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    This database contains bibliographic descriptions of all Wageningen University PhD theses from 1920 onwards. It is updated on a daily basis by WUR Library.

    Author abstracts and/or summaries are added to all descriptions. A link to the full text dissertation is added to the bibliographic description. In a few cases, no electronic version is available, mostly because of copyright issues.

    Hard copies of all theses are available for loan at WUR Library. To request them, click the link Request this publication in the full record presentation. This is a fee based service.

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Reproductive adaptations to reduce locomotor costs in viviparous fish (Poeciliidae) [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-12-19
Fleuren, Mike \ 2017
fishes - poeciliidae - reproduction - adaptation - vivipary - locomotion - biomechanics - zoology
Community ecology of Neotropical ticks, hosts, and associated pathogens [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-10-09
Esser, Helen J. \ 2017
metastigmata - host specificity - host parasite relationships - biodiversity - species diversity - pathogens - size - community ecology - tickborne diseases - panama - tropics - hosts
The role of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in transmission of West Nile virus in Europe [PhD thesis]
Vogels, Chantal B.F. \ 2017
culex pipiens - mosquito-borne diseases - west nile virus - disease transmission - disease vectors - vector-borne diseases - europe
Impact of trophic ecologies on the whereabouts of nematodes in soil [PhD thesis]
Quist, Casper W. \ 2017
nematoda - spatial distribution - soil fauna - biota - trophic levels - food webs - soil ecology - soil biology - farming systems - soil types (ecological) - geostatistics
The ecology of Lyme borreliosis risk : interactions between lxodes ricinus, rodents and Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato [PhD thesis]
Duijvendijk, Gilian van \ 2016
rodents - ixodes ricinus - disease vectors - tickborne diseases - borrelia burgdorferi - borrelia miyamotoi - hosts - ecological risk assessment - risk analysis
Crossing species boundaries : the hybrid histories of the true geese [PhD thesis]
Ottenburghs, Jente \ 2016
geese - anser - crossing - species - hybridization - speciation - phylogenomics
The wild life of tick-borne pathogens [PhD thesis]
Hofmeester, Tim R. \ 2016
ixodes ricinus - metastigmata - life cycle - tickborne diseases - disease vectors - mammals - birds - hosts - population ecology - tick infestations - host parasite relationships
Illuminating a bird's world : effects of artificial light at night on avian ecology [PhD thesis]
Jong, Maaike de \ 2016
birds - animal behaviour - animal ecology - illumination - artificial light - night - fitness - biological rhythms
The fish egg microbiome: diversity and activity against the oomycete pathogen Saprolegnia [PhD thesis]
Liu, Yiying \ 2016
salmon - fish eggs - marine microorganisms - microbial diversity - bioinformatics - genomics - saprolegnia - oomycota - fish diseases - suppression - fungal antagonists
The importance of phenology in studies of plant-herbivore-parasitoid interactions [PhD thesis]
Fei, Minghui \ 2016
phenology - plant-herbivore interactions - parasitoids - interactions - annuals - insects - pieris brassicae - cotesia glomerata - brassicaceae - host plants
To tweet or not to tweet : the role of personality in the social networks of great tits [PhD thesis]
Snijders, Lysanne \ 2016
parus major - personality - communication between animals - social structure - vocalization - bird song - social behaviour - animal behaviour - behavioural biology

cum laude graduation

Wild geese of the Yangtze River : their ecology and conservation [PhD thesis]
Zhang, Y \ 2016
geese - anatidae - anser - animal ecology - wildlife management - nature conservation - hydrology - habitat selection - rivers - china
Quality and safety aspects of mealworms as human food [PhD thesis]
Broekhoven, Sarah van \ 2015
insects as food - food quality - nutritive value - food safety - tenebrio molitor - alphitobius diaperinus
Exploring microbial diversity of marine sponges by culture-dependent and molecular approaches [PhD thesis]
Naim, M.A. \ 2015
sponges - microbial diversity - symbiosis - host specificity - marine fungi - biodiversity
Moths in illuminated nights : articificial night effects on moth ecology [PhD thesis]
Geffen, K.G. van \ 2015
lepidoptera - artificial light - night - illumination - animal ecology - effects - geometridae - animal behaviour

Almost all terrestrial species on earth have evolved to be active in a certain part of the day, and as a result are adapted to certain light conditions. Diurnal species are active under high light intensities (the period known as the photophase, i.e. daytime), nocturnal species are active in low light intensities (the period known as the scotophase, i.e. night), and crepuscular species are in between, active in twilight (i.e. dusk and dawn). During the course of evolution, light intensity has been a very reliable cue for the on- and offset of activity of all these species, but recently, the night is no longer dark per definition. Mankind illuminates the night with artificial light sources, which has led to world-wide large-scale alterations of night-scapes. Levels of light pollution continuously rise, currently with approximately 6% per year on average

Insects as food and feed: nutrient composition and environmental impact [PhD thesis]
Oonincx, D.G.A.B. \ 2015
insects as food - feeds - food composition - life cycle assessment - environmental impact
Tracking butterflies for effective conservation [PhD thesis]
Swaay, C.A.M. van \ 2014
lepidoptera - zoogeography - biogeography - population dynamics - nature conservation - monitoring - netherlands - europe

Dit proefschrift bestaat uit drie delen: het volgen van veranderingen in de verspreiding van vlinders, het volgen van veranderingen in de populatiegrootte van vlinders en hoe deze kennis te gebruiken voor hun bescherming.

Prospects of semi-cultivating the edible weaver ant Oecophylla smaragdina [PhD thesis]
Van Itterbeeck, J. \ 2014
oecophylla smaragdina - formicidae - insects as food - mass rearing - indigenous knowledge - history - food security - laos
Natural variation in memory formation among Nasonia parasitic wasps : from genes to behaviour [PhD thesis]
Hoedjes, K.M. \ 2014
nasonia - hymenoptera - memory - learning ability - genetic factors - animal ecology - animal behaviour - genomes
Odour-based strategies for surveillance and behavioural disruption of host-seeking malaria and other mosquitoes [PhD thesis]
Mweresa, C.K. \ 2014
anopheles gambiae - anopheles funestus - anopheles - culicidae - semiochemicals - insect attractants - attractants - synthetic materials - odours - malaria - host-seeking behaviour
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