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Preface (60 kB)
Ruud B.M. Huirne and Laurian Unnevehr

1. New approaches to food-safety economics: overview and new research directions (129 kB)
Laurian Unnevehr and Ruud B.M. Huirne

Consumer health and welfare

2. Food-safety economics: consumer health and welfare (167 kB)
Jason F. Shogren (US)

3. Consumer perception of food safety: role and influencing factors (122 kB)
Wim Verbeke (Belgium)

4. Quantitative risk assessment of food-borne pathogens - a modelling approach (197 kB)
Eric G. Evers, Maarten J. Nauta, Arie H. Havelaar and Andre M. Henken (The Netherlands)

Traceability and certification in the supply chain

5. Technical and economic considerations about traceability and certification in livestock production chains (185 kB)
Miranda P.M. Meuwissen, Annet, G.J. Velthuis, Henk Hogeveen, and Ruud B.M. Huirne (The Netherlands)

6. Traceability and certification in food quality production - a critical view (122 kB)
Gerhard Schiefer (Germany)

Farm-to-table risk analysis and HACCP

7. Food-system risk analysis and HACCP (240 kB)
Helen H. Jensen (US)

8. The economics of HACCP: farm-to-table analysis (162 kB)
Mogens Lund (Denmark)

Transparency in intra-EU and international trade

9. Regulating food safety in the European Union (206 kB)
Stephan Marette, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Bénédicte Coestier and Estelle Gozlan (France)

10. A review of empirical studies of the trade and economic effects of food-safety regulations (181 kB)
Norbert Wilson (France)

11. International trade transparency - the issue in the World Trade Organization (194kB)
João Magalhães (Switzerland)

12. Food-safety activities in the World Bank (97 kB)
Cees de Haan (US)

13. Food safety and security system in agrifood chains in Japan (91 kB)
Miki Nagamatsu and Yoichi Matsuki (Japan)

List of participants (39kB)