How to set up alerts in the Catalogue

Below is a step by step explanation to setting up alerts in the Wageningen UR Library Catalogue (classic interface). The same procedure works for Artik, the Consumer and Household studies database.

  1. Before you set up alerts, you need to log in. Click on the "Log in" link and fill in your user name and your password.
  2. Make sure that you are logged in to My Library, your email address should be shown on the screen. Go to the Library Catalogue.
  3. Perform a search in the catalogue on the subject you are interested in. Hit the search button. Assess the results list.
  4. If you don't like the results perform a magnifying glass icon new search or magnifying glass icon search within results. If you are happy with what you see click alert icon alert.
  5. Give a description to your alert and choose whether you prefer to have new records sent to you weekly or monthly. Click the save alert button.
  6. Go to My Library, and click Manage your alerts from Wageningen Catalogue, ARTIK, Land Soil and Water Database and Consumer and Household Studies Database. You will then see your list of alerts in My Library. On this page you can remove and edit your alerts.

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