Wageningen UR Library

Wageningen UR Library is in fact a network of several specialized, discipline oriented libraries, coordinated centrally at the Forum Library. Library services are not restricted to staff and students of Wageningen UR: all libraries are open to the public.


The Wageningen UR Library Catalogue is a union catalogue of all Wageningen UR Libraries and a number of associated libraries in the Netherlands that have collections in the same fields. The database is updated on a daily basis and now contains over 700.000 records.

Opening hours


Printing and photocopying

Printing and photocopying facilities are available in all libraries. Please inquire at the information desks regarding methods of payment.

Study carrels

In most libraries individual study carrels are available for quiet, individual study. For details see the list of participating libraries.


The buildings of Wageningen UR Library are accessible for wheelchair users.

Rules and regulations

The official rules and regulations of the Library are available in English and in Dutch. For Wageningen UR Library visitor's, House Rules apply.

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