 mediates Verticillium resistance in diverse plant species [PhD thesis]
Song, Yin \ 2017
disease resistance - defence mechanisms - immunity - plant-microbe interactions - plant pathogens - verticillium dahliae - verticillium - tomatoes - solanum lycopersicum - receptors - genes - tobacco - nicotiana glutinosa - potatoes - solanum tuberosum - solanum torvum - humulus lupulus - cotton - gossypium hirsutum - transgenic plants - arabidopsis thaliana
Exploring the resistance against root parasitic plants in Arabidopsis and tomato [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-19
Cheng, Xi \ 2017
plants - parasitic plants - arabidopsis thaliana - solanum lycopersicum - host parasite relationships - plant growth regulators - resistance
Mothers in the woods: multitrophic interactions and oviposition preference in the bronze big Thaumastocoris pergrinus, a pest of Eucalyptus [PhD thesis]
Martínez, Gonzalo \ 2017
eucalyptus - forest plantations - forest pests - multitrophic interactions - biological control - hemiptera - oviposition - host plants - uruguay - insect plant relations
Evasion of chitin-triggered immunity by fungal plant pathogens [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-08-29
Rövenich, Hanna J. \ 2017
plant-microbe interactions - immunity - receptors - verticillium dahliae - cladosporium - plant pathogens - chitin - arabidopsis thaliana - fungi
Microbiome dynamics of disease suppresive soils [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-06-15
Gómez Expósito, Ruth \ 2017
suppressive soils - soil suppressiveness - plant diseases - thanatephorus cucumeris - microbial ecology - soil microbiology - rhizosphere bacteria - soil bacteria - community ecology - soil fungi - transcriptomics - taxonomy
Volatile-mediated interactions in the rhizosphere [PhD thesis]
Cordovez da Cunha, Viviane \ 2016
rhizosphere bacteria - rhizosphere fungi - microbial interactions - volatile compounds - suppressive soils - actinobacteria - streptomyces - microbacterium - thanatephorus cucumeris - growth stimulators - biological control - defence mechanisms - genomics - transcriptomics
Plant-mediated insect interactions on a perennial plant : consequences for community dynamics [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-07
Stam, Jeltje M. \ 2016
perennials - brassica oleracea - defence mechanisms - glucosinolates - insect pests - herbivory - plutella xylostella - mamestra brassicae - pieris rapae - herbivore induced plant volatiles - animal communities - population dynamics
Plant growth promotion by Pseudomonas fluorescens : mechanisms, genes and regulation [PhD thesis]
Cheng, Xu \ 2016
soil bacteria - pseudomonas fluorescens - plants - growth stimulators - soil suppressiveness - plant diseases - induced resistance - biochemistry - biosynthesis - plant-microbe interactions - transcriptomics
Plant responses to multiple herbivory: phenotypic changes and their ecological consequences [PhD thesis]
Li, Yehua \ 2016
brassica oleracea - brevicoryne brassicae - aphidoidea - caterpillars - insect pests - pest resistance - defence mechanisms - phenotypes - insect plant relations - parasitoids - natural enemies - herbivore induced plant volatiles - plant-herbivore interactions - genetic variation
Host-plant resistance to western flower thrips in Arabidopsis [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-08-29
Thoen, Manus P.M. \ 2016
arabidopsis thaliana - host plants - insect pests - frankliniella occidentalis - defence mechanisms - pest resistance - genomics - genome analysis - host-seeking behaviour - optical tracking - data analysis - insect plant relations
Plants under dual attack : consequences for plant chemistry and parasitoid behavior [PhD thesis]
Ponzio, Camille \ 2016
brassica nigra - insect pests - pieris brassicae - parasitoids - parasitoid wasps - cotesia glomerata - defence mechanisms - phytochemistry - herbivore induced plant volatiles - insect plant relations - animal behaviour - multitrophic interactions - plant pathogenic bacteria - xanthomonas campestris
Unraveling molecular mechanisms underlying plant defense in response to dual insect attack: studying density-dependent effects [PhD thesis]
Kroes, Anneke \ 2016
arabidopsis thaliana - insect pests - herbivory - pest resistance - defence mechanisms - insect plant relations - molecular plant pathology - density
The importance of phenology in studies of plant-herbivore-parasitoid interactions [PhD thesis]
Fei, Minghui \ 2016
phenology - plant-herbivore interactions - parasitoids - interactions - annuals - insects - pieris brassicae - cotesia glomerata - brassicaceae - host plants
Genetic variation in plant chemistry : consequences for plant-insect interactions [PhD thesis]
Geem, Moniek van \ 2016
phytochemistry - plant composition - genetic variation - insect plant relations - interactions - defence mechanisms - soil biology
Regulation of cucumber (Cucumis sativus) induced defence against the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) [PhD thesis]
He, Jun \ 2016
cucumis sativus - cucumbers - induced resistance - plant pests - tetranychus urticae - mites - defence mechanisms - herbivore induced plant volatiles - herbivory - metabolomics - terpenoids - genomics

This study, using cucumber (Cucumis sativus) and the two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae) as model, aimed to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying the induced defence during herbivory, with emphasis on transcriptional changes and the involved TFs, the enzymatic function of the genes associated with volatile biosynthesis, and their promoters which regulate their expression.

Mapping moves on Arabidopsis : from natural variation to single genes affecting aphid behaviour [PhD thesis]
Kloth, Karen J. \ 2016
arabidopsis thaliana - insect pests - aphidoidea - pest resistance - genetic mapping - gene expression - quantitative traits - functional genomics - feeding behaviour - insect plant relations
Genetics and regulation of combined abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in tomato [PhD thesis]
Kissoudis, Christos \ 2016
solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - disease resistance - stress tolerance - defence mechanisms - plant diseases - abiotic injuries - stress response - phenotypic variation - genetic analysis - plant breeding - salt tolerance
Ecogenomics of plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses [PhD thesis]
Davila Olivas, Nelson H. \ 2016
arabidopsis thaliana - defence mechanisms - drought resistance - insect pests - plant pathogenic fungi - stress - stress response - transcriptomics - genomics - genetic mapping
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