EndNote styles for Wageningen UR

Wageningen UR Library has adapted a number of styles and added a couple of new ones. They come with the standard installation on the WUR network; You can download these additional filters here to add them if you install EndNote at home or need them for any other reason. These styles always have "(WUR)" in the file name

Wageningen UR styles

Journal Notes Style Date
ACS Nano ACS_Nano (WUR).ens 2012-02-16
Annual Review of Phytopathology ann_rev_phytopathology (WUR).ens 2010-11-11
ASABE Style Guide (WUR) ASABE Style Guide (WUR).ens 2010-04-20
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation(WUR) Biocatalysis and Biotransformation(WUR).ens 2010-04-20
Biometrika Biometrika (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Critical reviews of food science and nutrition Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr (WUR).ens 2010-07-12
EFSA reports EFSA_Style (WUR).ens 2012-05-30
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Environ Tox Chem(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
De Buck Open Universiteit verkort DeBuck_OU_Cultuurwetenschappen.ens 2012-02-09
De Buck Open Universiteit volledig DeBuck_volledig_OU_Cultuurwetenschappen.ens 2012-02-09
Grass and Forage Science Grass and Forage Science(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Journal of Cell Science J Cell Science(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Journal of Cleaner Production J Cleaner Production(WUR).ens 2012-08-28
Journal of Curriculum Studies J Curriculum Studies (WUR).ens 2012-05-24
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture J Sci Food Agriculture(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Livestock Production Science Livestock Prod Sci (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Molecular Plant Pathology Molecular Plant Pathology (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Nanotoxicology Nanotoxicology (WUR).ens 2012-05-24
New Phytologist New Phytologist (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Plant and Soil Plant and Soil (WUR) Nov2009.ens 2010-02-24
Plant Biology Plant Biology(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Plant Biotechnology Journal Plant Biotechnology Journal(WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Plant Cell reports Plant Cell Reports (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
The Plant Journal The Plant Journal (WUR).ens 2010-02-24
Wageningen UR Documentation for this style Wageningen UR (WUR).ens 2011-09-21
Weed Research Weed Research (WUR).ens 2010-02-24

Do you require styles that are not installed by EndNote nor in this list, or do you ned adaptations to styles? Please contact servicedesk.library@wur.nl. (Check the filters that come with the Endnote installation first. The one you need may be already there.)

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