How to apply for an ISBN

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identification number for monographs (books, theses, proceedings, reports, cd-roms etc.). It makes a publication easier to trace. Books with a Dutch ISBN assigned are automatically included in the 'Brinkman's Cumulatieve Catalogus', the national bibliography of the Netherlands.

If you are a staff member of Wageningen UR and you are planning to publish a so-called "grey" publication (i.e. without the services of a commercial publisher), you can ask the Library to assign an ISBN to your publication. As the ISBN will be printed in the book, you should do so before you hand in the manuscript to the printer.

Please contact Ms. Diny van Aalderen by phone (0317-4)83600 or e-mail


If you are preparing a Wageningen University PhD thesis, you will automatically receive an ISBN registration form from the Secretariat for Doctorate Conferrals when you hand in the 4 required copies of your thesis to the thesis committee (at least 13 weeks before the desired date of public defence).

send an e-mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Digital Library, 3 December, 2010