Converting downloaded records

From OvidSP databases to Cardbox

The MS-DOS program gold.exe converts files with downloaded records from all OvidSP databases to MS-DOS text files which can be read into a Cardbox-Plus database.

Records must be downloaded in BRS/Tagged format with Windows Style Linefeeds. The search strategy and a link to each record in OvidSP can be included. You can either download the complete reference or Citation (+ Abstracts + Subject Headings).

The converted files can be read into a Cardbox database with the standard format defined by Wageningen UR Library. Set MODE EXTERNAL (or for the Cardbox Windows version: Read a database in external format) when reading in the file.

Download gold.exe version 1.0, 5 May 2009.

Download the standard file format for Cardbox-plus. This is a self extracting zip-file, containing an empty Cardbox database for both MS-DOS and Windows.

From the Catalogue, ARTIK, Land Soil Water, Hydrotheek, Consumer Studies and KennisBank biologische landbouw en voeding, to Cardbox

Records downloaded from these databases in tagged format can be read directly into Cardbox.

Any questions and complaints about these programs can be sent by e-mail to

send an e-mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Digital Library, 15 May 2009