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Preface (14 kB)

1. Functional-Structural plant modelling in crop production: adding a dimension (63 kB)
J. Vos, L.F.M. Marcelis and J.B. Evers (The Netherlands)

2. Measurements for functional-structural plant models (64 kB)
G.W.A.M. van der Heijden, P.H.B. de Visser and E. Heuvelink (The Netherlands)

3. Modelling architecture of crop plants using L-systems (135 kB)
P. Prusinkiewicz (Canada) et al.

4. GroIMP as a platform for functional-structural modelling of plants (81 kB)
O. Kniemeyer, G. Buck-Sorlin, W. Kurth (Germany)

5. The virtual crop-modelling system 'VICA' specified for barley (146 kB)
P. Wernecke, J. Müller, T. Dornbusch, A. Wernecke and W. Diepenbrock (Germany)

6. A mathematical approach estimating source and sink functioning of competing organs (99 kB)
M. Kang (China) and P. de Reffye (France)

7. Modelling the light environment of virtual crop canopies (112 kB)
M. Chelle and B. Andrieu (France)

8. Photosynthesis and carbon balance (177 kB)
J. Müller, P. Wernecke, H. Braune, W. Diepenbrock (Germany)

9. Concepts of modelling carbon allocation among plant organs (60 kB)
L.F.M. Marcelis and E. Heuvelink (The Netherlands)

10. Mechanistic modelling of carbon partitioning (78 kB)
P.E.H. Minchin (New Zealand)

11. Numerical methods for transport-resistance sink-source allocation models (105 kB)
P. Prusinkiewicz (Canada), M. Allen (USA), A. Escobar-Gutiérrez (France) and T.M. DeJong (USA)

12. L-PEACH, an L-systems based model for simulating architecture, carbohydrate source-sink interactions and physiological responses of growing trees (116 kB)
M.T. Allen (USA), P. Prusinkiewicz (Canada), R.R. Favreau (USA) and T.M. DeJong (USA)

13. Canonical modelling: an approach for intermediate-level simulation of carbon allocation in functional-structural plant models (137 kB)
M. Renton, D. Thornby and J. Hanan (Australia)

14. GRAAL: Growth, Architecture, ALlocation: a functional-structural model to analyse the interactions between growth and assimilates allocation integrating processes from organ to whole plant (236 kB)
J.L. Drouet and L. Pagès (France)

15. Functional-structural modelling of Gramineae (237 kB)
C. Fournier (France), B. Andrieu (France), G. Buck-Sorlin (Germany), J.B. Evers (The Netherlands), J.L. Drouet (France), A.J. Escobar-Gutiérrez (France) and J. Vos (The Netherlands)

16. Functional-structural modelling of faba bean (63 kB)
M. Ruiz-Ramos and M.I. Mínguez (Spain)

17. Functional-structural modelling of chrysanthemum (69 kB)
P.H.B. de Visser, G.W.A.M. van der Heijden, E. Heuvelink and S.M.P. Carvalho (The Netherlands)

18. Towards functional-structural modelling of greenhouse cucumber (237 kB)
K. Kahlen (Germany)

19. 3D canopy modelling as a tool in remote-sensing research (54 kB)
P. Lewis (UK)

20. Functional-structural modelling as a potential tool to assess the impact of resource competition on arable communities (153 kB)
A. Karley and B. Marshall (UK)

21. A grammar-based model of barley including virtual breeding, genetic control and a hormonal metabolic network (104 kB)
G. Buck-Sorlin, O. Kniemeyer and W. Kurth (Germany)

22. Modelling plant canopies for biocontrol and biodiversity: insect movement, networks and lacunarity (85 kB)
D.J. Skirvin (UK)

Epilogue: Functional-structural plant models in crop production: where are we and where to go? (21 kB)
J. Vos (The Netherlands), M. Chelle (France), T. DeJong (USA), C. Fournier (France), P.C. Struik (The Netherlands) and X. Yin (The Netherlands)

List of participants (8 kB)