Online literature retrieval


Upon request, online literature searches can be performed in hundreds of databases available on a wide variety of subjects. These searches are performed by the information specialists of Wageningen UR Library. If you wish or if the information specialist thinks it necessary, you can be present during the search.

This service is available on a cost-recovery basis. The time spent on the search will be charged at €104 per hour (VAT excluded). If the search is performed in a database that Wageningen UR does not subscribe to, extra costs will be charged for access to the database and for downloading records.


If you want to keep abreast of the literature on a certain topic, an alerting service can be set up in one or more databases. The alert is based on a search profile. Each time a database is updated, an email will be sent with all new records that fit the search profile. Depending on the database and your own preferences, the frequency of updates can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Wageningen UR students and staff should consult the library page on Alerts and SDI for more information. For external users, the search profile will be made by information specialists and in close cooperation with the applicant.

Costs per database per year: €225

Basic costs per search profile per year: €160

These rates include normal maintenance of the search profile. Extra hours used for converting records, deduplication or drastic changes in the search profile will be charged at €104,- per hour (VAT excluded) in consultation with the applicant.

For further information contact the Service Desk.

send an e-mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Digital Library, 17 January, 2011