Software package for citation management

'Personal documentation' is the collection of reports, notes, letters, reprints, photocopies and other documents gathered by researchers in the course of their daily work.
References to these documents (citations) can be entered into a database. Wageningen UR Library supports two software packages for the management of personal documentation databases: Endnote and Cardbox. Cartoon: Loet van Moll

All machine-readable bibliographic data provided by Wageningen UR Library can be read into Cardbox. This includes the results of online literature retrieval and SDI ('current awareness') services as well as for data downloaded from a number of databases available on the Wageningen Digital Library.

You will need to convert the records before you can read them into Cardbox. Conversion programs are available for download.

For more information on licenses, versions and updates contact IOTA Consultancy (NL) or Cardbox Software Limited (UK).

send an e-mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Digital Library, 15 May 2009