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    This database contains bibliographic descriptions of all Wageningen University PhD theses from 1920 onwards. It is updated on a daily basis by WUR Library.

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Harvesting nutrition : grain legumes and nutritious diets in sub-Saharan Africa [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2020-06-18
Jager, Ilse de \ 2019
Yield gap analysis in oil palm production systems in Ghana [PhD thesis]
Rhebergen, Tiemen \ 2019
Food security in a changing world : disentangling the diversity of rural livelihood strategies across Uganda [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2020-05-28
Wichern, Jannike \ 2019
Risk and crop production intensification options for semi-arid southern Zimbabwe [PhD thesis]
Full text publicly available; under embargo until:2020-05-27
Masvaya, Esther Nyaradzo \ 2019
Beyond intensification: landscapes and livelihoods in Mali’s Guinea Savannah [PhD thesis]
Ollenburger, Mary H. \ 2019
On yield gaps and better management practices in Indonesian smallholder oil palm plantations [PhD thesis]
Woittiez, Lotte S. \ 2019
Incentives, social learning and economic development : experimental and quasi-experimental evidence from Uganda [PhD thesis]
Shikuku, Kelvin Mashisia \ 2018
Participatory approaches to diversification and intensification of crop production on smallholder farms in Malawi [PhD thesis]
Vugt, Daniel van \ 2018
Poor farmers : agricultural innovation and poverty reduction in Ethiopia and Kenya [PhD thesis]
Verkaart, Simone \ 2018
From targeting to tailoring : baskets of options for legume cultivation among African smallholders [PhD thesis]
Ronner, Esther \ 2018
Sustainable intensification of smallholder farming systems in Ethiopia : what roles can scattered trees play? [PhD thesis]
Sida, Tesfaye Shiferaw \ 2018
Farming with trees: a balancing act in the shade [PhD thesis]
Ndoli, Alain \ 2018
Exploring the strategies for households to adapt to climate-change in arid and semiarid East Africa [PhD thesis]
Ng'ang'a, Stanley K. \ 2018
Trends and prospects for the productivity and sustainability of home garden systems in southern Ethiopia [PhD thesis]
Mellisse, Beyene Teklu \ 2017
Using yield gap analysis to give sustainable intensification local meaning [PhD thesis]
Silva, João Vasco \ 2017
crops - yields - crop yield - modeling - simulation models - cereals - farming systems - yield losses
On the role of soil organic matter for crop production in European arable farming [PhD thesis]
Hijbeek, Renske \ 2017
soil fertility - soil fertility management - soil management - soil conservation - organic matter - soil organic matter - nitrogen - nitrogen fertilizers - green manures - manures - straw - soil carbon sequestration - cover crops - crop yield - yields - meta-analysis - food security - europe - drivers - barriers
Is there life after hype for Jatropha? : exploring growth and yield in Indonesia [PhD thesis]
Tjeuw, Juliana \ 2017
fuel crops - jatropha curcas - crop yield - new crops - feasibility studies - indonesia - cultural methods - cultivation - disincentives - biobased economy - cropping systems - intercropping

Jatropha curcas L. is a biofuel crop that has not lived up to expectations due to a combination of hype and disappointment and biophysical factors. This PhD thesis is based on the plant production component of the JARAK programme which aimed to bridge the gap between truth and fiction. This study reviewed the jatropha hype and disappointment and further investigated the hypothesis that jatropha growth and yield are limited by biophysical factors of plant characteristics, cropping systems, and management. The review of the hype and disappointment shows that despite the high expectations fuelled by market pull and technology push, and numerous actors, the commercial potential for jatropha is limited by policy and governance, economics, social, technology, logistical, and environmental. A study of the biophysical components confirms that no current varieties suited to different cropping systems and locations are available.

Exploring opportunities for rural livelihoods and food security in Central Mozambique [PhD thesis]
Leonardo, Wilson José \ 2017
agricultural production systems - food security - crop production - livelihoods - small farms - biofuels - farming systems - models - intensification - mozambique
A generic method to analyse yield gaps in feed-crop livestock systems [PhD thesis]
Linden, Aart van der \ 2017
animal production - fodder crops - livestock feeding - crop production - crop yield - crop ecology - quantitative analysis - beef production - farming systems
Understanding the productivity of cassava in West Africa [PhD thesis]
Ezui, Kodjovi Senam \ 2017
manihot esculenta - cassava - crop production - rainfed agriculture - drought - crop yield - water use efficiency - radiation use efficiency - fertilizers - togo - ghana - west africa
Crop intensification options and trade-offs with the water balance in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia [PhD thesis]
Debas, Mezegebu Getnet \ 2016
cropping systems - intensification - water balance - crop production - land use - climatic change - crop yield - water use - irrigation - ethiopia
The use of Eucalyptus in agroforestry systems of southern Rwanda : to integrate of segregate [PhD thesis]
Mugunga, Canisius Patrick \ 2016
eucalyptus - agroforestry - eucalyptus saligna - zea mays - agroforestry systems - rotations - water use - rwanda
Trajectories of agricultural change in southern Mali [PhD thesis]
Falconnier, Gatien Noël \ 2016
agriculture - agricultural development - farms - classification - self sufficiency - food - income - intensification - farming systems - intensive production - mali
Ky’osimba Onaanya: understanding productivity of East African Highland banana [PhD thesis]
Taulya, G. \ 2015
bananas - musa - drought - nutrient availability - potassium - nitrogen - fertilizers - africa - uganda - crop growth models - decision models - dry matter distribution - growth analysis - light - phenotypic variation
The legacy of phosphorus: agriculture and future food security [PhD thesis]
Sattari, S.Z. \ 2014
phosphorus - phosphates - cycling - grasslands - field crops - agroecosystems - food security
Climate change, climate variability and adaptation options in smallholder cropping systems of the Sudano - Sahel region in West Africa [PhD thesis]
Traore, B. \ 2014
climatic change - climate - climate adaptation - small farms - cropping systems - sahel - crop production - west africa
Vulnerability and adaptation to climate variability and change in smallholder farming systems in Zimbabwe [PhD thesis]
Rurinda, J. \ 2014
climatic change - small farms - farming systems - climate adaptation - adaptation - climate - crop yield - zimbabwe
Panarchy rules? : rethinking resilience of agroecosystems [PhD thesis]
Apeldoorn, D.F. van \ 2014
agroecosystems - sustainability - farming systems - soil organic matter - mathematical models - systems analysis - netherlands - zimbabwe
Climate variability and change in Ethiopia : exploring impacts and adaptation options for cereal production [PhD thesis]
Kassie, B.T. \ 2014
zea mays - maize - climatic change - climate adaptation - simulation models - uncertainty - ethiopia
Conservation in a crowded place : forest and people on Mount Elgon Uganda [PhD thesis]
Sassen, M. \ 2014
forests - agriculture - fuelwood - timbers - nature conservation - nature management - canopy - disturbed forests - biomass - biodiversity - east africa - uganda
Biomass for biodiesel production on family farms in Brazil: promise or failure? : integrated assessment of biodiesel crops, farms, policies and producer organisations [PhD thesis]
Dal Belo Leite, J.G. \ 2013
biodiesel - biomass - family farms - crops - crop production - policy - sustainability - helianthus annuus - brazil - biofuels - biobased economy

In Brazil, a biodiesel policy was implemented as a way of reducing poverty among family farms. The objective of this thesis is to perform an integrated assessment of biodiesel crops, farm types, biodiesel policies and producer organisations that reveals opportunities and limitations of family farmers’ engagement in the biodiesel supply chain.

Limits of effective nutrient management in dairy farming: analyses of experimental farm De Marke [PhD thesis]
Verloop, K. \ 2013
dairy farming - nutrient management - organic matter - soil fertility - nitrogen - phosphorus - intensive livestock farming - experimental farms
Transitions in nutrient management on commercial pilot farms in the Netherlands [PhD thesis]
Oenema, J. \ 2013
dairy farming - farm management - nutrient management - nutrient balance - nitrogen losses - grassland management - environmental management - field experimentation - netherlands

De doelstelling van dit onderzoek is het evalueren van de transitie van die melkveebedrijven, die voldeden aan wet- en regelgeving wat betreft het milieu en daarvoor intensief werden begeleid door onderzoekers en voorlichters. In het bijzonder gaat het om de volgende onderzoeksvragen: • Kan een project met voorloperbedrijven in een participatieve benadering er voor zorgen dat de kloof in mineralenbeheer tussen een experimenteel bedrijf als ‘De Marke’ en de brede praktijk kleiner wordt door aanpassingen door te voeren in de bedrijfsvoering van voorloperbedrijven? • Welke maatregelen nemen melkveebedrijven om mineralenverliezen te beperken? • Wat zijn de belangrijkste factoren die de graslandopbrengst beïnvloeden en hoe is het beheer van grasland te verbeteren? • Kan regelgeving op basis van middelvoorschriften, als alternatief voor doelvoorschriften, voldoen aan de doelstelling van de kwaliteitsnorm van 50 mg nitraat in het grondwater? • Wat zijn de onzekerheidsmarges van gemonitorde stikstofstromen op melkveebedrijven en welke bedrijfsgegevens dragen het meest bij aan die onzekerheid? Dit onderzoek betreft een evaluatie van het project ‘Koeien & Kansen’, waarbij 16 prototypes zijn uitgewerkt. Dit als alternatief voor enkel pilots op proefbedrijf 'De Marke'.

Nuances and nuisances : crop production intensification options for smallholder farming systems of southern Africa [PhD thesis]
Rusinamhodzi, L. \ 2013
farming systems - intensification - small farms - farmers - crop production - southern africa
Tailoring agroforestry technologies to the diversity of Rwandan smallholder agriculture [PhD thesis]
Bucagu, C. \ 2013
agroforestry - food security - agriculture - small farms - food production - farming systems - fertilizers - africa south of sahara
You can’t eat your mulch and have it too : cropping system design and tradeoffs around biomass use for Conservation Agriculture in Cameroon and Madagascar [PhD thesis]
Naudin, K. \ 2012
conservation tillage - cropping systems - cover crops - mulching - rotations - madagascar
Nutrient flows in urban and peri-urban agroecosystems in three West African cities [PhD thesis]
Abdulkadir, A. \ 2012
nitrogen cycle - cycling - nutrients - urban agriculture - farming systems - west africa
Elephants of democracy : an unfolding process of resettlement in the Limpopo National Park [PhD thesis]
Milgroom, J. \ 2012
national parks - nature conservation - development projects - politics - nature conservation policy - wildlife conservation - influences - indigenous people - resettlement - south africa - zimbabwe - mozambique

The proposed paper will focus on the process of displacement taking place in the context of the creation of the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. This park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, which also includes the Kruger National Park (South Africa) and Gonarezhou National Park (Zimbabwe). The creation of the Limpopo National Park – which involved the translocation of more than 3000 animals from Kruger park to Limpopo park, including more than a hundred elephants – is strongly associated by some local residents with political developments following the cease-fire in 1992 and the increased regional cooperation since South Africa’s transition to democracy in 1994. The paper will describe how the establishment of the larger transfrontier park resulted in pressure on the Mozambican government to favour the model of a national park over other conservation options that might have better accommodated the interests of local communities. About 26 000 people are currently living in the Limpopo National Park; about 6000 of whom are in the process of being resettled to an area southeast of the park. The Mozambican government and donors funding the creation of the park have maintained that no forced relocation will take place. However, the pressure created by restrictions on livelihood strategies resulting from park regulations, and the increased presence of wildlife has forced some communities to ‘accept’ the resettlement option. The paper will describe the negotiation process about alternative locations and compensation packages for the communities to be resettled, involving park officials, local and international NGOs, and communities. An analysis will be presented of the power struggles between those parties, but also of the internal contradictions and conflicts that each of the parties experience. Furthermore, an often neglected aspect will be explored, namely that of the possible consequences of resettlement for the hosting communities outside of the park

Resource use efficiency and environmental performance of biofuel cropping systems [PhD thesis]
Vries, S.C. de \ 2012
biofuels - use efficiency - resource management - bioethanol - biodiesel - sustainability - sustainability indicators - fuel crops - biobased economy

Dit proefschrift heeft tot doel om de productie-ecologische duurzaamheid te analyseren van een aantal productieketens voor biobrandstoffen die zoveel mogelijk de wereldwijde verscheidenheid aan gewassen, biofysische en overige omstandigheden weerspiegelen. Productie-ecologische duurzaamheid maakt deel uit van de milieudimensie van duurzaamheid; voor ons specifieke doel hebben we dit deelgebied gedefinieerd middels een set duurzaamheidsindicatoren die betrekking hebben op de efficiëntie waarmee schaarse grondstoffen gebruikt worden, op bodemkwaliteit, netto energieproductie en broeikasgasemissies. Een tweede doel van dit proefschrift is het formuleren van een algemene methodiek die duurzaamheidsanalyses van productieketens voor biobrandstoffen mogelijk maakt, die helpt bij het ontwikkelen van zulke systemen met een minimum aan landgebruiksverandering en mogelijk een basis zou kunnen vormen voor het certificeren van de duurzaamheid ervan.

Analysing and exploring land use decisions by smallholder agrowetland households in rural areas of East Africa [PhD thesis]
Sakané, N. \ 2011
small farms - farmers - decision making - agricultural production systems - land use - wetlands
From field to globe: upscaling of crop growth modelling [PhD thesis]
Bussel, L.G.J. van \ 2011
crops - crop growth models - modeling - computer simulation - wheat - maize - climate
Poor people and poor fields? : integrating legumes for smallholder soil fertility management in Chisepo, central Malawi [PhD thesis]
Kamanga, B.C.G. \ 2011
crops - soil fertility management - maize - legumes - fertilizers - subsistence farming - small farms - food security - agricultural households - malawi - poverty
From food production to food security: developing interdisciplinary, regional-level research [PhD thesis]
Ingram, J.S.I. \ 2011
food production - food security - systems analysis - interdisciplinary research - climatic change - agricultural research - regional development - multi-stakeholder processes
Adaptive management of irrigated rice in the changing environments of the Sahel [PhD thesis]
Vries, M.E. de \ 2011
oryza sativa - rice - irrigated farming - irrigation - climatic change - simulation models - genotype environment interaction - senegal - sahel
Agricultural intensification : saving space for wildlife? [PhD thesis]
Baudron, F. \ 2011
semiarid zones - conservation areas - intensification - small farms - farmers - wildlife - resource management - cotton - nature conservation - zimbabwe
Vulnerability and resilience of competing land-based livelihoods in south eastern Zimbabwe [PhD thesis]
Murungweni, C. \ 2011
livelihoods - sustainability - drought - integrated systems - rural development - animal feeding - neorautanenia amboensis - zimbabwe
Le lait, de l'or blanc? : amélioration de la productivité des exploitations mixtes cultures-élevage à travers une meilleure gestion et alimentation des vaches laitières dans la zone de Koutiala, Mali [PhD thesis]
Sanogo, O.M. \ 2011
farming systems - dairy farming - livestock farming - dry farming - animal production - animal feeding - systems analysis - simulation models - mali
Chakula bila kulima? : trade-offs concerning soil and water concervation in heterogeneous smallholder farms of Central Kenya [PhD thesis]
Guto, S.N. \ 2011
water conservation - soil conservation - farming systems - small farms - farmers - minimum tillage - fodder plants - rowcrops - kenya
Management practices and opportunities in the East African highland banana (Musa AAA-EA) production in Uganda [PhD thesis]
Wairegi, L.W.I. \ 2010
musa - bananas - agronomy - crop husbandry - crop yield - fertilizer requirement determination - soil fertility - fertilizers - mulching - highlands - uganda
A framework to introduce flexibility in crop modelling: from conceptual modelling to software engineering and back [PhD thesis]
Adam, M. \ 2010
systems analysis - computer simulation - mathematical models - computer software - engineering - crop production - crop yield
Bio-economic farm modelling for integrated assessment of agricultural and environmental policies: towards re-usability and improved empirical validity [PhD thesis]
Kanellopoulos, A.P. \ 2010
farm management - mathematical models - farming systems - agricultural policy - environmental policy - trade liberalization - assessment
Can we learn our way to sustainable management? : adaptive collaborative management in Mafungautsi State Forest, Zimbabwe [PhD thesis]
Mutimukuru-Maravanyika, T. \ 2010
natural resources - resource management - participation - participative management - sustainability - forest management - forest policy - africa south of sahara - zimbabwe - sustainable development
Understanding growth of East Africa highland banana: experiments and simulation [PhD thesis]
Nyombi, K. \ 2010
musa - bananas - leaf area index - light penetration - radiation - simulation models - fertilizers - use efficiency - plant nutrition - upland areas - uganda - east africa
Transforming sustainable development diplomacy: lessons learned from global forest governance [PhD thesis]
Hoogeveen, H. \ Verkooijen, P. \ 2010
forest policy - forest management - sustainability - environmental policy - governance - sustainable development
Decision-making for heterogeneity : diversity in resources, farmers' objectives and livelihood strategies in northern Nigeria [PhD thesis]
Berkhout, E.D. \ 2009
decision making - natural resources - farmers - soil fertility - cropping systems - mixed farming - rotation - fallow systems - agricultural households - objectives - farming systems - west africa - nigeria - development economics - livelihood strategies - modeling
A road to food? : efficacy of nutrient management options targeted to heterogeneous soilscapes in the Teso farming system, Uganda [PhD thesis]
Ebanyat, P. \ 2009
soil fertility - land use - farming systems - rotations - plant nutrition - use efficiency - systems analysis - uganda - nutrient management
Sink stimulation of leaf photosynthesis by the carbon costs of rhizobial and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal symbioses [PhD thesis]
Kaschuk, G. \ 2009
photosynthesis - mycorrhizas - source sink relations - chlorophyll - fluorescence - use efficiency - plant nutrition
Managing the Hydra in integration: developing an integrated assessment tool for agricultural systems [PhD thesis]
Janssen, S.J.C. \ 2009
farming systems - farm management - models - farms - farm enterprises - agricultural production - integration - interdisciplinary research - innovations - simulation - europe - agroecology
Anaerobic digestion in sustainable biomass chains [PhD thesis]
Pabón Pereira, C.P. \ 2009
anaerobic digestion - sustainability - biomass - biodegradation
Cassava and soil fertility in intensifying smallholder farming systems of East Africa [PhD thesis]
Fermont, A.M. \ 2009
manihot esculenta - cassava - soil fertility - agronomy - farming systems - systems analysis - food security - fertilizers - kenya - uganda
Development of a spatial planning support system for agricultural policy formulation related to land and water resources in Borkhar & Meymeh district, Iran [PhD thesis]
Farhadi Bansouleh, B. \ 2009
physical planning - agricultural policy - agricultural development - simulation models - iran - system development - system innovation - policy research
Genetic diversity for sustainable rice blast management in China: adoption and impact [PhD thesis]
Revilla-Molina, I.M. \ 2009
oryza - rice - magnaporthe grisea - plant disease control - genetic diversity - interplanting - crop production - varieties - cropping systems - yunnan - china
Farming like we're here to stay : the mixed farming alternative for Cuba [PhD thesis]
Funes-Monzote, F.R. \ 2008
mixed farming - multiple land use - farming systems - biodiversity - use efficiency - sustainability - development - dairy farming - cuba - agroecology - agroecosystems
Quantifying the contribution of crop-livestock integration to African farming [PhD thesis]
Rufino, M.C. \ 2008
systems analysis - agriculture - farming systems - cycling - manures - use efficiency - animal feeding - farmers - small farms - resource conservation - africa south of sahara
Saving water? : analysis of options for rice-based farms in Tamil Nadua, India [PhD thesis]
Senthilkumar, K. \ 2008
oryza sativa - rice - cropping systems - plant water relations - irrigated farming - water management - use efficiency - optimization methods - tamil nadu - india - multiobjective programming
Physiology and modelling of zinc allocation in aerobic rice [PhD thesis]
Wen, J. \ 2008
oryza sativa - rice - zinc - nutrient uptake - translocation - nutrient transport - plant physiology - simulation models
Exploring options for agricultural development : a case study in China [PhD thesis]
Zhong, J. \ 2008
land use - linear programming - rural development - cropping systems - livestock farming - farming systems - integrated pest management - oryza sativa - rice - jiangxi - china - technology assessment - nutrient management - modeling
Msimu wa Kupanda : targeting resources within diverse, heterogenous and dynamic farming systems of East Afric [PhD thesis]
Tittonell, P.A. \ 2008
farming systems - soil fertility - resource allocation - systems analysis - simulation models - cycling - nutrients - nitrogen cycle - soil organic matter - kenya - uganda - africa south of sahara - soil fertility management

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

A window of opportunities : the contributions of land use modelling to societal learning [PhD thesis]
Sterk, B. \ 2007
land use - planning - learning - society - farming systems - sustainability - models - decision making - farm enterprises - problem analysis - problem solving - netherlands - uruguay - modeling - sustainable land use
Practice makes perfect: participatory innovation in soil fertility management to improve rural livelihoods in East Africa [PhD thesis]
Jager, A. de \ 2007
soil fertility - nutrient balance - cycling - soil degradation - farming systems research - small farms - farmers - east africa
Farm household allocative efficiency : a multi-dimensional perspective on labour use in Western Kenya [PhD thesis]
Kamau, M. \ 2007
agricultural households - farms - labour allocation - efficiency - seasonal labour - off-farm employment - hired labour - agriculture - small farms - kenya - development economics - allocation
Seeds of confusion : the impact of policies on seed systems [PhD thesis]
Louwaars, N. \ 2007
seeds - seed production - systems analysis - agricultural policy - intellectual property rights - farmers' rights - breeders' rights - development policy
Yield constraint analysis of rainfed lowland rice in Southeast Asia [PhD thesis]
Boling, A.A. \ 2007
oryza sativa - rice - flooded rice - crop yield - crop production - fertilizers - hydrology - weed control - toposequences - simulation models - indonesia - thailand - south east asia - fertilizer application - agrohydrology - agroecology
Improving resource use efficiency in rice-based cropping systems: experimentation and modelling [PhD thesis]
Jing, Q. \ 2007
oryza sativa - rice - ecosystems - cropping systems - use efficiency - systems analysis - simulation models - soil organic matter - plant water relations - china - agroecosystems
Sweet cherries from the end of the world: options and constraints for fruit production systems in South Patagonia, Argentina [PhD thesis]
Cittadini, E.D. \ 2007
cherries - prunus avium - fruit growing - tree fruits - farming systems - frost injury - farm management - argentina
Adoption of agricultural innovations by smallholder farmers in the context of HIV/AIDS: the case of tissue-cultured banana in Kenya [PhD thesis]
Nguthi, F.N. \ 2007
innovation adoption - innovations - extension - communication - households - farmers - gender relations - farm families - tissue culture - bananas - human immunodeficiency viruses - acquired immune deficiency syndrome - kenya - africa south of sahara
Modeling long-term dynamics of carbon and nitrogen in intensive rice-based cropping systems in the Indo-Gangetic Plains (India) [PhD thesis]
Muhammed, S.E. \ 2007
oryza sativa - rice - cropping systems - cycling - carbon-nitrogen ratio - systems analysis - simulation models - soil organic matter - soil science - india - agroecology
Fertile ground? : soil fertility management and the African smallholder [PhD thesis]
Misiko, M. \ 2007
soil fertility - soil management - experiments - farmers - small farms - kenya
Soil erosion and nitrogen leaching in northern Vietnam: expression and modelling [PhD thesis]
Mai Van Trinh \ 2007
erosion - soil - leaching - nitrogen - experiments - models - soil degradation - remote sensing - water balance - rice - vietnam
Understanding cropping systems in the semi-arid environments of Zimbabwe: options for soil fertility management [PhD thesis]
Ncube, B. \ 2007
cropping systems - semiarid zones - soil fertility - soil management - farms - small farms - farmers - fabaceae - animal manures - fertilizers - zimbabwe
Nutrient budgets, soil fertility management and livelihood analysis in Northeast Thailand: a basis for integrated rural development strategies in developing countries [PhD thesis]
Wijnhoud, J.D. \ 2007
soil fertility - nutrients - rural development - developing countries - soil management - nutrient balance - sustainability - thailand - rainfed agriculture - livelihood strategies
Dynamics of livestock development in Gujarat, India: experiences of an Indian NGO [PhD thesis]
Patil, B.R. \ 2006
livestock farming - india - dairy farming - mixed farming - agricultural research - agricultural development - field experimentation - crossbreeding - feeding - animal feeding - models - farming systems research
Exploring socio-ecological niches for legumes in western Kenya smallholder farming systems [PhD thesis]
Ojiem, J.O. \ 2006
legumes - adaptability - biophysics - socioeconomics - kenya - heterogeneity - economic analysis - nitrogen fixation - productivity - agroecosystems
Cropping systems, land tenure and social diversity in Wenchi, Ghana: implications for soil fertility management [PhD thesis]
Adjei-Nsiah, S. \ 2006
cropping systems - tenure systems - social structure - diversity - soil fertility - management - ghana
Understanding the reduction of nitrogen leaching by catch crops [PhD thesis]
Dam, A.M. van \ 2006
secale cereale - raphanus sativus - catch crops - nitrogen - leaching - mineralization - models - rooting depth

Uitspoeling uit de bewortelde bovengrond en denitrificatie uit de bodem zijn verantwoordelijk voor een aanzienlijk deel van de N verliezen. Die verliezen zijn vooral problematisch op zandgrond met een diepe grondwaterspiegel, waar van nature weinig N denitrificeert. Veelvuldig wordt daar de maximumwaarde in Nederland overschreden. Een simulatiemodel is ontwikkeld dat de groei en N opname van vanggewassen (winterrogge en bladrammenas) en de dynamiek van water en stikstof in de bodem beschrijft

Exploring diversity within smallholder farming systems in Zimbabwe : nutrient use efficiencies and resource management strategies for crop production [PhD thesis]
Zingore, S. \ 2006
farming systems - nutrient balance - nutrients - plant nutrition - use efficiency - small farms - farmers - resource management - crop husbandry - zimbabwe
Multi-scale land use analysis for agricultural policy assessment: a model-based study in Ilocos Norte province, Philippines [PhD thesis]
Laborte, A.G. \ 2006
land use - agricultural policy - linear programming - natural resources - models - assessment - decision making - philippines
Integrating crop growth simulation and remote sensing to improve resource use efficiency in farming systems [PhD thesis]
Jongschaap, R.E.E. \ 2006
crop production - simulation models - remote sensing - farming systems - use efficiency
Econometric analysis of agricultural production : new primal perspectives [PhD thesis]
Zhengfei, G. \ 2005
agricultural production - production functions - econometric models - Netherlands - agriculture - sustainability - productivity - economic growth
Multi-scale sustainability evaluation : a framework for derivation and quantification of indicators for natural resource management systems [PhD thesis]
López Ridaura, S. \ 2005
natural resources - natural resource economics - resource management - land use - sustainability - linear programming - indicators - optimization - systems analysis - mexico - mali
Farm management in mixed crop-livestock systems in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia [PhD thesis]
Abegaz, A. \ 2005
farming systems - agrosilvopastoral systems - farm management - agricultural production - livestock feeding - nutrient balance - nutrient availability - ethiopia
Integrating geo-information models with participatory approaches : applications in land use analysis [PhD thesis]
Nidumolu, U.B. \ 2004
geographical information systems - land use - analysis - participation - participative management - andhra pradesh - india

In this thesis we demonstrate some methods to integrate biophysical data with socio-economic variables with applications in agricultural land use analysis. Part of Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh State in India is considered for developing and testing the methods developed. First the study area is stratified as a pre-field work exercise for a focused land use analysis. Stratification of the land into categories on the basis of land use analysis objectives, such as crop management improvement, crop selection and conservation helped focus on these distinct areas with different analysis requirements. The relations between ‘land’ as a biophysical factor and its ‘use’ as a socio-economic factor were analysed using GIS techniques to spatially differentiate these categories. Two categories viz., Crop Management Improvement and Crop Selection were analysed further. Identifying yield-limiting factors in support of planning and extension agencies is the focus of study in areas identified for Crop Management Improvement. While traditional yield gap studies compared yields at research stations and in farmers’ fields, we considered yield variability among farmers’ fields in similar socio-economic and environmental conditions. In this situation, the yield gaps are mainly due to differences in management practices. What if?- scenarios, generated using the multiple goal optimisation modelling tool, were integrated with a stakeholder communication matrix (SCM) in the Crop Selection areas. SCM indicates the level of communication and information-sharing among key stakeholders in the district. The multiple goal model considered the aspirations of various stakeholders and the matrix presented the communication and information-sharing dynamics, understanding of which is essential for participatory land use analysis. Integration of the goal model with the SCM allowed identification of the possible bottlenecks in the implementation of the model results, allowing resource managers to initiate curative measures where required. Fuzzy modelling of farmers’ perceptions of land suitability emphasised the need for biophysical planners to consider the views of farmers while formulating land viii use options. The preference of farmers for crops was based on variables such as cropping season, soils and water availability. The study explores similarities and contrasts in the way scientists and farmers perceive land suitability.

Adapting to change in banana-based farming systems of northwest Tanzania: the potential role of herbaceous legumes [PhD thesis]
Baijukya, F.P. \ 2004
musa - bananas - fabaceae - legumes - zea mays - maize - nitrogen fixation - crop husbandry
From lesion to region : epidemiology and management of potato late blight [PhD thesis]
Spijkerboer, H.P. \ 2004
solanum tuberosum - potatoes - phytophthora infestans - blight - epidemiology - mathematical models - simulation models - disease control
Nitrogen cycling in agroforestry systems of sub-humid Zimbabwe: closing the loop [PhD thesis]
Chikowo, R. \ 2004
agroforestry systems - nitrogen cycle - fallow systems - improved fallow - nitrogen fixation - leaching - mineralization - nitrogen - zimbabwe - agroecosystems
Contribution of Holstein cows to sustainability of dairy systems in Brazil [PhD thesis]
Araujo Waltrick, B. de \ 2003
farming systems - dairy farming - milk production - sustainability - holstein-friesian - brazil
Exploring options for sustainable development of vegetable farms in South Uruguay [PhD thesis]
Dogliotti, S. \ 2003
vegetables - vegetable growing - sustainability - land use - farming systems - cropping systems - rotations - simulation models - uruguay
Imaging spectroscopy for characterisation of grass swards [PhD thesis]
Schut, A.G.T. \ 2003
lolium perenne - trifolium repens - grass sward - grasslands - grassland management - spectroscopy - spectrometry - remote sensing - reflection - reflectance - detection - growth - stress
Agricultural land use and conservation options : a modelling approach [PhD thesis]
Zander, P.M. \ 2003
land use - landscape conservation - sustainability - mathematical models - germany - agroecosystems
The two faces of sustainability : fuzzy evaluation of sustainable development [PhD thesis]
Cornelissen, A.M.G. \ 2003
sustainability - agricultural production - farming systems - alternative farming - fuzzy logic - expert systems - indicators - systems approach
Comparing specialised and mixed farming systems in the clay areas of the Netherlands under future policy scenarios: an optimisation approach [PhD thesis]
Bos, J. \ 2002
farming systems - mixed farming - agricultural policy - environmental policy - cap - linear programming - interdisciplinary research - models - analysis - nitrogen balance - pollution - netherlands
Learning from biophysical heterogeneity: inductive use of case studies for maize cropping systems in Central America [PhD thesis]
Hartkamp, A.D. \ 2002
cropping systems - geographical information systems - weather data - simulation models - systems analysis - resource management - decision making - green manures - fodder legumes - mucuna pruriens - fallow systems - maize - zea mays - honduras - mexico - agroecology - decision support systems
A planning support system for rangeland allocation in Iran : case of Chadegan sub-region [PhD thesis]
Farahpour, M. \ 2002
rangelands - land use - land use planning - regional planning - resource management - optimization - optimization methods - planning - models - iran - decision support systems
Iguana production: hope or scope? [PhD thesis]
Eilers, C.H.A.M. \ 2002
iguana - farming systems - animal production - agrosilvopastoral systems - marketing - panama - costa rica - nicaragua
Gestion de la fertilité des sols par classe d'exploitation au Mali-Sud [PhD thesis]
Kanté, S. \ 2001
soil fertility - manures - crop residues - nutrients - accounting - farm management - cost benefit analysis - semiarid zones - mali
Formalizing agro-ecological knowledge for future-oriented land use studies [PhD thesis]
Hengsdijk, H. \ 2001
systems analysis - land use - farming systems - design - temporal variation - spatial variation - uncertainty - west africa - costa rica - simulation models - agroecology - agroecosystems
Process-based modeling of the control of beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, with baculoviruses in greenhouse chrysanthemum [PhD thesis]
Bianchi, F.J.J.A. \ 2001
chrysanthemum - biological control - biological control agents - baculovirus - spodoptera exigua - epidemiology - systems analysis - simulation models
Methane emissions from rice paddies : experiments and modelling [PhD thesis]
Bodegom, P.M. van \ 2000
oryza sativa - rice - paddy soils - methane - methane production - microbiology - soil biology - rhizosphere - systems analysis - simulation models

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

Breaking the spiral of unsustainability : an exploratory land use study for Ansai, the Loess Plateau of China [PhD thesis]
Lu, C. \ 2000
land use - sustainability - loess soils - erosion - rural development - land evaluation - land capability - soil suitability - physical planning - simulation models - systems analysis - operations research - optimization - planning - China
Development of a decision support system for individual dairy farms in mixed irrigated farming systems in the Nile Delta [PhD thesis]
Tabana, A. \ 2000
livestock - dairy farming - crops - Egypt - irrigation
Applications of systems simulation for understanding and increasing yield potential of wheat and rice [PhD thesis]
Aggarwal, P.K. \ 2000
triticum - zea mays - quantitative analysis - simulation models - crop yield - yields - factors of production - uncertainty - climatic change - breeding - india
Resource management in a 'De Marke' dairy farming system = Het benutten van grondstoffen op een "De Marke' melkveebedrijf [PhD thesis]
Aarts, H.F.M. \ 2000
dairy farming - farming systems - resource management - nitrogen - nitrates - phosphorus - environment - sandy soils - groundwater - leaching - nutrient balance - nitrogen balance - nitrogen cycle - milk production - milk yield - netherlands - gelderland
Mixed farming : scope and constraints in West African savanna [PhD thesis]
Slingerland, M. \ 2000
farming systems - mixed farming - natural resources - land use - livestock - draught animals - technology transfer - savannas - west africa - animal power - diffusion of research - agricultural extension
An exploratory study to improve the predictive capacity of the crop growth monitoring system as applied by the European Commission [PhD thesis]
Supit, I. \ 2000
wheat - crop yield - sowing date - solar radiation - yield forecasting - simulation models - geographical information systems - growth - european union
Crop residue management in relation to sustainable land use : a case study in Burkina Faso [PhD thesis]
Savadogo, M. \ 2000
animal production - sustainability - animal nutrition - crop residues - burkina faso
Radiation and nitrogen use in wheat and oilseed rape crops [PhD thesis]
Dreccer, M.F. \ 1999
triticum aestivum - brassica napus - wheat - rape - biomass - nitrogen - radiation - use efficiency - photosynthesis - leaves - carbon dioxide
Land use in Europe : a methodology for policy-oriented future studies [PhD thesis]
Latesteijn, H.C. van \ 1999
land use planning - land policy - government policy - arable farming - methodology - simulation models - yield increases - yield losses - soil water balance - agricultural land - environment - europe
An integrated agro-economic and agro-ecological framework for land use planning and policy analysis [PhD thesis]
Mohamed, A.A. \ 1999
land use planning - land use - physical planning - policy - analysis - agroecology
Wetland methane fluxes : upscaling from kinetics via a single root and a soil layer to the plot [PhD thesis]
Segers, R. \ 1999
methane - methane production - mineralization - dynamics - wetlands - environmental factors - soil chemistry - models
Eddy covariance and scintillation measurements of atmospheric exchange processes over different types of vegetation [PhD thesis]
Nieveen, J.P. \ 1999
vegetation types - atmosphere - turbulence - gas exchange - leaf area index - carbon dioxide - water vapour - covariance - analytical methods
Modelling the dynamics of agricultural development : a process approach : the case of Koutiala (Mali) [PhD thesis]
Struif Bontkes, T. \ 1999
agricultural development - farm management - land use - dynamics - simulation models - decision making
A quantitative analysis of inter-specific competition in crops with a row structure [PhD thesis]
Schnieders, B.J. \ 1999
cichorium intybus - senecio vulgaris - solanum nigrum - chenopodium album - brassica oleracea - trifolium - interspecific competition - crop density - row spacing - cover crops - simulation models
Biological control of Botrytis spp. by Ulocladium atrum : an ecological analysis [PhD thesis]
Kessel, G. \ 1999
botrytis cinerea - plant pathogenic fungi - biological control - deuteromycotina - mycelium - dematiaceae
Et demain l'agriculture? : options techniques et mesures politiques pour un developpement agricole durable en Afrique subsaharienne : cas du Cercle de Koutiala en zone sud du Mali [PhD thesis]
Sissoko, K. \ 1998
agricultural development - policy - economic development - sustainability - production - techniques - mali - africa south of sahara - measures
Millet growth in windbreak-shielded fields in the Sahel : experiment and model [PhD thesis]
Mayus, M. \ 1998
pearl millet - windbreaks - microclimate - evapotranspiration - soil water - roots - plant competition - bauhinia - yields - wind erosion - soil degradation - agroforestry - niger - sahel
Understanding growth limitation in wheat and sunflower under low phosphorus conditions [PhD thesis]
Rodriguez, D. \ 1998
wheat - sunflowers - growth - phosphorus
Matching crops and environments : quantifying photothermal influences on reproductive development in bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) [PhD thesis]
Brink, M. \ 1998
grain legumes - growth - crops - fruiting - fruit set - light - photoperiod - photoperiodism - shade - temperature - heat - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - phenology - plants - vigna subterranea
Quantifying the effects of land conditions on rice growth : a case study in the Ebro Delta (Spain) using remote sensing [PhD thesis]
Casanova, D. \ 1998
rice - oryza sativa - soil surveys - mapping - yield increases - yield losses - yields - remote sensing - applications - spain
Soil acidification effects on fine root growth of Douglas-fir on sandy soils [PhD thesis]
Olsthoorn, A.F.M. \ 1998
forestry - fire - pollution - trees - sandy soils - acidification - soil ph - soil acidity - plant physiology - plant development - roots - netherlands - pseudotsuga menziesii
Simulation of growth and competition in mixed stands of Douglas-fir and beech [PhD thesis]
Bartelink, H.H. \ 1998
forestry - mixed forests - growth models - increment - forecasting - plant succession - periodicity - vegetation - trees - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - pseudotsuga menziesii - fagus sylvatica - mixed stands
Influence of grazing regimes on cattle nutrition and performance and vegetation dynamics in Sahelian rangelands [PhD thesis]
Ayantunde, A.A. \ 1998
cattle - grazing systems - rangelands - agropastoral systems - animal nutrition - feed intake - performance - animal production - field crops - manures - vegetation - sahel - arid zones
Uncertainty and temporal aspects in long-term explorations of sustainable land use : with reference to the Northern Atlantic Zone of Costa Rica [PhD thesis]
Bessembinder, J. \ 1997
physical planning - land use - zoning - sustainability - linear programming - operations research - models - research - government policy - agricultural policy - agricultural law - costa rica - Netherlands

Long-term explorations serve to widen the perspectives of decision makers. Biophysical and technical possibilities and constraints are confronted with the valuedriven objectives of stakeholders in Multiple Goal Linear Programming models. Two methodological aspects of long-term explorations are elaborated in this thesis: uncertainty in agro-ecological coefficients and temporal aspects of land use

Bridging the gap between plant physiology and breeding : identifying traits to increase wheat yield potential using systems approaches [PhD thesis]
Bindraban, P.S. \ 1997
triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy - yield increases - yield losses - yields - growth - plant development - leaves - environmental factors - genetic variation - models - research - tropics - subtropics
Biological control of cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii Glover) in cotton (inter)cropping systems in China : a simulation study [PhD thesis]
Xia, J. \ 1997
biological control - insects - beneficial insects - cotton - Aphididae - Coccinellidae - mixed cropping - intercropping - multiple cropping - interplanting - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - China - Aphis gossypii - Coccinella septempunctata
Biological control of Otiorhynchus sulcatus by insect parasitic nematodes, Heterorhabditis spp., at low temperatures : a systems analytical approach [PhD thesis]
Westerman, P.R. \ 1997
biological control - invertebrates - beneficial organisms - insects - plant pests - curculionidae - nematoda - otiorhynchus sulcatus
Simulation and measurement of leaf wetness formation in paddy rice crops [PhD thesis]
Luo, W. \ 1996
oryza sativa - rice - dew - leaves - meteorological factors - simulation - vapour pressure - plant diseases - guttation
The potential of natural enemies to suppress rice leaffolder populations [PhD thesis]
Kraker, J. de \ 1996
insects - insect pests - tortricidae - rice - oryza sativa - host parasite relationships - parasitism - plant protection - biological control - cnaphalocrocis medinalis - marasmia - microlepidoptera
The use of gas exchange characteristics to optimize CA storage and MA packaging of fruits and vegetables [PhD thesis]
Peppelenbos, H.W. \ 1996
foods - food preservation - vegetables - fruit - respiration - catabolism - packing - vegetable products - storage - plant products - aerodynamics - mechanics - gases
Dairy stock development and milk production with smallholders = De ontwikkeling van jongvee en melkproduktie met kleine boeren [PhD thesis]
Jong, R. de \ 1996
dairy cattle - dairy farming - calves - small farms - development projects - planning - lifetime performance
Improving wheat simulation capabilities in Australia from a cropping systems perspective [PhD thesis]
Meinke, H. \ 1996
triticum aestivum - wheat - growth models - cropping systems - simulation - australia
Development of a Computerized Aid to Integrated Land Use Planning (CAILUP) at regional level in irrigated areas : a case study for the Qaun Lo Phung Hiep region in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam [PhD thesis]
Hoanh, C.T. \ 1996
rural planning - rural development - land use - management - physical planning - zoning - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - irrigation - vietnam
Winter oilseed rape : analysis of yield formation and crop type design for higher yield potential [PhD thesis]
Habekotte, B. \ 1996
brassica napus var. oleifera - rape - growth - crops - yield increases - yield losses - yields - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - fruiting - fruit set
Quantifying the effects of temperature and photoperiod on phenological development to flowering in rice [PhD thesis]
Yin, X. \ 1996
rice - oryza sativa - growth - crops - light - photoperiod - photoperiodism - shade - flowering - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models
A mathematical approach to comparing environmental and economic goals in dairy farming on sandy soils in the Netherlands [PhD thesis]
Ven, G.W.J. van de \ 1996
farm results - profitability - dairy cattle - dairy farming - soil - nitrogen - phosphorus - environment - quality - conservation - netherlands
Phenology and growth of European trees in relation to climate change [PhD thesis]
Kramer, K. \ 1996
forestry - phenology - silviculture - forestry practices - growth - environmental factors - climatic change - palaeoclimatology - Europe
Farm household level optimal resource allocation : an explorative study in the limestone area of East Java [PhD thesis]
Rheenen, T. van \ 1995
farming systems - small farms - family farms - work - java - private income
Disease management of leek rust : a study at field, farm and regional level [PhD thesis]
Jong, P.D. de \ 1995
plant pathogenic fungi - pucciniales - puccinia - allium porrum - leeks - plant protection - pest control - disease control - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models
Understanding biological control of greenhouse whitefly with the parasitoid Encarsia formosa : from individual behaviour to population dynamics [PhD thesis]
Roermund, H.J.W. van \ 1995
insects - plant pests - aleyrodidae - biological control - beneficial insects - chalcididae - eulophidae - trichogrammatidae - trialeurodes vaporariorum
Modelling studies of fish production in integrated agriculture - aquaculture systems [PhD thesis]
Dam, A.A. van \ 1995
agriculture - fish culture - management - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - models - theory - research - integrated systems
Towards higher nitrogen efficiency in European rice cultivation : a case study for the Camargue, South of France [PhD thesis]
Stutterheim, N.C. \ 1995
rice - oryza sativa - nitrogen - yield increases - yield losses - yields - growth - plant development - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models
Utilization of respiratory energy in higher plants : requirements for 'maintenance' and transport processes [PhD thesis]
Bouma, T.J. \ 1995
respiration - catabolism - photosynthesis - distribution - nutrient reserves - liquids - absorption - emission - circulation
On the management of a tropical reservoir fishery [PhD thesis]
Pet, J.S. \ 1995
fresh water - fishing - fisheries - management - tropics - fishing grounds - fish catches
Light relations in orchard systems [PhD thesis]
Wagenmakers, P.S. \ 1995
apples - malus - light - photoperiod - photoperiodism - shade - planting - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models
Yielding ability of potato crops as influenced by temperature and daylength [PhD thesis]
Kooman, P.L. \ 1995
growth - crops - solanum tuberosum - potatoes - light - photoperiodism
Land use systems analysis as a tool in land use planning : with special reference to North and West African agro-ecosystems [PhD thesis]
Duivenbooden, N. van \ 1995
ecology - crops - agriculture - phenology - acclimatization - physical planning - land use - zoning - land evaluation - land capability - soil suitability - north africa - west africa - agroecosystems - africa - cote d'ivoire - mali - statistical analysis - data processing

Current methods of land-use planning in various countries are evaluated. The importance of goals, scales, tools and the time-path for attaining goals are discussed.

Photothermal regulation of phenological development and growth in bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) [PhD thesis]
Linnemann, A.R. \ 1994
vigna - cowpeas - light - photoperiodism
On the relation between tillering, leaf area dynamics and growth of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perennne L.) [PhD thesis]
Loo, E.N. van \ 1993
polarity - interactions - roots - shoots - lolium - defoliation
On damage, uncertainty and risk in supervised control : aphids and brown rust in winter wheat as an example [PhD thesis]
Rossing, W.A.H. \ 1993
yield losses - crop losses - assessment - control methods - plant pests - plant diseases - integrated pest management - integrated control - triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy - insects - aphididae
Walking to survive : searching feeding and egg production of carabid beetle Pterostichus coerulescens L. (= Poecilus versicolor Sturm) [PhD thesis]
Mols, P.J.M. \ 1993
Carabidae - animals - feeding behaviour - brood care - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models
Drought resistance in durum wheat [PhD thesis]
Simane, B. \ 1993
plant breeding - edaphic factors - climatic factors - salt tolerance - temperature resistance - cold resistance - drought resistance - triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy
Understanding yield reduction in rice due to leaf blast [PhD thesis]
Bastiaans, L. \ 1993
plant pathogenic fungi - rice - oryza sativa - deuteromycotina - yield losses - crop losses - magnaporthe grisea - moniliaceae

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

Population dynamics of potato cyst nematodes and associated damage to potato [PhD thesis]
Schans, J. \ 1993
plant pests - solanum tuberosum - potatoes - pratylenchus - heteroderidae - tylenchidae - population dynamics
The importance of weather data in crop growth simulation models and assessment of climatic change effects [PhD thesis]
Nonhebel, S. \ 1993
growth - crops - Triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy - climatic change - palaeoclimatology - yield increases - yield losses - yields - models - theory - climatic zones - climatology - agricultural meteorology - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - research
Analysis of yield advantage in mixed cropping [PhD thesis]
Ranganathan, R. \ 1993
mixed cropping - intercropping - multiple cropping - interplanting - yield increases - yield losses - yields
Population dynamics and population control of Galium aparine L. [PhD thesis]
Weide, R.Y. van der \ 1993
rubiaceae - weeds - population dynamics - plant protection - pesticides - galium aparine
Variability in yield of faba beans (Vicia faba L.) [PhD thesis]
Grashoff, C. \ 1992
yield increases - yield losses - yields - vicia faba - faba beans - water - humidity - drought
The use of crop growth simulation in evaluation of large germplasm collections : distribution, variation and evaluation of Syrian durum wheat landraces = [Het gebruik van gewasgroeisimulatie in de evaluatie van grote genenbank collecties : verspreiding, variatie en evaluatie van Syrische durum tarwe landrassen] [PhD thesis]
Elings, A. \ 1992
growth - crops - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - gene banks - genetic resources - germplasm - resource conservation - plant genetic resources
Simulation of wheat ontogenesis [PhD thesis]
Miglietta, F. \ 1992
growth - plant development - triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy - growth stages - crop growth stage - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - models - research
Diffusion in aggregated soil [PhD thesis]
Rappoldt, C. \ 1992
soil structure - soil texture - soil mechanics - particle size distribution - soil air - porosity - soil density - pore volume - fluid mechanics - diffusion - liquids - fluids
Development of an appropriate resource information system to support agricultural management at farm enterprise level : a prototype design for a decision support system in Moghan Agro-industrial Complex, Iran [PhD thesis]
Sharifi, M.A. \ 1992
geographical information systems - information systems - automation - management - physical planning - land use - zoning - yield increases - yield losses - yields - land evaluation - land capability - soil suitability - land use planning - design - development - programs - models - research - farm management - modernization - innovations - decision making - operations research - simulation - work flow - linear programming - iran
Linking X-band radar backscattering and optical reflectance with crop growth models [PhD thesis]
Bouman, B.A.M. \ 1991
growth stages - crop growth stage - field crops - arable farming - remote sensing - applications - yield increases - yield losses - yields - radar - techniques
Identification of the major characteristics of potato cultivars which affect yield loss caused by late blight [PhD thesis]
Oijen, M. van \ 1991
plant pathogenic fungi - solanum tuberosum - potatoes - phytophthora
Pathosystem management of powdery mildew in winter wheat [PhD thesis]
Daamen, R.A. \ 1990
plant pathogenic fungi - triticum aestivum - wheat - hexaploidy - erysiphales - mildews - control methods - plant pests - plant diseases - integrated pest management - integrated control - yield losses - crop losses - assessment - netherlands
Experiments and simulation studies on the system Lolium perenne - Tylenchorhynchus dubius [PhD thesis]
Toom, A.L. den \ 1990
plant pests - lolium - pratylenchus - heteroderidae - tylenchidae - grasslands - tylenchorhynchus
A model of carbon flows in relation to macrobenthic food supply in the Oosterschelde estuary (S.W. Netherlands) [PhD thesis]
Klepper, O. \ 1989
benthos - trophic levels - carbon - eastern scheldt
The interpretation of remote sensing : a feasibility study [PhD thesis]
Dulk, J.A. den \ 1989
remote sensing - photointerpretation - imagery - applications - agriculture - horticulture - field crops - arable farming - soil physical properties - plant ecology - models - research - absorption - reflection
Quantification of SO2 effects on physiological processes, plant growth and crop production [PhD thesis]
Kropff, M. \ 1989
crop damage - smoke - gases - sulfur dioxide

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

Yellowing viruses in sugarbeet : epidemiology and damage [PhD thesis]
Werf, W. van der \ 1988
beet yellows virus - beta vulgaris - crop losses - distribution - epidemiology - luteovirus - plant diseases - plant pests - plant viruses - sugarbeet - yield losses

Het onderzoek had ten doel meer inzicht in de epidemiologie van de bietevergelingsziekte te krijgen, allereerst door methoden te ontwikkelen om de infectiedatum van besmette planten te bepalen, en vervolgens om de invloed van de zaaidatum van het gewas en de infectiedatum op de mate van virusverspreiding te bepalen. Tevens werd de gewasfysiologische basis van de opbrengstreductie onderzocht en werden theoretische berekeningen gemaakt over de relatie tussen vectordruk en de mate van infectie. De gewasontwikkelingsfase op het moment van eerste infectie bleek bepalend te zijn voor de schade en de virusverspreiding

Roots, plant production and nutrient use efficiency [PhD thesis]
Willigen, P. de \ Noordwijk, M. van \ 1987
roots - liquids - absorption
Dynamics of partial anaerobiosis denitrification, and water in soil : experiments and simulation [PhD thesis]
Leffelaar, P.A. \ 1987
anaerobic conditions - computer simulation - denitrification - field capacity - simulation - simulation models - soil - soil water - waterlogging
Simulation of forest growth, applied to douglas fir stands in the Netherlands [PhD thesis]
Mohren, G.M.J. \ 1987
forestry - trees - increment - stand development - stand structure - biomass - measurement - experiments - statistics - simulation - netherlands - plant physiology - silviculture - forestry practices - growth - environmental factors - climate - atmosphere - meteorology - microclimate - soil science - pseudotsuga menziesii

M.b.v. een fysiologisch simulatiemodel van de groei van een bos is de relatie tussen klimaat, bodem en produktie bestudeerd. Het onderzoek is vooral gericht op de belangrijkste groeibeperkende factoren, zoals de mate van kroonsluiting en de beschikbaarheid van water, stikstof en fosfor, waarbij de laatste beide voedingselementen de enige zijn, waarvan de invloed op de primaire produktie in het model is opgenomen. De beschikbaarheid van water, stikstof en fosfor wordt gebruikt om verschillende groeisnelheden op verschillende groeiplaatsen te verklaren m.b.v. bodem- en planteigenschappen. Het model is ontwikkeld en toegepast in gelijkjarige Douglasbossen

Dynamique de la strate herbacee des paturages de la zone sud-sahelienne [PhD thesis]
Cisse, A.M. \ 1986
natural grasslands - rangelands - plant communities - vegetation - research - sahel
Productivity of grasslands under continuous and rotational grazing [PhD thesis]
Lantinga, E.A. \ 1985
ley farming - leys - netherlands - pastures - yield increases - yield losses - yields - rotational pasture

Bij twee beweidingssystemen, omweiden en standweiden, zijn de gewasfysiologische beperkingen voor de gewasproduktie vastgesteld. Dit werd gedaan door het seizoensverloop en de seizoenstotalen van de kooldioxide-assimilatie (bruto gewasproduktie) en de dierlijke produktie te meten. De proeven werden uitgevoerd op zware kleigronden en bij twee niveaus van stikstofbemesting. Ondanks een hogere assimilatie bij het omweiden bleek de dierlijke produktie gelijk, hetgeen te wijten is aan verliezen door bloten en een hogere onderhoudsademhaling. Voor een goede uitvoering van het standweidesysteem werd het gemiddelde seizoensverloop van de gewasproduktie berekend, lange-termijn effecten van stand- en omweiden konden niet bestudeerd worden, maar aanwijzingen voor een gunstig effect van het standweiden zijn aanwezig. Bij vochttekorten blijft de grasproduktie beter op peil en het systeem lijkt minder kwetsbaar voor teveel neerslag

Eten van eigen bodem : een modelstudie [PhD thesis]
Bakker, T.M. \ 1985
food supply - food consumption - economics - demand - netherlands - food production - agricultural production - acreage - models

Dit proefschrift bestaat uit twee artikelen die eerder door het LEI werden gepubliceerd. In het eerste artikel, dat verscheen als Publikatie 1.17, worden de gevolgen geinventariseerd van een eventuele langdurige verstoring in de aanvoer van buitenlandse voedselgrondstoffen naar Nederland. Als mogelijke knelpunten komen daaruit vooral naar voren het beperkte eigen areaal cultuurgrond en de schaarste aan energiedragers. De wiskundig-methodologische achtergronden en de voor het model gebruikte gegevens komen aan de orde in het tweede artikel dat is verschenen als Onderzoeksverslag 18. Daarin wordt nagegaan of de uitkomsten van de verschillende varianten anders zouden zijn geweest, als enkele belangrijke gegevens andere waarden zouden hebben dan in het model is verondersteld

Factors influencing the productivity of irrigated crops in Southern Peru, in relation to prediction by simulation models [PhD thesis]
Versteeg, M.N. \ 1985
agronomy - computer simulation - irrigated farming - peru - simulation - simulation models - yield increases - yield losses - yields
Mathematical analysis and simulation of crop micrometeorology [PhD thesis]
Chen, J. \ 1984
agronomy - agricultural meteorology - microclimate - plants - boundaries - microclimatology - vegetation - interactions - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - mathematical models - research
KUTUN : a morphogenetic model for cotton (Gossypium hirsitum L.) [PhD thesis]
Mutsaers, H.J.W. \ 1982
gossypium - cotton - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - growth
Biological control of two-spotted spider mites using phytoseiid predators [PhD thesis]
Sabelis, M.W. \ 1982
rosaceae - ornamental plants - biological control - invertebrates - beneficial organisms - plant pests - trombidiidae - tetranychus urticae - bryobia - predation - carnivores

Verslag van onderzoek naar de toepassing van roofmijten ter bestrijding van de kasspintmijt in kasrozen. Het onderzoek werd uitgevoerd door middel van een combinatie van experimenten en (computer) modellen. In deel 1 wordt de nadruk gelegd op het individu-niveau. In een vervolg zal te zijner tijd de nadruk komen te liggen op het populatie-niveau

On coexistence : a causal approach to diversity and stability in grassland vegetation [PhD thesis]
Braakhekke, W.G. \ 1980
grasslands - prairies - vegetation - synecology - agriculture

Dit verslag handelt over het functioneren van plantengemeenschappen in graslanden. Voor een goed beheer van vegetaties, voor welk doel dan ook, is inzicht nodig in de relaties tussen de aanwezige plantesoorten en de invloed van de omstandigheden daarbij. Deze relaties zijn bepalend voor de soortenrijkdom en de stabiliteit van de betreffende vegetaties. In stabiele en soortenrijke graslanden leven de individuen van verschillende soorten voortdurend in nauw contact met elkaar. Concurrentie lijkt daarbij nauwelijks te vermijden, aangezien verschillende plantesoorten grotendeels dezelfde voedingsstoffen nodig hebben en de groei van de vegetatie als geheel verondersteld wordt door voedsel beperkt te zijn. Experimenten met grassen hebben geleerd dat concurrentie doorgaans leidt tot wederzijdse verdringing en dus tot soortenarmoede. Klaarblijkelijk is in soortenrijke graslanden de concurrentie verzacht of op zodanige wijze gereguleerd dat de soorten elkaar niet wegconcurreren. De hoofdvraag in dit verslag is: Hoe zien de soorten in een soortenrijk grasland kans om wederzijdse uitsluiting te voorkomen? Een tweede vraag is: Waarom is dit niet mogelijk in soortenarme graslanden, zoals de zwaar bemeste cultuurgraslanden?

Competition and its consequences for selection in barley breeding [PhD thesis]
Spitters, C.J.T. \ 1979
barley - hordeum vulgare - plant breeding

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

The multispectral reflectance of shortwave radiation by agricultural crops in relation with their morphological and optical properties [PhD thesis]
Bunnik, N.J.J. \ 1978
agronomy - leaves - light - photoperiod - photoperiodism - shade - agriculture - remote sensing - absorption - reflection - botany
An analysis of the diurnal course of growth, carbon dioxide exchange and carbohydrate reserve content of cucumber [PhD thesis]
Challa, H. \ 1977
cucumis sativus - cucumbers
Heuristic strategy for scheduling farm operations [PhD thesis]
Elderen, E. van \ 1977
computer simulation - efficiency - farm management - management - simulation - simulation models
Crop micrometeorology : a simulation study [PhD thesis]
Goudriaan, J. \ 1977
microclimate - vegetation - interactions - computer simulation - simulation - simulation models - agricultural meteorology - transpiration - evapotranspiration - models - research

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

Biological control of fruit-tree red spider mite [PhD thesis]
Rabbinge, R. \ 1976
trombidiidae - tetranychus urticae - bryobia - plant pests - plant protection - biological control - apples - malus
Simulation of water use and herbage growth in arid regions [PhD thesis]
Keulen, H. van \ 1975
liquids - absorption - emission - circulation - steppes - plant communities - succulent plants - crops - water requirements - soil water - botany - biometry - plant physiology - reclamation - land development - simulation models - growth - arid zones - fodder grasses - unproductive land
The ionic balance of the sugar-beet plant [PhD thesis]
Egmond, F. van \ 1975
beta vulgaris - sugarbeet - botany
The growth of sun and shade leaves of Populus euramericana "robusta" in relation to age, light intensity and temperature [PhD thesis]
Pieters, G.A. \ 1974
forestry - trees - salicaceae - growth - plant development - plant physiology - growth regulators - populus canadensis
The epidermal resistance to diffusion of water vapour : an improved measuring method and field results in Indian corn (Zea mays) [PhD thesis]
Stigter, C.J. \ 1974
botany - data collection - emission - estimation - leaves - maize - measurement - recording - water vapour - Zea mays
The functional response to prey density in an acarine system [PhD thesis]
Fransz, H.G. \ 1974
biological control - invertebrates - beneficial organisms - plant pests - Acari - mites - acarology - ecology - animal behaviour - habits - predation - zoology - economic zoology

cum laude graduation (with distinction)

Substrate utilization and respiration in relation to growth and maintenance in higher plants [PhD thesis]
Penning de Vries, F.W.T. \ 1973
growth - respiration - catabolism - metabolism - plant nutrition - assimilation - chemical analysis - exposure - environmental degradation - kinetics - ecotoxicology
An analysis of yields of grasses in mixed and pure stands [PhD thesis]
Bergh, J.P. van den \ 1968
harvesting - grasslands - agriculture - botany - cultivation - cultural methods - fodder grasses
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