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Preface (14 kB)

Introduction and Analytical Framework

1. Agro-food chains and networks for development: issues, approaches and strategies (129 kB)
Ruerd Ruben, Maja Slingerland and Hans Nijhoff (The Netherlands)

Chain Integration and Development

2. Agicultural development and trade liberalization (67 kB)
Roberto Rodriguez (Brazil)

3. Participation of smallholders in international trade (40 kB)
Leonard Nduati Kariuki (Kenya)

4. Chains and networks for development: articulating stakeholders in international trade (36 kB)
Jeroen Bordewijk (The Netherlands)

5. Vegetables sourcing in Africa: the experience of Freshmark (85 kB)
Johan van Deventer (South Africa)

6. Building partnerships for adding value: the role of agribusiness in developing trade (26kB)
Alfons Schmid (The Netherlands)

7. The contribution of Fair trade towards market access by smallholder banana producers (58kB)
Gonzalo La Cruz (Peru)

8. The rapid rise of supermarkets and the use of private standards in their food product procurement systems in developing countries (125 kB)
Thomas Reardon (USA)

9. Agro-food chains and sustainable livelihood: a case study of cassava marketing in Nigeria (49kB)
Olusola Bandele Oyewole and Biola Phillip (Nigeria)

Business Cases

10. Supply-chain development for fresh fruits and vegetables in Thailand (52 kB)
Jan Buurma (The Netherlands) and Joompol Saranark (Thailand)

11. FRUITFUL: integrated supply-chain information system for fruit produce between South Africa and The Netherlands (117 kB)
Anneke Polderdijk (The Netherlands), Elsbeth Van Dyk (South Africa), Daisy Ferreira (South Africa), Egbert Guis (The Netherlands) and Sandra Keller (South Africa)

12. Brascan: how to capture value in the beef chain (79 kB)
Marcos Fava Neves and Roberto Fava Scare (Brazil)

13. Fish in Kenya: The Nile-perch chain (53 kB)
Ronald Schuurhuizen, Aad van Tilburg (The Netherlands) and Emma Kambewa (Malawi)

14. Organic cacao chain for development: the case of the Talamanca Small-Farmers Association (78 kB)
Maja Slingerland (The Netherlands) and Enrique Díaz Gonzalez (Colombia)

15. The Novella Project: developing a sustainable supply chain for Allanblackia oil (49 kB)
Lawrence Attipoe (Ghana), Annette van Andel (The Netherlands) and Samuel Kofi Nyame (Ghana)

16. Developing a sustainable medicinal-plant chain in India: linking people, markets and values (82 kB)
Petra van de Kop (The Netherlands), Ghayur Alam (India) and Bart de Steenhuijsen Piters (The Netherlands)

Summary and Conclusions

17. Sustainable agro-food chains: challenges for research and development (22 kB)
Louise O. Fresco (Italy)

18. Exclusion of small-scale farmers from coordinated supply chains: market failure, policy failure or just economies of scale? (47 kB)
Cornelis (Kees) L.J. Van Der Meer (USA)

19. Food chains and networks for development: lessons and outlook (61 kB)
Maja Slingerland, Ruerd Ruben, Hans Nijhoff and Peter J.P Zuurbier (The Netherlands)

Wageningen Declaration (11 kB)