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Preface (12 kB)

1. Venturing and clustering in agri-food and high-technology hot spots: introduction (106 kB)
W. Hulsink and H. Dons (The Netherlands)

High-tech clusters in the United States and Europe

2. North Carolina's Research Triangle Park: overview, history, success factors and lessons learned (493 kB)
J.W. Hardin (USA)

3. Clustering in IT: from Route 128 to Silicon Valley, from DEC to Google, from hardware to content (124 kB)
W. Hulsink, D. Manuel and H. Bouwman (The Netherlands)

4. A hotbed for entrepreneurship and innovation: looking for success factors in Israel's High-Tech Clusters (116 kB)
U. de Haan (Israel)

5. Creating the dynamic technology region: the knowledge pearl Leuven - Flanders (156 kB)
M. Hinoul (Belgium)

The importance of innovation, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer

6. Innovation and knowledge transfer in the Dutch horticultural system (140 kB)
H. Dons and R.J. Bino (The Netherlands)

7. A demand-led, network-based approach to technology transfer: the experience of the UK Defence Diversification Agency (74 kB)
J. Molas-Gallart and D. McDonnell (UK)

8. Stimulating entrepreneurship in life sciences: the Dutch approach (137 kB)
H. Hu and W. Mosmuller (The Netherlands)

Agri-food clusters and communities in Europe

9. Structural changes and the role of districts in the development of the Italian food industry (256 kB)
C. Brasili and R. Fanfani (Italy)

10. Food innovation at interfaces: experience from the Íresund region (64 kB)
M. Lagnevik (Sweden)

11. The emergence of slow food: social entrepreneurship, local foods and the Piedmont gastronomy cluster (138 kB)
H.S. van der Meulen (The Netherlands)

12. The Flemish frozen-vegetable industry as an example of cluster analysis: Flanders Vegetable Valley (295 kB)
W. Vanhaverbeke, J. Larosse and W. Winnen (Belgium)

Stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship and regional clustering in the East Netherlands

13. East Netherlands as an innovation region: can a triangle between valleys compensate for low critical mass? (156 kB)
P. Tindemans (The Netherlands)

14. From 'Wageningen City of Life Sciences' to 'Food Valley' (145 kB)
C. Crombach, J. Koene and W. Heijman (The Netherlands)