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I. Searching for explanations for the resource-poverty nexus

1. Economics of poverty, environment and natural-resource use: introduction
A. Ruijs (The Netherlands), R.B. Dellink (The Netherlands) and D.W. Bromley (USA) (62 kB)

2. Poverty traps and resource dynamics in smallholder agrarian systems
C.B. Barrett (USA) (120 kB)

3. Water resource management and the poor
P. Hellegers (The Netherlands), K. Schoengold (USA) and D. Zilberman (USA) (80 kB)

II. Payments for and values of environmental and forestry resources

4. The role of measurement problems and monitoring in PES schemes
G. Meijerink (The Netherlands) (122 kB)

5. Can ecotourism be an alternative to traditional fishing? An analysis with reference to the case of the Saloum Delta (Senegal)
O. Sarr (Senegal), J. Boncoeur (France), M. Travers (France) and M.C. Cormier-Salem (France) (90 kB)

6. Effects of poverty on deforestation: distinguishing behaviour from location
A. Pfaff (USA), S. Kerr (New Zealand), R. Cavatassi (Italy), B. Davis (Italy), L. Lipper (Italy), A. Sanchez (Canada) and J. Timmins (New Zealand) (73 kB)

7. Willingness to pay for systematic management of community forests for conservation of non-timber forest products in Nigeria's rainforest region: implications for poverty alleviation
N.A. Chukwuone and C.E. Okorji (Nigeria) (99 kB)

III. Sustainable land use

8. Traditional institutions and sustainable livelihood: evidences from upland agricultural communities in the Philippines
M. Omura (Japan) (77 kB)

9. Farmers investing in sustainable land use at a tropical forest fringe, the Philippines
M.R. Romero (The Philippines) and W.T. de Groot (The Netherlands) (163 kB)

10. A bargaining model of migration: getting the permission of the farm household
A. Mensah-Bonsu (Ghana) and K. Burger (The Netherlands) (120 kB)

List of contributors (10 kB)