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Preface (10 kB)

1. Achieving high dry-matter intake from pasture with grazing dairy cows (121 kB)
P. Dillon (Ireland)

2. Species-rich swards of the Alps: constraints and opportunities for dairy production (95kB)
H.A. van Dorland, H.-R. Wettstein and M. Kreuzer (Switzerland)

3. Cultivar effects of perennial ryegrass on herbage intake by grazing dairy cows (89 kB)
H.J. Smit (The Netherlands)

4. Nutrient management under grazing (121 kB)
O. Oenema, T.V. Vellinga and H. van Keulen (The Netherlands)

5. Grazing systems and feed supplementation (94 kB)
A.M. van Vuuren and A. van den Pol-van Dasselaar (The Netherlands)

6. Grassland management with emphasis on nitrogen flows (120 kB)
J.L. Peyraud and L. Delaby (France)

7. Nitrogen utilization of perennial ryegrass in dairy cows (136 kB)
B. Tas (The Netherlands)

8. Grassland management with emphasis on grazing behaviour (127 kB)
M. Gibb (United Kingdom)

9. Improving dry-matter intake of perennial-ryegrass pasture by dairy cows (78 kB)
H.Z. Taweel (The Netherlands)

10. Lipids in herbage: their fate in the rumen of dairy cows and implications for milk quality (100 kB)
A. Elgersma, S. Tamminga and J. Dijkstra (The Netherlands)