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    Wageningen PhD theses

    This database contains bibliographic descriptions of all Wageningen University PhD theses from 1920 onwards. It is updated on a daily basis by WUR Library.

    Author abstracts and/or summaries are added to all descriptions. A link to the full text dissertation is added to the bibliographic description. In a few cases, no electronic version is available, mostly because of copyright issues.

    Hard copies of all theses are available for loan at WUR Library. To request them, click the link Request this publication in the full record presentation. This is a fee based service.

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Mycosphaerellaceae revisited [PhD thesis]
Videira, Sandra I.R. \ 2018
Virulence contribution and recognition of homologs of the Verticillium dahliae effector Ave1 [PhD thesis]
Boshoven, Jordi C. \ 2017
verticillium dahliae - plant pathogenic fungi - plant pathogens - disease resistance - virulence factors - virulence - immunity - host parasite relationships - plant-microbe interactions - symbiosis - mutagenesis - resistance breeding
Recognition of Verticillium effector Ave1 by tomato immune receptor Ve1 mediates Verticillium resistance in diverse plant species [PhD thesis]
Song, Yin \ 2017
disease resistance - defence mechanisms - immunity - plant-microbe interactions - plant pathogens - verticillium dahliae - verticillium - tomatoes - solanum lycopersicum - receptors - genes - tobacco - nicotiana glutinosa - potatoes - solanum tuberosum - solanum torvum - humulus lupulus - cotton - gossypium hirsutum - transgenic plants - arabidopsis thaliana
Evasion of chitin-triggered immunity by fungal plant pathogens [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2019-08-29
Rövenich, Hanna J. \ 2017
plant-microbe interactions - immunity - receptors - verticillium dahliae - cladosporium - plant pathogens - chitin - arabidopsis thaliana - fungi
Unravelling aspects of spatial and temporal distribution of Verticillium dahliae in olive, maple and ash trees and improvement of detection methods [PhD thesis]
Keykhasaber, Mojtaba \ 2017
olea europaea - olives - acer - fraxinus - plant pathogenic fungi - verticillium dahliae - distribution - virulence - detection
Identification and functional characterization of putative (a)virulence factors in the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici [PhD thesis]
Mirzadi Gohari, Amir \ 2015
triticum aestivum - wheat - plant pathogenic fungi - mycosphaerella graminicola - virulence factors - genetic analysis - pathogenesis - bioinformatics
Studies on global transcriptional regulator EBR1 and genome-wide gene expression in the fungal plant pathogen Fusarium graminearum [PhD thesis]
Zhao, Chunzhao \ 2015
plant pathogenic fungi - gibberella zeae - transcription factors - gene expression - gene mapping - genomics
The secondary metabolome of the fungal tomato pathogen Cladosporium fulvum [PhD thesis]
Griffiths, Scott Andrew \ 2015
passalora fulva - secondary metabolites - metabolomes - genes - genomics - biological activity - biosynthesis - natural products
Identification and functional characterization of proteases and protease inhibitors involved in virulence of fungal tomato pathogens [PhD thesis]
Karimi Jashni, M. \ 2015
passalora fulva - plant pathogenic fungi - virulence - proteinases - proteinase inhibitors - plant-microbe interactions - genomics - solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - proteomics
Sexual development of Botrytis species [PhD thesis]
Bin Terhem, R. \ 2015
botrytis - plant pathogenic fungi - sexual development - phylogeny - genomics - transcriptomics - mating systems - fungal morphology - new species
Restyling Alternaria [PhD thesis]
Woudenberg, J.H.C. \ 2015
alternaria - taxonomy - phylogeny - molecular taxonomy - plant pathogenic fungi
The role of phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase-C in plant defense signaling [PhD thesis]
Abd-El-Haliem, A.M. \ 2014
plant diseases - disease resistance - defence mechanisms - solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - signal transduction - phospholipase c - plant-microbe interactions - passalora fulva - genetic analysis - nucleotide sequences
Comparative genomics of Dothideomycete fungi [PhD thesis]
Burgt, A. van der \ 2014
dothideomycetes - plant pathogenic fungi - passalora fulva - dothistroma - genomes - comparative genomics
Phylogeny and DNA-based identification in Phoma and related genera [PhD thesis]
Aveskamp, M. \ 2014
phoma - phylogeny - taxonomy - molecular taxonomy - identification - glossaries
Towards generating broad-spectrum resistance to pathogens in plants: studies on a down-stream signalling NB-LRR of tomato [PhD thesis]
Sueldo, D.J. \ 2014
solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - disease resistance - defence mechanisms - receptors - pathogenesis-related proteins - binding proteins - virulence - mutants - genetic mapping
Biogenesis and signalling requirements of plant receptor-like proteins mediating resistance to fungal pathogens [PhD thesis]
Liebrand, T.W.H. \ 2014
solanum lycopersicum - plant pathogenic fungi - passalora fulva - verticillium dahliae - disease resistance - defence mechanisms - receptors - pathogenesis-related proteins - genetic analysis - gene expression

cum laude graduation

Insertional mutagenesis in the vascular wilt pathogen Verticillium dahliae [PhD thesis]
Santhanam, P. \ 2014
plant pathogenic fungi - verticillium dahliae - wilts - insertional mutagenesis - solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - models - pathogenicity - gene mapping - genomics
Identification and characterization of novel effectors of Cladosporium fulvum [PhD thesis]
Ökmen, B. \ 2013
solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - plant pathogenic fungi - passalora fulva - plant-microbe interactions - defence mechanisms - genomics - dna sequencing - pathogenicity
Functional analysis of tomato immune receptor Ve1 and recognition of Verticillium effector Ave1 [PhD thesis]
Zhang, Z. \ 2013
solanum lycopersicum - tomatoes - cell walls - receptors - immune system - ligands - plant pathogenic fungi - verticillium - infectivity - models - plant-microbe interactions
Pectin degradation by Botrytis cinerea: recognition of endopolygalacturonases by an Arabidopsis receptor and utilization of Dgalacturonic acid [PhD thesis]
Zhang, L. \ 2013
botrytis cinerea - plant pathogenic fungi - pectins - degradation - cell walls - arabidopsis - receptors - polygalacturonase - galacturonic acid
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