Information Specialists at Wageningen UR Library

An information specialist can:

Social Sciences
Liza Bruggenkamp

0317 482112

Management Decision Support, Sociology & Anthropology of Development, and Sociology & Governance
Marc Loman Marc Loman

0317 482504

Economics, and Communication, Innovation, Technology & Ethics
Joke Webbink Joke Webbink

0317 482144

Business, Consumer and Competence Studies
Agrotechnology and Food Sciences
Marja Maclaine Pont Marja Maclaine Pont

0317 484516

chemistry, toxicology, microbiology, small laboratory animals, quality control of agricultural products, environmental technology
Marianne Renkema Marianne Renkema

0317 482158

agricultural engineering, food sciences and human nutrition
Environmental Sciences
Marja Duizendstraal Marja Duizendstraal

0317 482122

ecology, forestry, nature conservation, geology and soil science

0317 481658

Geo information (GIS)
Corrie van Zeist Corrie van Zeist

0317 484500

ecology, nature conservation, forestry
Plant Sciences
Ans Brouwer Ans Brouwer

0317 482245

entomology, phytopathology, crop protection, plant breeding and genetics
Wouter Gerritsma Wouter Gerritsma

0317 483052

plant and crop sciences, agriculture
Marco van Veller Marco van Veller

0317 483062

statistics, mathematics, biometrics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, genetics
Corrie van Zeist Corrie van Zeist

0317 484500

botany, biosystematics
Animal Sciences
Annemie Kersten Annemie Kersten

0317 484501

zoology and animal sciences, including aquaculture and fisheries
Marco van Veller Marco van Veller

0317 483062

animal breeding and genetics, animal genetic resources, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Special subjects
Hugo Besemer Hugo Besemer

0317 484515

electronic publishing, WU dissertations online, EndNote, data
Rob van Genderen Rob van Genderen

0317 484502

documentation, bibliographic databases: ARTIK, ARTIK+ voor Groen Kennisnet, Consumer and Household Studies Database, Hydrotheek, Kennisbank Biologische Landbouw, Kennisbank Zeldzame Landbouwhuisdieren
Liesbeth Missel Liesbeth Missel

0317 484546 / 06 13280247

historical collections on agriculture, biology, geography and Dutch garden architecture; maps and aerial photographs; conservation of historical collections
Peter van der Togt

0317 481448

citation analysis, open access, repository

If you do not know who to contact, or if you can't reach one of the information specialists, please contact the Service Desk.

send an e-mail to the Service Desk Wageningen Digital Library, 8 June 2009