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Preface (11 kB)

1. New approaches to the economics of plant health: general introduction (18 kB)
Alfons Oude Lansink (The Netherlands)

Part 1. Efficient inspection policies

2. Robust inspection for invasive species with a limited budget (164 kB)
Joe Moffitt, John Stranlund, Barry Field and Craig Osteen (USA)

3. On economic-cost minimization versus biological-invasion damage control (139 kB)
Gregory DeAngelo, Amit Batabyal and Seshavadhani Kumar (USA)

4. Designing optimal phytosanitary inspection policy: a conceptual framework and an application (112 kB)
Ilya Surkov, Alfons Oude Lansink, Wopke van der Werf and Olaf van Kooten (The Netherlands)

Part 2. Quantifying risks and economic effects using spatial models

5. Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of brown-rot control strategies: development of a bio-economic model of brown-rot prevalence in the Dutch potato production chain (86 kB)
Annemarie Breukers, Monique Mourits, Wopke van der Werf, Dirk Kettenis, Alfons Oude Lansink (The Netherlands)

6. Risk and indemnification models of infectious plant diseases: the case of Asiatic citrus canker in Florida (322 kB)
Barry Goodwin and Nicholas Pigott (USA)

7. Hurricanes and invasive species: the economics and spatial dynamics of eradication policies (194 kB)
Albert Acquaye, Julian Alston, Hyunok Lee and Daniel Sumner (USA)

Part 3. Methods for modelling non-monetary impacts of phytosanitary policies

8. Estimating the economic value of trees at risk from a quarantine disease (134 kB)
Francisco Areal and Alan MacLeod (United Kingdom)

9. Multi-Criteria Decision Making to evaluate quarantine disease control strategies (123 kB)
Monique Mourits and Alfons Oude Lansink (The Netherlands)

Part 4. Costs and benefits of phytosanitary measures

10. Phytosanitary measures under uncertainty: a cost-benefit analysis of the Colorado potato beetle in Finland (113 kB)
Jaakko Heikkilä and Jukka Peltola (Finland)

11. The benefits and costs of specific phytosanitary campaigns in the UK: examples that illustrate how science and economics support policy decision making (85 kB)
Alan MacLeod (United Kingdom)

Part 5. Economic and biophysical aspects of plant health policies

12. Model frameworks for strategic economic management of invasive species (179 kB)
John Mumford (United Kingdom)

13. Analysis of environmental risks: how to assess and manage risks of plants as pests? (68kB)
Gritta Schrader (Germany)