How to set up Table of Contents alerts in the Catalogue

In Wageningen UR Digital Library you can set up ToC alerts on many (but not all) electronic journals (E-journals) the library offers.

A step by step explanation on setting up ToC alerts is given below:

  1. Before you can set up a ToC alert, you must first log in. Click on the "Log in" link and fill in your email address and your My Library password. If you never used My Library before, choose register as a new user and complete the form (use your email address!). You have to wait for the email that the library sends you. When you click the link in this email you have been registered and you can continue with setting up alerts.
  2. Make sure that you are logged in to My Library, your email address is shown on the screen. Go to E-journals A-Z.
  3. Look up the electronic journal you want to receive ToC alerts for with the search or with the browse option.
  4. Click on the e-toc button button next to the journal title. A Table Of Contents alert will be added to your My Library profile.
  5. Go to My Library . Click Manage your Table of Contents alerts You will then see a list of your personal ToC alerts, and you can remove ToC alerts you no longer want to receive.
  6. If for some reason the alerting services for a specific journal was suspended (e.g. if a journal is no longer published) this will be indicated with a Exclamation mark icon in your list of alerts.

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