A quick introduction to the Digital Library

At the Wageningen UR Digital Library you will find a goldmine of information sources. The library gives access to a wide range of national and international databases, electronic and print books, journals and more. With so much information, it is often difficult to know where to begin. Below are some hints and short online demos to help you on your way. We also have an extensive list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions

books at the Forum Library

Looking for books?

You can find the libraries' collections of books and journals in the Library Catalogue.

Online demo Start online demo on the Catalogue
Online demo Start online demo on how to request a publication from the STACKS collection

Looking for journal articles?

If you are looking for scientific literature on a specific research topic, you will not only need to find books and reports in the library, but also journal articles and book chapters, conference papers and maybe even documents in other libraries. For this you will need to search bibliographic databases.

journal articles

The Digital Library offers a wide range of these databases. But how to choose a relevant one?

Start with Portals if you are not familiar with the digital library. Each discipline at Wageningen UR has its own portal which contains a list of relevant subjects. Choose the portal and subject which match your research topic best. You will be advised on highly relevant bibliographic databases, journals and books.

Alternatively, begin with Search. The Search page describes several methods of database searching and provides links to databases and the catalogue. Databases are presented alphabetically (Databases A-Z) and are also organized by type. You do not have to search relevant databases one by one. You can search multiple databases simultaneously either through MetaLib or through one of the provider's platforms.

Online demo Start online demo on Portals
Online demo Start online demo on Search
Online demo Start online demo on how to get the full text of a journal article using the Catalogue

Do you need information on one of our libraries?

Go to User info and services to find: addresses, opening hours, borrowing policies; information about requesting loans and photocopies, courses et cetera.

Online demo Start online demo

More questions?
If you have more questions or if you need any assistance in finding scientific literature you can:
  • Consult the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Visit the Forum library and ask for assistance at the information desk. Library staff will be ready to help you.
  • Contact the Service Desk, through mail or telephone.
the information desk at Forum Library
Send a mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Desktop Library, 21 December 2010