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Preface (67 KB)

1. An introduction to ecological challenges concerning the use of genetically-modified mosquitoes for disease control (97 KB)
Willem Takken (The Netherlands) and Christophe Boëte (France)

Genetic control of mosquito-borne diseases

2. Transgenic mosquitoes: the state of the art (164 KB)
David A. O'Brochta (USA)

3. Lessons from the past: an overview of studies by the University of Maryland and the University of California, Berkeley (143 KB)
William K. Reisen (USA)

4. Genetic-control trials and the ecology of Aedes aegypti at the Kenya coast (437 KB)
L. Philip Lounibos (USA)

Mosquito ecology

5. May the force be with you: measuring mosquito fitness in the field (314 KB)
J. Derek Charlwood (Denmark)

6. Fitness advantages in multiple blood-feeding: the Aedes aegypti example (204 KB)
John D. Edman (USA)

7. Factors affecting the vectorial competence of Anopheles gambiae: a question of scale (381KB)
Willem Takken (The Netherlands) and Steve W. Lindsay (UK)

8. Contained semi-field environments for ecological studies on transgenic African malaria vectors: benefits and constraints (1,7 MB)
Bart G. J. Knols (The Netherlands), Basilio N. Njiru (Kenya), Richard W. Mukabana (Kenya), Evan M. Mathenge (Kenya) and Gerry F. Killeen (Switzerland)

Population genetics

9. Gene flow among populations of Anopheles gambiae: a critical review (256 kB)
Gregory C. Lanzaro (USA) and Frederic Tripet (USA)

10. Effective population size in relation to genetic modification of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto (477 kB)
Charles E. Taylor (USA) and Nicholas C. Manoukis (USA)

Vectors, parasites and pathogen transmission

11. Environmental constraints on the physiology of transgenic mosquitoes (155 kB)
Peter F. Billingsley (Scotland)

12. Evolution of parasite virulence to vectors (171 kB)
Sam L. Elliot (UK), Maurice W. Sabelis (The Netherlands) and Frederick R. Adler (USA)

13. On the evolutionary ecology of mosquito immunity and the use of transgenic mosquitoes for malaria control (514 kB)
Jacob C. Koella (France)

14. Aedes aegypti density and the risk of dengue-virus transmission (209 kB)
Thomas W. Scott (USA) and Amy Morrison (USA)

Consequences of GMM release

15. Release ratios employed for genetically modifying populations of mosquitoes (123 kB)
Andy Spielman (USA)

16. Biosafety and risk assessment in the use of genetically modified mosquitoes for disease control (114 kB)
Yeya T. Touré (Switzerland), Ayoade M.J. Oduola (Switzerland), Johannes Sommerfeld (Switzerland) and Carlos M. Morel (Switzerland)

17. Measuring public-health outcomes of release of transgenic mosquitoes (262 kB)
Chris F. Curtis (UK)

18. Discussion – Ecological challenges concerning the use of genetically-modified mosquitoes for disease control: synthesis and future perspectives (123kB)
Bart G. J. Knols (The Netherlands) and Thomas W. Scott (USA)

List of participants (47 KB)