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A selection of the new acquisitions is placed on the library's display shelves. Below you can take a look at the digital versions of the display shelves of Forum, Leeuwenborch Library and LEI Information Centre

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Once a month a list of the acquisitions of Wageningen UR libraries is published. When you subscribe to an acquisitions list, it will be sent to you every month by e-mail.

Last month's acquisitions lists from the following libraries are also available here:Subscribe to this acquisitions list by e-mailing:
FORUMLibrary FORUMforum.library@wur.nl
GLASLibrary Applied Plant Research, division Glasshouse culturekate.landzaat@wur.nl
LEEUWLeeuwenborch Libraryleeuw.library@wur.nl
LEILEI Informatiecentruminformatiecentrum.lei@wur.nl
PLATAXBiosystematics Group Libraryplatax.library@wur.nl
PPOAKLibrary Applied Plant Research, division arable farming and field production of vegetablesfrancisca.wubben@wur.nl
PPOBBFLibrary Applied Plant Research, division Bulbs and division Treesellen.vanbreda@wur.nl
PPOFRLibrary Applied Plant Research, division Fruitfrancisca.wubben@wur.nl
VHLLibrary VHLangelique.vanlimbeek@wur.nl
WWWElectronically available documentsservicedesk.library@wur.nl

Older aquisitions lists

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