House Rules for Wageningen UR Library Visitors

In addition to its function as a university and institute library, the Wageningen UR Library also has a national responsibility to provide information in the area of Life Sciences. The Library finds it very important that Wageningen UR students and employees and others can use the library facilities as much as possible. To prevent misuse of its facilities, the library has established a number of rules with which all library users have to comply.


The Library is not responsible for damage to and/or theft of a visitor's personal belongings.

Order and Quiet

The Library seeks to maintain a quiet work environment. Visitors are requested not to disturb other library users. Mobile telephones may not be used.

Use of the PCs

The computer facilities are intended for work and study. Library employees will monitor the proper use of these facilities.

Jackets and Bags

Jackets and bags may be brought into the Library. Library and security employees have the right to check jackets and bags if they have reasonable suspicion to do so. Jackets and bags can also be stored in the cloakroom on the ground floor of the building and/or in the lockers located in the Forum Building. The lockers must be emptied at the end of the day.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted in the Library in order to prevent damage to documents and equipment. Water in resealable bottles is exempted from this rule.

Vandalism and Theft

Users should treat library materials and library facilities carefully. If a library user vandalises, misuses facilities or steals, he or she can be denied use of the facilities and/or admission to the Library. In the case of vandalism and/or damage, the loss will be passed on to the perpetrator in all cases.

Waste disposal

Deposit waste in the available waste islands.

Lost and Found

If you have lost something or if you have found another visitor's property, then you may inquire about or turn the object(s) in at the Library's front desk.

Special Collections Department

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