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Preface (18 kB)

I Genetics of plant performance: from molecular analysis to modelling

1. Genetic and molecular analysis of growth responses to environmental factors using Arabidopsis thaliana natural variation (254 kB)
M. Reymond (Germany), B. Pieper (Germany), H. Barbier (Germany), A. Ihnatowicz (Germany), M. El-Lithy (The Netherlands), D. Vreugdenhil (The Netherlands) and M. Koornneef (The Netherlands/Germany)

2. From QTLs to genes controlling root traits in maize (121 kB)
R. Tuberosa and S. Salvi (Italy)

3. Multi-trait multi-environment QTL modelling for drought-stress adaptation in maize (102 kB)
M. Malosetti (The Netherlands), J.M. Ribaut (Mexico), M. Vargas (Mexico), J. Crossa (Mexico), M.P. Boer (The Netherlands) and F.A. van Eeuwijk (The Netherlands)

4. Accounting for variability in the detection and use of markers for simple and complex traits (110 kB)
S.C. Chapman (Australia), J. Wang (China), G.J. Rebetzke (Australia) and D.G. Bonnett (Australia)

5. An integrated systems approach to crop improvement (140 kB)
G.L. Hammer and D.R. Jordan (Australia)

6. Crop systems biology: an approach to connect functional genomics with crop modelling (128 kB)
X. Yin and P.C. Struik (The Netherlands)

II Modelling genotype × environment interactions

7. A modelling approach to genotype × environment interaction: genetic analysis of the response of maize growth to environmental conditions (295 kB)
W. Sadok, B. Boussuge, C. Welcker and F. Tardieu (France)

8. Modelling genotype × environment × management interactions to improve yield, water use efficiency and grain protein in wheat (251 kB)
S. Asseng and N.C. Turner (Australia)

9. Physiological processes to understand genotype × environment interactions in maize silking dynamics (266 kB)
L. Borrás, M.E. Westgate and J.P. Astini (USA)

10. Modelling the genetic basis of response curves underlying genotype x environment interaction (137 kB)
F.A. van Eeuwijk, M. Malosetti and M.P. Boer (The Netherlands)

III Physiology and genetics of crop adaptation

11. Physiological interventions in breeding for adaptation to abiotic stress (355 kB)
M.P. Reynolds and R.M. Trethowan (Mexico)

12. Physiological traits for improving wheat yield under a wide range of conditions (165 kB)
G.A. Slafer and J.L. Araus (Spain)

13. Is plant growth driven by sink regulation? Implications for crop models, phenotyping approaches and ideotypes (138 kB)
M. Dingkuhn (France), D. Luquet (France), A. Clément-Vidal (France), L. Tambour (France), H.K. Kim (Australia) and Y.H. Song (Australia)

14. Yield improvement associated with Lr19 translocation in wheat: which plant attributes are modified? (142 kB)
D.J. Miralles, E. Resnicoff and R. Carretero (Argentina)

IV Physiology and modelling of crop adaptation

15. Simulation analysis of physiological traits to improve yield, nitrogen use efficiency and grain protein concentration in wheat (232 kB)
P. Martre (France), M.A. Semenov (United Kingdom) and P.D. Jamieson (New Zealand)

16. An architectural approach to investigate maize response to low temperature (107 kB)
K. Chenu, C. Fournier, B. Andrieu and C. Giauffret (France)

17. A 3D virtual plant-modelling study: tillering in spring wheat (282 kB)
J.B. Evers and J. Vos (The Netherlands)

18. Use of crop growth models to evaluate physiological traits in genotypes of horticultural crops (159 kB)
E. Heuvelink, L.F.M. Marcelis, M.J. Bakker and A. van der Ploeg (The Netherlands)

V Diversity, resource use and crop performance

19. Role of root clusters in phosphorus acquisition and increasing biological diversity in agriculture (2.174 kB)
H. Lambers and M.W. Shane (Australia)

20. Prospects for genetic improvement to increase lowland rice yields with less water and nitrogen (105 kB)
S. Peng and B.A.M. Bouman (Philippines)

21. Exploiting diversity to manage weeds in agro-ecosystems (152 kB)
L. Bastiaans (The Netherlands), D.L. Zhao (The Netherlands/Philippines), N.G. den Hollander (The Netherlands), D.T. Baumann (The Netherlands/Switzerland), H.M. Kruidhof (The Netherlands) and M.J. Kropff (The Netherlands)

VI Outlook and dialogue

22. When can intelligent design of crops by humans outperform natural selection? (101 kB)
R.F. Denison (USA)

23. Integrated assessment of agricultural systems at multiple scales (157 kB)
M.K. van Ittersum (The Netherlands) and J. Wery (France)

24. A dialogue on interdisciplinary collaboration to bridge the gap between plant genomics and crop sciences (59 kB)
P.C. Struik (The Netherlands), K.G. Cassman (USA) and M. Koornneef (Germany)

List of reviewers (10 kB)