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Topografische atlas 1:25.000 - Topografische atlas van Limburg [Map]
Termeulen, T. \ Kersbergen, R. \ Topografische Dienst Kadaster \ cop. 2014
topografie - nederland - limburg - naslagwerken
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Rachel Carson and her sisters : extraordinary women who have shaped America's environment [Monograph]
Musil, R.K. \ 2014
In Rachel Carson and Her Sisters, Robert K. Musil redefines the achievements and legacy of environmental pioneer and scientist Rachel Carson, linking her work to a wide network of American women activists and writers and introducing her to a new, con ...
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Other Reference Works

Acronyms and abbreviations in natural science and technology : English-German = Akronyme und Abbreviata aus Naturwissenschaft und Technik : Englisch-Deutsch [Monograph] - 4., expanded and revised edition
Bohm, J. \ 2014
The language of modern science and engineering resorts increasingly to abbreviations, so called acronyms. Most of them are derived from English language expressions. Their use in professional publications expands. Often times, these abbreviations are ...
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Basic Sciences


Applied longitudinal data analysis : modeling change and event occurrence [Monograph]with datasets and additional material
Singer, J.D. \ Willett, J.B. \ 2003
Change is constant in everyday life. Infants crawl and then walk, children learn to read and write, teenagers mature in myriad ways, the elderly become frail and forgetful. Beyond these natural processes and events, external forces and interventions ...
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Inleiding kwantummechanica - Atomic structure [Lecture notes]
Vergeldt, F.J. \ 2014
kwantummechanica - atomen - fysica
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Response of the photosynthetic system to altered protein composition and changes in environmental conditions [PhD thesis]
Tóth, T. \ 2014
fotosynthese - in vivo experimenten - spectroscopie - plantenpigmenten - eiwitsamenstelling - cadmium
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11th International Precipitation Conference 2013 : 30 June-3 July 2013 Ede-Wageningen, The Netherlands [Conference proceedings]
Leijnse, H. \ Uijlenhoet, R. \ Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute \ Wageningen University \ [2013]
neerslag - meteorologie - klimatologie
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Development of interim guidance for the inclusion of non-extractable residues (NER) in the risk assessment of chemicals [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
residuen - chemicaliën - risicoschatting
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Post combustion CO2 capture with substituted ethanolamines and piperazines : Ab initio and DFT studies [PhD thesis]
Gangarapu, S. \ 2014
kooldioxide - ethanolamine - piperazinen - verbranding - oplosmiddelen - computationele chemie
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Specific conversion of amino acids as a means for their separation [PhD thesis]
Teng, Y. \ 2014
aminozuren - scheiding - elektrodialyse - conversie - chemicaliën uit biologische grondstoffen
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Understanding the relationship between extraction technique and bioavailability [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
extractie - technieken - biologische beschikbaarheid
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Land use and land cover dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon: understanding human-environmental interactions [PhD thesis]
Souza Soler, L. de \ 2014
dynamiek van het ruimtegebruik - ontbossing - amazonas - brazilië - remote sensing
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Social Sciences and Humanities

Social Sciences

The dynamics of social practice : everyday life and how it changes [Monograph]
Shove, E. \ Pantzar, M. \ Watson, M. \ 2012
Everyday life is defined and characterised by the rise, transformation and fall of social practices. Using terminology that is both accessible and sophisticated, this essential book guides the reader through a multi-level analysis of this dynamic. Ap ...
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Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginners [Monograph] - fourth editionCompanion website
Kumar, R. \ 2014
This book has been written specifically for those with no previous experience of research or research methodology. Written in a logical and accessible style and providing helpful techniques and examples, it breaks the process of designing and doing a ...
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Communication Studies

The discursive other dynamics in plant scientists' talk on Phytophthora with experts and the public [PhD thesis]
Mogendorff, K.G. \ 2014
In toenemende mate wordt van wetenschappers verlangd dat ze technologieën ontwikkelen die nuttig zijn voor en in de samenleving. Het proefschrift The discursive Other kijkt naar hoe plantonderzoekers deze verwachting oppakken. Het proefschrift analys ...
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Enjoy writing your science thesis or dissertation! : a step by step guide to planning and writing dissertations and theses for undergraduate and graduate science students [Monograph] - 2nd edition
Fisher, E. \ Thomson, R. \ [2014]
This book is a step by step illustrated guide to planning and writing dissertations and theses for undergraduate and graduate science students. Topics covered include advice on writing each section of a thesis as well as general discussions on collec ...
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Participatory farm management methods for agricultural research and extension : a training manual [Monograph]
Galpin, M. \ Dorward, P. \ Shepherd, D. \ 2000
landbouwvoorlichting - voorlichting - opleiding - landbouwkundig onderzoek - agrarische bedrijfsvoering
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Pretesting communication materials : with special emphasis on child health and nutrition education : a manual for trainers and supervisors [Monograph]
Haaland, A. \ 1984
gezondheid van kinderen - voedingseducatie - communicatie
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Scientific writing and communication : papers, proposals, and presentations [Monograph] - Second edition
Hofmann, A.H. \ [2014]
This book covers all the areas of scientific communication that a scientist needs to know and to master in order to successfully promote his or her research and career. This handbook begins with a discussion of the basics of scientific writing style ...
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Stimulating agriculture : a manual for training agricultural extension workers [Monograph]
Moss, G. \ 1986
landbouwvoorlichting - voorlichting - opleiding - landbouw
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The book : a global history [Monograph] - First edition
Suarez, M.F. \ Woudhuysen, H.R. \ 2013
This concise edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Book, comprising 54 articles in one volume with three new essays specifically written for this edition, covering censorship, copyright and intellectual property, and the history of ...
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Marketing library and information services - II : a global outlook [Monograph]
Gupta, D.K. \ Koontz, C. \ cop. 2013
With contributions from library and information professionals (practitioners, researchers, faculty members, consultants, and others), Marketing Library and Information Services: A Global Outlook highlights a variety of exemplary LIS marketing practic ...
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Burgermacht op eigen kracht? : een brede verkenning van ontwikkelingen in burgerparticipatie [Monograph]
Houwelingen, P. van \ Boele, A. \ Dekker, P. \ Ross, J. \ 2014
sociale participatie - nederland
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In the shadow of the tree : kinship, property and inheritance among farm families [PhD thesis]
Haan, H. de \ 1994
sociologie - plattelandsgemeenschappen - familiebedrijven, landbouw - verwantschap - gezinnen - nederland - recht - overerving - landbouw - overijssel
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Mending new communities after involuntary resettlement in the Philippines and Indonesia [PhD thesis]
Quetulio-Navarra, M. \ 2014
bevolkingsverplaatsing - migratie - gemeenschappen - sociaal kapitaal - social network analysis - bevolkingsgroepen met een laag inkomen - huishoudens - filippijnen - indonesië
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Networking, social capital and gender roles in the cotton system in Benin [PhD thesis]
Maboudou Alidou, G. \ 2014
katoen - productie - boeren - landbouwhuishoudens - boerenorganisaties - sociaal kapitaal - netwerken - geslacht (gender) - strategieën voor levensonderhoud - benin
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Social classes in agrarian societies [Monograph]
Stavenhagen, R. \ Hellman, J.A. \ 1975
boerenstand - sociale klassen - onderontwikkeling - ontwikkelingslanden - plattelandssamenleving
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Disaster studies

Cultivating seeds for peace : assessment of the seeds for peace program of the Sudanese Women's Voice for Peace and the partnership between SWVP and Pax Christi The Netherlands [Monograph]
Leeuwen, M. van \ 2004
ontwikkelingsprogramma's - vrede - conflict - internationale samenwerking
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Evaluation of 11 years relief and emergency support by Dutch Consortium to northern Iraq [Monograph]
Hilhorst, D. \ Vervest, M.J. \ Waegeningh, C. van \ 2003
noodhulp - nederland - iraq kurdi - koerdistan - humanitaire hulp
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Gender and humanitarian aid : a literature review of policy and practice [Monograph]
Dijkhorst, H. van \ Vonhof, S. \ 2005
geslacht (gender) - humanitaire hulp - literatuuroverzichten
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Gender Studies

Krimp in de kinderopvang : ouders over kinderopvang en werk [Monograph]
Portegijs, W. \ Cloïn, M. \ Merens, A. \ Ross, J. \ Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau \ 2014
Door bezuinigingen is de kinderopvangtoeslag verlaagd en de opvang voor ouders daardoor de laatste jaren duurder geworden. Het leidde tot een storm van protesten. Belangenbehartigers voorspelden dat veel ouders de opvang zouden stopzetten en met name ...
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Leisure, Recreation, Tourism

100 jaar W.S.R. Argo : de Rijn stroomt voor ons [Monograph]
Ammerdorffer, A. \ Wageningse Studenten Roeivereniging Argo \ Stichting Lustrumboek Argo 100 jaar \ [2014]
roeien - sportorganisaties - studenten - lokale geschiedenis - gelderland
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The art of instruction : vintage educational charts from the 19th and 20th centuries [Monograph]
Van der Schueren, K. \ [2011]
lesmaterialen - afbeelden - plantkunde - zoölogie - documentreproductie - illustraties
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Geleerde lessen : over leren en werken, opleiden en innoveren in de agrarische sector [Monograph]
Rütte, R.J.M. le \ Nieuwenhuis, A.F.M. \ Schans, P. van der \ 1999
agrarisch onderwijs - nederland - innovaties
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Leergeld : veranderingen in de financiële positie van het voortgezet onderwijs en verschillen tussen schoolbesturen [Monograph]
Herweijer, L. \ Eggink, E. \ Pommer, E. \ Jonker, J.-J. \ Ooms, I. \ Ross, J. \ 2014
Enkele jaren geleden ontstonden er financiële problemen in het voortgezet onderwijs. Veel schoolbesturen kregen te maken met tekorten. Wij onderzochten hoe de inkomsten en uitgaven van het voortgezet onderwijs zich hebben ontwikkeld sinds het eind va ...
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Pedagogy of the oppressed [Monograph] - Fifteenth printing
Freire, P. \ Ramos, M.B. \ [1970]
onderwijstheorie - geletterdheid - sociale klassen
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Practices of international trade [Monograph] - 3rd rev. ed
Geuns, O. van \ Weaver, A.B. \ 1998
This text is used in the third year of the international class at the HES Amsterdam Business School to teach students the mechanisms of international product trade.
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Räumliche Organisation des Güterverkehrs [Monograph]
Herrmann, H. \ Eltges, M. \ Kaltenbrunner, R. \ 2014
verkeer - transport - organisatie
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The theory of monopoly capitalism : an elaboration of Marxian political economy [Monograph]
Foster, J.B. \ cop. 1986
This is the first systematic discussion of the Marxian political economy of Paul Baran, Paul Sweezy, Harry Magdoff, and Samir Amin. John Foster explains their theoretical contributions and situates these in the context of on-going debates on economic ...
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Development Studies

Crop yields and global food security : will yield increase continue to feed the world? [Monograph]
Fischer, T. \ Byerlee, D. \ Edmeades, G. \ 2014
This reference book describes the opportunities for crop yield increase to feed the world to 2050. It is aimed at agricultural scientists and economists, decision-makers in the food production industry, concerned citizens and tertiary students. It in ...
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The rise & fall of development theory [Monograph]
Leys, C. \ 1996
ontwikkelingseconomie - economische theorie - ontwikkelingslanden - economisch beleid
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Scientific student conference 2011 Euroleague for life sciences : can agriculture feed the world? : 20 October - 21 October 2011, Wageningen, The Netherlands [Conference proceedings]
Brascamp, F. \ Niekerk, J. van \ [2011]
landbouw - voedselzekerheid
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Sustainable food systems : building a new paradigm [Monograph]
Marsden, T. \ Morley, A. \ 2014
In response to the challenges of a growing population and food security, there is an urgent need to construct a new agri-food sustainability paradigm. This book brings together an integrated range of key social science insights exploring the contribu ...
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Agricultural Economics

Agricultural policies and world markets [Monograph]
McCalla, A.F. \ Josling, T.E. \ cop. 1985
landbouwbeleid - wereldmarkten - landbouw - economische aspecten - staat - internationale betrekkingen - wereld
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Management studies, Business Administration, Organizational Science

Scenario planning in organizations : how to create, use, and assess scenarios [Monograph]
Chermack, T.J. \ cop. 2011
Scenario planning helps leaders, executives and decision-makers envision and develop strategies for multiple possible futures instead of just one. It enables organizations to become resilient and agile, carefully calibrating their responses and adapt ...
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Sustainable reverse logistics for household plastic waste [PhD thesis]
Bing, X. \ 2014
logistiek - huishoudens - afval - duurzaamheid (sustainability) - kunststoffen - modelleren - transport - kosten
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Labour Studies

Farm work simplification [Monograph]
Vaughan, L.M. \ Hardin, L.S. \ 1949
arbeid in de landbouw - arbeidsomstandigheden - vereenvoudiging van het werk - werk
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From agricultural to food law : the new scenario : proceedings of the European Food Law Association 19th International Scientific Congress [Monograph]
Rodríguez Fuentes, V. \ 2014
The differences between agricultural law and food law are becoming progressively blurred. This is only natural because both intend to control that food products placed in the market are safe and respond to a certain standard of quality. In their pres ...
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Public Administration

The problem with Nigeria [Monograph]
Sanda, Bukola \ 1984
nigeria - afrika - staatsregering - overheidsbeleid
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Public innovation through collaboration and design [Monograph]
Ansell, C. \ Torfing, J. \ 2014
While innovation has long been a major topic of research and scholarly interest for the private sector, it is still an emerging theme in the field of public management. While ‘results-oriented’ public management may be here to stay, scholars and prac ...
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Political Science

After the fall : the failure of communism and the future of socialism [Monograph]
Blackburn, R. \ 1991
communisme - socialisme - centraal-europa
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Agenda setting, policies, and political systems : a comparative approach [Monograph]
Green-Pedersen, C. \ Walgrave, S. \ 2014
Before making significant policy decisions, political actors and parties must first craft an agenda designed to place certain issues at the center of political attention. The agenda-setting approach in political science holds that the amount of atten ...
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International politics : a framework for analysis [Monograph] - 7th ed
Holsti, K.J. \ cop. 1995
For junior level courses in International Relations or World Politics in Departments of Political Science.This text provides an integrated framework for analysis of international politics by linking various approaches of study into a coherent whole. ...
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Curiosity and responsibility : philosophy in relation to healthy food and living conditions [Speech]
Verweij, M. \ [2014]
The curious philosopher often answers questions by raising further, more fundamental questions. How can this be fruitful and practical in the context of Wageningen University? Philosophy offers critical reflection on conceptual and normative assumpti ...
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The good society : a personal account of its struggle with the world of social planning and a dialectical inquiry into the roots of radical practice [Monograph]
Friedmann, J. \ cop. 1979
sociale ethiek - sociaal beleid - levensomstandigheden - theorie
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Ideology of/in the natural sciences [Monograph]
Rose, H. \ Rose, S. \ cop. 1980
wetenschap - ideologie - filosofie - sociale gevolgen
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Vallende kwartjes : een slimme selectie van leesbare wetenschap [Monograph] - 5e dr
Smeets, I. \ Haring, B. \ 2012
De wetenschap toegankelijk gemaakt, voor iedereen die verder wil kijken dan het abstracte. Wetenschap lijkt ingewikkeld en moeilijk te doorgronden. Toch bestaan er verhalen die wetenschap in één keer duidelijk maken, pareltjes die ineens het kwartje ...
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'Welgelegen' te Eastermar : een particuliere zuivelfabriek 1904-1964 [Monograph]
Bosma, E. \ [2013]
zuivelindustrie - nederland - historische plaatsen - geschiedenis
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Accounting for United States economic growth, 1929-1969 [Monograph]
Denison, E.F. \ cop. 1974
economische ontwikkeling - economie - economische groei - vs - geschiedenis
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Against all odds : a chronicle of the Eritrean revolution [Monograph]
Connell, D. \ 1993
onafhankelijkheid - geschiedenis - eritrea - revolutie - kolonialisme
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Against the grain : the dilemma of project food aid [Monograph]
Jackson, T. \ Eade, D. \ 1982
Though they sound impeccably benign, food aid projects have come under increasing attack in their twenty-odd years of existence. Jackson's polemic (as he calls it) focuses primarily on field experience with the use of food in development projects and ...
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The age of capital, 1848-1875 [Monograph]
Hobsbawm, E.J. \ 1977
In this book, Eric Hobsbawm chronicles the events and trends that led to the triumph of private enterprise and its exponents in the years between 1848 and 1875. Along with Hobsbawm's other volumes, this book constitutes and intellectual key to the or ...
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A comparison of national output and productivity of the United Kingdom and the United States [Monograph]
Paige, D. \ Bombach, G. \ 1959
bruto nationaal product - productiviteit - vs - verenigd koninkrijk - geschiedenis
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The decline of the British economy [Monograph]
Elbaum, B. \ Lazonick, W. \ 1986
This book attributes the long-term relative decline of the British economy to rigidities in institutions, established during a British-dominated nineteenth-century era of competitive capitalism. Institutional structures once conducive to economic dev ...
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Erfgoed van de Brabanders : verleden met een toekomst [Monograph]
Oudheusden, J. van \ Bolsius, M. \ Stichting Erfgoed Brabant \ 2014
cultureel erfgoed - lokale geschiedenis - cultuurlandschap - noord-brabant
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Interpretación del desarrollo social centroamericano : proceso y estructuras de una sociedad dependiente [Monograph] - setima edicion
Torres Rivas, E. \ 1981
centraal-amerika - geschiedenis - staatsorganisatie
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Land, ecology and resistance in Kenya, 1880-1952 [Monograph]
Mackenzie, A.F.D. \ [1998]
This book examines the gender and class dimensions of resistance to colonial rule in the context of struggles over the control and use of land in Murang'a (then Fort Hall) District in Kenya between 1880-1952.
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Long road to Delano [Monograph] - First edition
Kushner, S. \ [1975]
land- en tuinbouwbonden - vakbonden - californië - vs - landarbeiders - geschiedenis
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Oriental despotism : a comparative study of total power [Monograph]
Wittfogel, K.A. \ 1981
militarisme - politieke systemen - midden-oosten - azië - geschiedenis
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Power and need in Africa [Monograph]
Wisner, B. \ 1989
afrika - levensomstandigheden - sociale kwesties - sociale ontwikkeling
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Southern California : an island on the land [Monograph]
MacWilliams, C. \ cop. 2010
californië - lokale geschiedenis - geschiedenis - vs
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Stollwerck 1839-1932 : Unternehmerfamilie und Familienunternehmen [Monograph]
Junggeburth, T. \ [2014]
kapitaalvennootschappen - duitsland - geschiedenis
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Teamster rebellion [Monograph] - [1st ed.]
Dobbs, F. \ 1972
The 1934 strikes that built the industrial union movement in Minneapolis and helped pave the way for the CIO, recounted by a central leader of that battle. The first in a four-volume series on the class-struggle leadership of the strikes and organizi ...
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Les temps du travail : normes, pratiques, évolutions (XIVe-XIXe siècle) [Monograph]
Maitte, C. \ Terrier, D. \ 2014
arbeid (werk) - werkuren - arbeidsomstandigheden - geschiedenis
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Trends in American economic growth, 1929-1982 [Monograph]
Denison, E.F. \ 1985
economische ontwikkeling - vs - economie - geschiedenis - economische groei
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Unequal development : an essay on the social formations of peripheral capitalism [Monograph]
Amin, S. \ Pearce, B. \ cop. 1976
kapitalisme - socialisme - ontwikkelingslanden - economische ontwikkeling - geschiedenis
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Wilke Roelf Hesse (1894-1987) : een biografische schets [Monograph]
Buursma, A. \ 1998
lokale geschiedenis - agrarische geschiedenis - boeren - groningen - biografieën
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De geschiedenis van Westerwolde - 2: De bevolking [Monograph]
Oorschot, A.C. van \ Brood, P. \ 1992
lokale geschiedenis - plattelandsgemeenschappen - groningen
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De geschiedenis van Westerwolde - 4: De kerken [Monograph]
Buursma, A. \ Knottnerus, O.S. \ Brood, P. \ 1995
religie - lokale geschiedenis - plattelandsgemeenschappen - groningen
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De geschiedenis van Westerwolde - 3: De middelen van bestaan [Monograph]
Post, F. \ Oorschot, A.C. van \ Heide, J.J. v.d. \ Kooij, P. \ 1993
middelen van bestaan - agrarische geschiedenis - plattelandsgemeenschappen - groningen
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De geschiedenis van Westerwolde - 6: Welzijn, gezondheid en onderwijs [Monograph]
Sleebe, V. \ Brood, P. \ 1997
rurale welzijnszorg - gezondheidszorg - onderwijs - plattelandsgemeenschappen - lokale geschiedenis
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Agrotechnology and Food Sciences


Computational hydraulics : numerical methods and modelling [Monograph]
Popescu, I. \ 2014
'Computational Hydraulics' introduces the concept of modeling and the contribution of numerical methods and numerical analysis to modeling. It provides a concise and comprehensive description of the basic hydraulic principles, and the problems addres ...
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Evolution of sanitation and wastewater technologies through the centuries [Monograph]
Angelakis, A.N. \ Rose, J.B. \ 2014
Most of the technological developments relevant to water supply and wastewater date back to more than to five thousand years ago. These developments were driven by the necessity to make efficient use of natural resources, to make civilizations more r ...
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Role of protein-protein interactions on protein aggregation and emulsion flocculation [PhD thesis]
Delahaije, R.J.B.M. \ 2014
methaanproductie - elektrochemie - kooldioxide - elektrolyse - microbiële brandstofcellen - duurzame energie
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RRB4 : fourth international conference on renewable resources and biorefineries : 1-4 June, WTC Rotterdam, The Netherlands [Conference proceedings]
Hellemond, E. van \ Straathof, A. \ Wessels, H. \ [2008]
bioraffinage - vervangbare hulpbronnen - biobased economy
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Agricultural Engineering

Farm buildings [Monograph]
Foster, W.A. \ Carter, D.G. \ 1922
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Farm structures [Monograph]
Barre, H.J. \ Sammet, L.L. \ 1950
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Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Separation of isoflavones form okara : process mechanisms & synthesis [PhD thesis]
Jankowiak, L. \ 2014
sojaproducten - isoflavonen - extractie - bijproducten
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Food Sciences

Analysis and stability of fatty acid esterified xanthophylls from microalgae [PhD thesis]
Weesepoel, Y. \ 2014
xanthofyllen - astaxanthine - stabiliteit - kleurstoffen in voedsel - algen - estervorming
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The appetizing and satiating effects of odours [PhD thesis]
Ramaekers, M.G. \ 2014
geurstoffen - eetlust - verzadigdheid - sensorische evaluatie - voedingsgewoonten
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Designed enzyme preparations for the hydrolysis of corn silage polysaccharides [PhD thesis]
Neumüller, K.G. \ 2014
maïskuilvoer - xylaan - industriële enzymen - hydrolyse
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Eignung polyphenolhaltiger Pflanzenextrakte zur Substitution von Schwefelverbindungen am Beispiel von Trockenfrüchten [PhD thesis]
Wessels, B. \ 2014
gedroogde voedingsmiddelen - fruit - polyfenolen - plantextracten - antioxidanten
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Einfluss der Fermentationsbedingungen auf die funktionellen Eigenschaften der Exopolysaccharide von Lactobacillus rhamnosus DSM 20711 [PhD thesis]
Beierle, E. \ 2014
lactobacillus rhamnosus - fermentatie - polysacchariden
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Introducing enzyme selectivity as a quantitative parameter to describe the effects of substrate concentration on protein hydrolysis [PhD thesis]
Butré, Claire I. \ 2014
eiwitten - eiwittechnologie - eiwitafbraak - hydrolyse - enzymen - concentratie
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Microorganisms and fermentation of traditional foods [Monograph]
Ray, R.C. \ Didier, M. \ [2015]
The first volume in a series covering the latest information in microbiology, biotechnology, and food safety aspects, this book is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on fermentation of traditional foods and beverages, such as cereal and milk prod ...
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Een oriëntatie op de consumentenaspecten van Novel Protein Foods [Monograph]
Bruin, P. de \ 1995
nieuwe voedingsmiddelen - eiwitrijke voedingsmiddelen - consumenten - houding van consumenten
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Physiological and molecular adaptations of Lactococcus lactis to near-zero growth conditions [PhD thesis]
Ercan, O. \ 2014
lactococcus lactis - adaptatiefysiologie - voedselmicrobiologie - groeitempo - groeispanning - transcriptomica - metabolomica
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Untersuchung des Prozesses zur Herstellung eines Polyphenolpräparates aus Reststoffen der Zwiebelverarbeitung [PhD thesis]
Kühn, S. \ 2014
uien - residuen - polyfenolen - plantenresten - functionele voedingsmiddelen
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Food Products

Quality of pasteurised pineapple juice in the context of the Beninese marketing system [PhD thesis]
Hounhouigan, M.H. \ 2014
ananassen - ananassap - pasteurisatie - voedselkwaliteit - marketing van voedingsmiddelen - benin
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Non-food Products

Self-healing polymers : from principles to applications [Monograph]
Binder, W.H. \ [2013]
Self-healing is a well-known phenomenon in nature: a broken bone merges after some time and if skin is damaged, the wound will stop bleeding and heals again. This concept can be mimicked in order to create polymeric materials with the ability to rege ...
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Human Nutrition

Food for students : the best recipes for your student life [Monograph] - First edition
Laven, S. \ Vaane, E. \ Lelieveld, S. \ Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centrum \ 2014
Your time at univerity entails more than mere studying. It also involves meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, and widening your horizins. Sharing meals is an easy and natural way to do just that. By exploring different mealtimes and occa ...
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Improving diets and nutrition : food-based approaches [Monograph]
Thompson, B. \ Amoroso, L. \ [2014]
Nutrition-sensitive, food-based approaches towards hunger and malnutrition are effective, sustainable and long-term solutions. This book discusses the policy, strategic, methodological, technical and programmatic issues associated with such approache ...
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Iodine status in children : time trends, major dietary predictors and interpretational implications [PhD thesis]
Johner, S.A.M. \ 2014
kinderen - jodium - dieet - deficiëntie - hersenziekten - duitsland - jodiumhoudend zout
more info ...
Nutritive and endocrine-metabolic influences on long-term blood pressure development during growth [PhD thesis]
Krupp, D. \ 2014
bloeddruk - hypertensie - voeding - endocriene ziekten - groei - fruit - groenten - zout
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Activity-based relationships for aquatic ecotoxicology data : use of the activity approach to strengthen MoA [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
Two ECETOC Task Forces on the risk assessment of PBTs have produced recommendations to enable the risk assessment of materials of high concern under REACH and other regulatory programs. In the first task force, one key approach for development of a m ...
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Addendum to TR114 : technical basis for the TRA v3.1 [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2014
blootstelling - toxicologie
more info ...
Environmental exposure assessment of ionisable organic compounds [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
organische verbindingen - blootstelling - risicoschatting - milieu
more info ...
Evaluation of systemic health effects following dermal exposure to chemicals [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
blootstelling - gezondheid - chemicaliën - risico - risicoschatting - toxicologie
more info ...
Poorly soluble particles/lung overload [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
deeltjes - toxiciteit - longen - gezondheid
more info ...
Efficacy and safety of antidotes for acute poisoning by cyanides - Volume 1 [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
cyaniden - vergiftiging - antidota - ontgiftingsmiddelen
more info ...
Efficacy and safety of antidotes for acute poisoning by cyanides - 2: Volume II [Monograph]
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) \ 2013
cyaniden - vergiftiging - antidota - ontgiftingsmiddelen
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Environmental Sciences and Forestry

Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems

Assessing water stress of desert vegetation using remote sensing : the case of the Tamarugo forest in the Atacama Desert (Northern Chile) [PhD thesis]
Chávez, R.O. \ 2014
waterstress - woestijnen - vegetatie - remote sensing - bossen - waterbeheer - ecosystemen - droogte - adaptatie - chili
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Physical Planning

Informeller Urbanismus [Monograph]
Hermann, H. \ Eltges, M. \ Kaltenbrunner, R. \ 2014
Über lange Zeit war die Fachdiskussion über Informalität in der Stadtentwicklung auf Entwicklungsländer und Krisenregionen bezogen und mit fehlenden formellen Regelungsstrukturen und notdürftigen Infrastrukturen, nicht selten mit Illegalität assoziie ...
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Verbindingszone Knardijk inrichtingsvoorstel [Monograph]
Hund, K. \ 1997
habitatverbindingszones - regionale planning - plattelandsplanning - landschapsecologie - flevoland
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Landscape Architecture

Amsterdamse grachtentuinen : het verborgen groen van de stad [Monograph] - Geheel herziene uitgave
Albrecht, S. \ Grever, T. \ Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam \ 2014
De eeuwenoude grachtenhuizen van Amsterdam zijn over de hele wereld beroemd. Veel minder bekend is de groene pracht van de tuinen die daarachter verscholen liggen. Een aantal tuinen is het hele jaar toegankelijk, maar andere zijn slechts tweemaal per ...
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DeltaLab designing delta ecosystems: the Ebro delta [Student report]
Caspani, D. \ 2014
Aim of this Master Thesis is to produce a series of designs at different scale levels in order to revitalize the Ebro landscape and reactivate its natural attitude of evolving system.
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Farming the sun : design strategies for solar parks in Noord-Brabant [Student report]
Yang, F. \ 2014
The objective of this thesis was to find out the possible areas for new solar parks in Noord-Brabant and reduce some negative environmental impacts of the solar parks by using design strategies. From academic point of view, the objective was to find ...
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IABR-2014 : urban by nature : 6th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 29 May-24 August 2014 [Monograph]
Brugmans, G. \ Strien, J. \ Aboutaleb, A. \ International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam \ 2014
The catalog of the 6th edition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam contains a detailed description of the exhibition URBAN BY NATURE– and of all of the projects that are part of it. Dirk Sijmons contributes an introduction to the the ...
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Murmur of limits: evoking the sensuous encounter between ecological phenomena and humans [Student report]
Valcarlos, N. \ cop. 2014
The purpose of this research is to describe the realm of human experience in the milieu of nature, in order to make available aesthetic knowledge for future ecological restoration projects. The research makes use of a case study, the southern coast o ...
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Textbook of landscape gardening : designed especially for the use of non-professional students [Monograph]
Waugh, F.A. \ 1922
landschap - landschapsarchitectuur - tuinieren
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Urban and ecological ambitions unified in a waterproof environment : a landscape based design approach for pilot area Veenendaal-oost [Student report]
Winter, H. de \ 2014
The main goal of this thesis is to provide a design and a design process which can serve as inspiration for other urban development areas in climate change risk areas. The focus of this study lies on the effect of climate change for the urban water s ...
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Waddendijkland voor Fryslân : verkenning van principes voor duurzame recreatie en toerisme in een landschapsontwerp voor de Friese waddenkust [Student report]
Lee, L. van der \ 2014
Het doel van het onderzoek is om inzicht te geven in de mogelijkheden om aan de hand van ruimtelijk relevante principes te komen tot een landschapontwerp voor recreatie en toerisme die bijdragen aan de duurzame ontwikkeling van een gebied. Dit wordt ...
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Zwischen Erhalt, Aufwertung und Gentrifizierung : Quartiere und Wohnungsbestände im Wandel [Monograph]
Herrmann, H. \ Eltges, M. \ Kaltenbrunner, R. \ 2014
huisvesting - woningmarkt
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From basalts to badlands : modelling long-term landscape response to lava damming of an upland catchment in western Turkey [PhD thesis]
Gorp, W. van \ 2014
landschap - geologie - landinrichting - evolutie - modelleren - stroomgebieden - tektoniek - vulkanische lava - pleistoceen - turkije
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Soil Science

Actualisatie bodemkaart veengebieden : deelgebied 1 en 2 in Noord Nederland [Monograph]
Vries, F. de \ Brus, D.J. \ Kempen, B. \ Brouwer, F. \ Heidema, A.H. \ 2014
De bodemkaart onderscheidt allerlei bodemtypen met veenlagen ondiep in het profiel. Door oxidatie en klink neemt de veendikte geleidelijk af. Hierdoor treedt er een verschuiving op in bodemtypen; moerige gronden veranderen in minerale gronden en veen ...
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The adsorption of some organic compounds, especially herbicides, on clay minerals [PhD thesis]
Frissel, M.J. \ 1961
absorptie - adsorptie - kleimineralen - gewasbescherming - herbiciden - pesticiden - pesticidenresiduen - persistentie - organische verbindingen
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Bodemfauna en decompositie [Lecture notes]
Wageningen Universiteit \ 2014
bodemfauna - bodembiologie - bodeminvertebraten - decompositie
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Invloed van het bodemmilieu op ontwikkeling en activiteit van het wortelstelsel [PhD thesis]
Lieshout, J.W. van \ 1960
veldgewassen - akkerbouw - plantenfysiologie - plantenontwikkeling - wortels - bodemfysica - grondmechanica - bodemkunde
more info ...
The mechanical stability of clay soils as influenced by the moisture conditions and some other factors [PhD thesis]
Koenigs, F.F.R. \ 1961
zware kleigronden - colloïdale eigenschappen - bodem - bodemkunde - rijst - oryza sativa - scheurvorming - opzwellen - krimp - bodemwatergehalte
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De bodemkartering van Nederland = Soil survey of the Netherlands - 20: Het Dollardgebied : bodemkundige en landbouwkundige onderzoekingen in het kader van de bodemkartering [PhD thesis]
Smet, L.A.H. de \ [1962]
bodemkarteringen - landevaluatie - horizonten - bodemgeschiktheid - bodemtaxonomie - bodemclassificatie - bodemtypen - grondvermogen - drainage - geschiedenis - kaarten - groningen - nederland
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Water Management

4. Umweltökologisches Symposium am 18. und 19. März am LFZ Raumberg-Gumpenstein [Conference proceedings]
Lehr- und Forschungszentrum für Landwirtschaft Raumberg-Gumpenstein \ 2014
oppervlaktewater - waterbeheer - waterbescherming - grondwater - grondwaterkwaliteit
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De Afsluitdijk in de 21e eeuw : van afsluiten naar verbinden : discussie notitie [Monograph]
Nederland. Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat \ Rijksinstituut voor Zuivering van Afvalwater \ Rijksinstituut voor Kust en Zee \ \ \ \ 1998
waterbeheer - afvoer - rijn - peilbeheer - toekomst - afsluitdijk
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California water : a new political economy [Monograph]
Goodall, M.R. \ Sullivan, J.D. \ De Young, T. \ [1978]
waterbeheer - californië - vs - politieke economie
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Voorschrift hechtingsmeting [Monograph]
Galjaard, G. \ Dussen, J.C. van der \ Brink, H. \ 1997
nederland - drinkwater - meting - chemische analyse - waterzuivering - calciumcarbonaat
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Environmental Management

Verein Gaia \ 1992-
milieu - milieuwetenschappen - milieubescherming - milieubeheer - ecologie
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Advies in hoofdlijnen over het Nationaal Milieubeleidsplan [Monograph]
Centrale Raad voor de Milieuhygiëne \ 1989
milieubeleid - nationale planning - nederland
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Biological diversity conservation and the law : legal mechanisms for conserving species and ecosystems [Monograph]
De Klemm, C. \ Shine, C. \ International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources \ 1993
wildbescherming - biodiversiteit - milieubeleid
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Ecology as politics [Monograph]
Gorz, A. \ cop. 1980
ecologie - politiek - theorie
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Legal aspects of the conservation of wetlands : papers presented at an international conference held in Lyon, 23-26 September 1987 = Aspects juridiques de la protection des zones humides : communications présentées à la conférence internationale de Lyon, 23-26 Septembre 1987 [Conference proceedings]
Untermaier, J. \ 1991
wetlands - conservering - internationale samenwerking - milieubeleid - milieuwetgeving
more info ...
The spoils of progress : environmental pollution in the Soviet Union [Monograph]
Goldman, M.I. \ cop. 1972
Because industialism had its beginnings in capitalist countries, the existence of environmental disruption in socialist and communist societies has been largely ignored. The truth is that pollution of natural resources plagues the planned economy and ...
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Wetlands, water and the law : using law to advance wetland conservation and wise use [Monograph]
Shine, C. \ Klemm, C. de \ 1999
wetlands - conservering - milieubeleid - milieuwetgeving
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Nature Management

Behaviour and management of European ungulates [Monograph]
Putman, R. \ Apollonio, M. \ [2014]
Ungulates are an extraordinarily important group of animals worldwide, at many levels – in their remarkable biodiversity; in many cases, as keystone species with a disproportionate effect on the functioning of the wider ecological systems of which th ...
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Conservation status of oystercatchers around the world [Monograph]
Ens, B.J. \ Underhill, L.G. \ 2014
waadvogels - vogels - natuurbescherming - wildbescherming - ecologie
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The ecology and psychology of agri-environment schemes [PhD thesis]
Dijk, W.F.A. van \ 2014
Het agrarisch natuurbeheer in slootkanten staat centraal, met als doel de diversiteit aan plantensoorten langs slootkanten toe te laten nemen. De afgelopen tien jaar hebben namelijk verschillende onderzoeken aangetoond dat tot nu toe de effectiviteit ...
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The phenomenology of publicness : (designing an accessible and inclusive Binnengasthuis area) [Student report]
Bijlsma, T. \ 2014
In this thesis a design solution is proposed for the urban landscape of the Binnengasthuis area in Amsterdam, based on a systematic analysis of accessibility and inclusiveness of mundane spaces in the city centre.
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Traditionele boerenlandschappen, boerenerven en landbouwhuisdieren in Noord-Brabant [Monograph]
Dirven, G. \ Stichting de Brabantse Boerderij, voor boerderij, erf, land en erfgoed \ [2013]
Veel benamingen vanuit het oude landschap en de vroegere agrarische bedrijfsvoering komen in deze publicatie aan de orde en worden verklaard (denk aan: beemd, houtwal, heining, voorde, biest, bunder, meestoof).
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Ecologische normdoelstellingen voor Nederlandse oppervlaktewateren [Monograph]
Coordinatiecommissie Uitvoering Wet Verontreiniging Oppervlaktewateren \ 1988
hydrobiologie - nederland - waterlopen - oppervlaktewater - waterverontreiniging - waterkwaliteit - aquatische ecosystemen
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ISRS 2010 : reefs in a changing environment : 13 December - 17 December 2010, Wageningen The Netherlands [Conference proceedings]
Kaandorp, J.A. \ Meesters, E. \ Osinga, R. \ Verreth, J.A.J. \ Wijgerde, T.H.M. \ [2011]
koraalriffen - aquatisch milieu - marien milieu - aquatische ecologie
more info ...
Marine biodiversity conservation : a practical approach [Monograph]
Hiscock, K. \ 2014
Effective marine biodiversity conservation is dependent upon a clear scientific rationale for practical interventions. The main focus of this book is on benthic species living on or in the surface substrate and immediately above, rather than on comme ...
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Project planning and management for ecological restoration [Monograph]
Rieger, J. \ Stanley, J. \ Traynor, R. \ [2014]
This book addresses a problem that is the reason many current restoration projects are not as effective or successful as they could be: a lack of understanding of the principles of sound planning and management. The authors provide a straightforward ...
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Forests in our changing world : new principles for conservation and management [Monograph]
Landsberg, J. \ Waring, R. \ 2014
Scientists tell us that climate change is upon us and the physical world is changing quickly with serious implications for biodiversity and human well-being. Forests cover vast regions of the globe and serve as a first line of defence against the wor ...
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Functional traits, drought performance, and the distribution of tree species in tropical forests of Ghana [PhD thesis]
Amissah, L. \ 2014
tropische bossen - bomen - droogteresistentie - plantengeografie - bosecologie - regen - temperatuur - plantenfysiologie - ghana
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The governance capacity of forest land allocation policy in Vietnam [PhD thesis]
Thi Kim Phung, D. \ 2014
bosbeleid - bosbouw - governance - overheidsbeleid - toewijzing - vietnam
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Plant and Crop Sciences


Continuous light on tomato : from gene to yield [PhD thesis]
Vélez Ramírez, A.I. \ 2014
solanum lycopersicum - tomaten - licht - gewasproductie - gewasopbrengst - genen - tolerantie - lichtregiem - beschadigingen - plantenfysiologie
more info ...
Elucidation of strigolactone biosynthesis in the host plant rice and the signal perception in the parasitic plant Striga hermonthica [PhD thesis]
Zhang, Y. \ 2014
striga hermonthica - parasitaire planten - biosynthese - signaaltransductie - oryza sativa - rijst - enzymen - plantenfysiologie
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Interne stikstofbalans, produktie van droge stof en veroudering bij gras [PhD thesis]
Burg, P.F.J. van \ 1962
plantkunde - plantenvoeding - kunstmeststoffen - mest - groei - oogsttoename - oogstverliezen - opbrengsten - stikstof - voedergrassen
more info ...
Das Kosmoskop : Karten und ihre Benutzer in der Pflanzengeographie des 19. Jahrhunderts [Monograph]
Güttler, N. \ [2014]
Angesiedelt an der Schnittstelle von Wissenschafts-, Umwelt- und Mediengeschichte zieht 'Das Kosmoskop' eine weite Linie von den ersten pflanzengeographischen Karten, die im späten 18. Jahrhundert im Umkreis Alexander von Humboldts entstanden, bis hi ...
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Microspore embryogenesis: reprogramming cell fate from pollen to embryo development [PhD thesis]
Hui Li \ 2014
stuifmeel - embryogenese - embryonale ontwikkeling - biologische ontwikkeling - plantenontwikkeling - in vitro kweek - plantenembryo's - brassica napus
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Plant behaviour and intelligence [Monograph]
Trewavas, A. \ 2014
This book provides a convincing argument for the view that whole cells and whole plants growing in competitive wild conditions show aspects of plant behaviour that can be accurately described as 'intelligent'. The author argues that behaviour, like i ...
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Plant systematics : the origin, interpretation, and ordering of plant biodiversity [Monograph]
Stuessy, T.F. \ Crawford, D.J. \ Soltis, D.E. \ Soltis, P.S. \ 2014
The greatest treasure of our Earth is its biodiversity. The life forms that share our world are responsible for the environment that we know and appreciate, which permits Earth to be so inviting in comparison with the other barren and desolate planet ...
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Crop Sciences

Buitenstebinnen [Journal]
Naktuinbouw \ 2013-
Buitenstebinnen is een periodieke uitgave van Naktuinbouw over onderwerpen die het werk van Naktuinbouw belichten vanuit diverse oogpunten, zowel overheid als bedrijfsleven. Naktuinbouw bevordert en bewaakt de kwaliteit van producten, processen en ke ...
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An experimental study of the influence of the microelements on the uptake of macroelements by plants [PhD thesis]
Kholi, A.F. el- \ 1961
sporenelementen - chelaten - plantenvoeding - voedingsstoffen - kunstmeststoffen - efficiëntie - assimilatie - stikstof - zwavel - fosfor
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Green manuring : principles and practice [Monograph]
Pieters, A.J. \ 1927
groenbemesters - mest
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Plant Breeding and Genetics

Analyse van aardappelpopulaties ten dienste van de veredeling [PhD thesis]
Maris, B. \ 1962
plantenveredeling - solanum tuberosum - aardappelen - plantenziekteverwekkende schimmels - plantkunde - genetica - genetische variatie - evolutie - soortvorming - immunogenetica
more info ...
Bacterial canker resistance in tomato [PhD thesis]
Şen, Y. \ 2014
solanum lycopersicum - tomaten - plantenziekteverwekkende bacteriën - clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis - ziekteresistentie - wilde verwanten - solanum pimpinellifolium - inteeltlijnen - terugkruisingen - genetische analyse - detectie - plant-microbe interacties - plantenveredelingsmethoden
more info ...
Bastaard-necrose bij tarwe [Monograph]
Hermsen, J.G.T. \ 1962
genetica - triticum aestivum - tarwe - hexaploïdie - afwijkingen, planten - voortplanting
more info ...
Physiology and genetics of root growth, resource capture and resource use efficiency in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) [PhD thesis]
Kerbiriou, P.J. \ 2014
lactuca sativa - slasoorten - cultivars - groei - wortels - scheuten - plantenontwikkeling - nutriëntengebruiksefficiëntie - voedingsfysiologie - watergebruiksrendement - genetische variatie - droogteresistentie - tolerantie van variëteiten - genotype-milieu interactie - biologische plantenveredeling
more info ...
Towards an improved variety assortment for the Dutch organic sector : case studies on onion and spring wheat [PhD thesis]
Osman, A.M. \ 2014
allium cepa - uien - triticum aestivum - zomertarwe - biologische landbouw - rassen (planten) - cultivars - rassenproeven - rasreacties - classificatie van rassen - plantenveredeling
more info ...
Towards map-based cloning of partial resistance QTLs of barley to Puccinia hordei [PhD thesis]
Yeo, F.K.S. \ 2014
hordeum vulgare - gerst - ziekteresistentie - plantenziekteverwekkende schimmels - puccinia hordei - partiële resistentie - loci voor kwantitatief kenmerk - genkartering - plantenveredeling
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Agricultural Entomology and Acarology

Levenswijze en bestrijding van de wortelvlieg (Psila rosae F.) in Nederland [Monograph]
Sant, L.E. van 't \ 1961
insecten - plantenplagen - daucus carota - penen - anthomyiidae - muscidae - drosophilidae - calliphoridae - agromyzidae - tachinidae - glossinidae - tephritidae - schizophora
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Plant and Crop Protection

A scientific evaluation system for the registration of pesticides in Ethiopia [Monograph]
Deneer, J.W. \ Adriaanse, P.I. \ Boer, P. de \ Busschers, M. \ Lahr, J. \ Schoor, C. van der \ Vliet, P. van \ Woldeamanual, A. \ 2014
pesticiden - toelating van bestrijdingsmiddelen - methodologie - ethiopië
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Lelie : beplante oppervlakten bloembollen ... / Produktschap voor Siergewassen, Bloembollenkeuringsdienst [Serial]
Produktschap voor Siergewassen \ Bloembollenkeuringsdienst \ 1990-
Jaarlijks overzicht van areaal beplanting lelies.
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Kalium- en watervoorziening bij peer [Monograph]
Maas, R. van der \ Hof, M. op 't \ Simonse, J. \ 2004
Verslag van een onderzoek naar aanleiding van vragen uit de fruitteeltpraktijk met doelstellingen geformuleerd: A. Opstellen van een verbeterde bemestings*adviesbasis op basis van grond* en bladmonsters voor rivierkleigronden voor Conference B. Vasts ...
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De pootaardappelteelt in de veenkoloniën [PhD thesis]
Kloosterman, E.G. \ 1960
pootaardappelen - solanum tuberosum - aardappelen - nederland - groningen
more info ...
Het risicodragende karakter van de tuinbouwproduktie [Monograph]
Kronenberg, H.G. \ 1961
tuinbouw - economische situatie - agrarische bedrijfsvoering - nederland - economische productie
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Zoology and Animal Sciences


Effect of species richness on disease risk: dilution effect and underlying mechanisms [PhD thesis]
Huang, Z. \ 2014
dierziekten - bovidae - rundvee - risico - soortenrijkdom - ziektedistributie - pathogenen - ziekteoverdracht - modellen - afrika
more info ...
Good memories for details improve fish health [Speech]
Wiegertjes, G.F. \ [2014]
vissen - diergezondheid - immunologie - aquacultuur - celbiologie - vaccinatie
more info ...
Migration : the biology of life on the move [Monograph] - Second editionTable of contents
Dingle, H. \ [2014]
Migration, broadly defined as directional movement to take advantage of spatially distributed resources, is a dramatic behaviour and an important component of many life histories that can contribute to the fundamental structuring of ecosystems. In re ...
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Biology of Animal Taxonomic Groups

Systematics of the sheath nematodes of the superfamily hemicycliophoroidea [Monograph]
Chitambar, J.J. \ Subbotin, S.A. \ 2014
The sheath nematodes belonging to the superfamily Hemicycliophoroidea are unique amongst all plant parasitic nematodes known to man due to the presence of an extra cuticular covering or sheath over the inner cuticle and body of all juvenile and adult ...
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Veterinary Science

The principles of animal hygiene and preventive veterinary medicine [Monograph]
Es, L. van \ 1932
dieren - hygiëne - veeartsenijkunde
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Animal Husbandry

Crossing boundaries : investigating human-animal relationships [Monograph]
Birke, L. \ Hockenhull, J. \ 2012
Many people feel strong bonds with nonhuman animals, and these relationships are central to much emerging scholarship in human-animal studies. Yet to study relationships is not straightforward; research often focuses on how humans affect animals or v ...
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Festmist- und Jaucheanfall : Mengen und Nährstoffgehalte aus Bilanzierungsmodellen [Monograph]
Horlacher, D. \ Rutzmoser, K. \ Schultheiß, U. \ [2014]
dierlijke meststoffen - vloeibare meststoffen - mineralenboekhouding - dierhouderij - tabellen
more info ...
Proceedings of the 6th international conference on the assessment of animal welfare at farm and group level : WAFL 2014 : Clermont-Ferrand, France, September 3-5, 2014 [Conference proceedings]
Mounier, L. \ Veissier, I. \ 2014
WAFL is an international scientific conference on the assessment of animal welfare at farm or group level. Issues addressed during a WAFL conference can be: welfare criteria; welfare indicators and methods to analyse them; automation of measures; way ...
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Animal Nutrition and Feeding

The development of a model for the prediction of feed intake and energy partitioning in dairy cows [PhD thesis]
Zom, R. \ 2014
dieren - melkkoeien - melkveehouderij - voeropname - modelleren - verteerbare energie
more info ...
Diet selection : an interdisciplinary approach to foraging behaviour [Monograph]
Hughes, R.N. \ 1993
All animals feed selectively. This book examines the selectivity of feeding from a variety of viewpoints. It examines the viewpoint of the behavioural ecologist that considers decision rules, the dietitian that looks at nutritional problems, and the ...
more info ...

Nutrient utilization, dietary preferences, and gastrointestinal development in veal calves : interactions between solid feed and milk replacer [PhD thesis]
Berends, H. \ 2014
dieren - koeien - vleeskalveren - diervoeding - voedingsstoffen - groei - ontwikkeling - diervoedering - vaste voeding - melk
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Animal Production Systems

Keeping goats or going north? : enhancing livelihoods of smallholder goat farmers through brucellosis control in Mexico [PhD thesis]
Oseguera Montiel, D. \ 2014
geiten - brucellose - kleine landbouwbedrijven - strategieën voor levensonderhoud - brucella - dierziekten
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Aquaculture and Fisheries

De beroepsvisserij in het IJsselmeergebied [Monograph]
Nagtegaal, P. \ Snel, H.J. \ 1984
visserij - ijsselmeer
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Bestaat er een verband tussen de groeisnelheid van de blankvoorn en de aanwezigheid van molluscen als voedsel voor deze vissoort? [Monograph]
Everards, K. \ 1973
rutilus rutilus - mollusca - groeitempo - visvoeding - hengelsport - sportvissen
more info ...
Conférence internationale de l'IIFET, 6-9 juillet - Paris : actes de la sixième conférence de l'Association Internationale d' Économie des Pêches = proceedings of the sixth conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade [Conference proceedings]
Antona, M. \ Catanzano, J. \ Sutinen, J.G. \ 1994
visserij - visserijbeheer - visserijbeleid - handel
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Dietary carbohydrates and denitrification in recirculating aquaculture systems [PhD thesis]
Meriac, A. \ 2014
dieren - vissen - aquacultuur - koolhydraten - denitrificatie - aquacultuur en milieu - feces - vezels - recirculatie aquacultuur systemen
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Fisheries research needs of small island countries [Monograph]
Shepard, M.P. \ [ca. 1990]
visserij - onderzoek - eilanden
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IIFET '98 - Tromso : the ninth conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, in Tromsø, 8-11 July 1998 : proceedings [Conference proceedings]
Eide, A. \ Vassdal, T. \ 1998
visserij - visserijbeheer - visserijbeleid - handel
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International cooperation for fisheries and aquaculture development : proceedings of the 7th biennial Conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C., July 18-21, 1994 [Conference proceedings]
Liao, D.S. \ 1995
visserij - aquacultuur
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Inventory of enmeshing gears in European waters [Monograph]
Fahy, E. \ 1993
vistuig - vis vangen - visserij - europa
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La pêche artisanale des années quatre-vingts en France [Monograph]
Catanzano, J. \ Lantz, F. \ Vernier, C. \ Allard, M.-O. \ 1993
visserij - frankrijk
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Proceedings of the second conference of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade : August 20-23, 1984, Christchurch, New Zealand [Conference proceedings]
Clark, I.N. \ 1985
visserij - economie - handel - zeevruchten
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A sardinhoa em Portugal : notas biológicas : memória apresentada ao i congresso nacional de pesca e conservas. setúbal, dezembro, 1927 [Monograph]
Ramalho, A. \ 1927
sardines - vissen - visserij - portugal
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Tuna 91 Bali : papers of the 2nd World Tuna Trade Conference, Bali, Indonesia, 13-15 May 1991 [Conference proceedings]
De Saram, H. \ [1991]
tonijn - handel - visverwerkende industrie - visserij
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The vulnerability of fishing-dependent economies to disasters [Monograph]
Badjeck, M.C. \ Perry, A. \ Renn, S. \ Brown, D. \ Poulain, F. \ 2013
vissersgemeenschappen - rampen - inkomen - economische afhankelijkheid - visserij
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Werkgelegenheid en opleidingsbehoefte zeevisserijbedrijven [Monograph]
NEA Transportonderzoek en opleiding \ 1993
werkgelegenheid - zeevisserij - onderwijs
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Farm and Captive Animals

Between-animal variation in the amount of energy required for the maintenance of cows [PhD thesis]
Es, A.J.H. van \ [1961]
gerantsoeneerde voeding - rundvee - diergeneeskunde - voedingsfysiologie
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Ebermast - Stand und Perspektiven : KTBL-Tagung vom 2.-3. Juli 2014 in Hannover [Conference proceedings]
Fritsche, S. \ Huesmann, K. \ [2014]
varkens - dierhouderij - dierlijke productie - duitsland - aantallen vee
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The fearful feather pecker : applying the principles to practice to prevent feather pecking in laying hens [PhD thesis]
Haas, E.N. de \ 2014
hennen - verenpikken - bangheid - gedragsproblemen - lijnen - hormonale controle - stressreactie - ontogenie - legresultaten - dierenwelzijn - diergedrag - dierfysiologie
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Improving performance of broilers fed lower digestible protein diets [PhD thesis]
Qaisrani, S.N. \ 2014
vleeskuikens - eiwitverteerbaarheid - vleeskuikenresultaten - fermentatie - einddarm - boterzuur - voer - voedingsfysiologie - pluimveevoeding - diervoeding
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De Lakenvelder : niet uit het veld te slaan [Monograph]
Boelema, R. \ 2014
De Lakenvelder is een zeldzaam, oud-Nederlands, fotogeniek ras. Tot een eeuw geleden werd de Lakenvelder vooral beschreven als rund voor de adel, dat leuk stond in parken en kasteeltuinen. Het gebrek aan hoge productiecapaciteit heeft het ras echter ...
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Offspring sex ratio bias and sex related characteristics of eggs in chicken [PhD thesis]
Aslam, M.A. \ 2014
kippen - eieren - geslachtsverhouding - karakteristieken - nageslacht - toewijzing - polymerase-kettingreactie - hormonen - voedselbeperking - dierveredeling
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Wild and Feral Animals

Trends in game meat hygiene : from forest to fork [Monograph]
Paulsen, P. \ Bauer, A. \ Smulders, F.J.M. \ 2014
Game meat, previously often considered as an 'exotic' food, or being relevant only in remote regions, is becoming increasingly popular. In order to provide sufficient quantities of nutritious, wholesome and safe game meat, a number of measures have t ...
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