What is a (prepaid) Chipknip?

The Dutch Chipknip is a debit card linked to a Dutch bank or giro account. The card owner can load money onto his card and then use it to pay without using a PIN authorization. It was introduced in 1996, but was never widely accepted.

At Wageningen UR Library you need a Chipknip to pay for photocopies and printouts, You also need it to pay in the Wageningen UR restaurants

Those who don't have a Dutch bank or giro account will have to buy a Prepaid Chipknip. Unlike the regular Chipknip, Prepaid Chipknip is not linked to a particular person or account. After the card credit has been spent, the empty card cannot be recharged.

Prepaid Chipknips are available at the reception desk of the Forum building in 3 denominations: 5, 10 and 20. An additional 2 per card is charged for administration costs.

mail icon Wageningen Digital Library, 21 January 2008