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Preface (12 kB)

1. Agricultural trade liberalization and the least developed countries: introduction (59 kB)
N. Koning (The Netherlands) and P. Pinstrup-Andersen (USA)

2. Agricultural trade, development problems and poverty in the least developed countries: an overview (58 kB)
O. Östensson (Switzerland)

3. Making agricultural trade reform work for the poor (128 kB)
M.A. Tutwiler and M. Straub (USA)

4. Price intervention in Sub-Saharan African agriculture: can an institutionalist view alter our conception of the costs and benefits? (89 kB)
A. Dorward, J. Kydd and C. Poulton (United Kingdom)

5. Poverty, land conservation and intergenerational equity: will the least developed countries benefit from agricultural trade liberalization? (68 kB)
K. Savadogo (Burkina Faso)

6. Trade liberalization in cotton and sugar: impacts on developing countries (109 kB)
A.M. Nassar (Brazil)

7. How to increase the benefits of the DOHA development round for the least developed countries (110 kB)
D. Blandford (USA)

8. Improving market access in agriculture for the African least-developed countries: deepening, widening, broadening and strengthening trade preferences (138 kB)
W. Yu (Denmark)

9. Agricultural trade liberalization under Doha: the risks facing African countries (150 kB)
O. Badiane (USA)

10. The practical experience with agricultural trade liberalization in Asia (99 kB)
D. Dawe (Thailand)

11. What can be learned from the history of developed countries? (140 kB)
N. Koning (The Netherlands)

12. How U.S. farm policies in the mid-1990s affected international crop prices: a harbinger of what to expect with further world-wide implementation of WTO-compliant policy modifications? (75 kB)
D.E. Ray and H.D. Schaffer (USA)

13. The WTO agricultural negotiations and the least developed countries: limitations and options (78 kB)
S. Murphy (USA)