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Preface (88 kB)

Concepts and dimensionality in unsaturated modeling of water flow and solute transport

1. Concepts and dimensionality in modeling unsaturated water flow and solute transport (596kB)
J.C. van Dam (The Netherlands), G.H. de Rooij (The Netherlands), M. Heinen (The Netherlands) and F. Stagnitti (Australia)

2. Integrated modeling of vadose-zone flow and transport processes (422 kB)
M.T. van Genuchten and Jirka Šimunek (USA)

Parameterizing the soil-water-atmosphere transfer through vegetations

3. Understanding and parameterizing the soil-water-atmosphere transfer through vegetation (482kB)
J. Grace and M. Williams (United Kingdom)

4. Parameterizing the soil-water-plant root system (560 kB)
R.A. Feddes and P.A.C. Raats (The Netherlands)

Unsaturated-saturated water flow and solute transport and relation to surface water: regional scale

5. Drainage-water travel times as a key factor for surface water contamination (340 kB)
P. Groenendijk and G.A.P.H. van den Eertwegh (The Netherlands)

6. Role of vadose-zone flow processes in regional-scale hydrology: review, opportunities and challenges (510 kB)
Thomas Harter and Jan W. Hopmans (USA)

Observing soil-vegetation system: measurements and models

7. Energy and water flow through the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system: the fiction of measurements and the reality of models (889 kB)
M. Menenti (France/Italy), L. Jia (The Netherlands) and W.G.M. Bastiaanssen (The Netherlands)

8. Reality and fiction of models and data in soil hydrology (380 kB)
Y.A. Pachepsky (USA), K.R.J. Smettem (Austria), J. Vanderborght (Germany), M. Herbst (Germany), H. Vereecken (Germany) and J.H.M. Wösten (Netherlands)


9. Inserting man's irrigation and drainage wisdom into soil water flow models and bringing it back out: how far have we progressed? (358 kB)
W.G.M. Bastiaanssen (The Netherlands), R.G. Allen (USA), P. Droogers (The Netherlands), G. D'Urso (Italy) and P. Steduto (Italy)

10. Eco-hydrology and biodiversity (363 kB)
J.P.M. Witte, A.F.M. Meuleman, S. van der Schaaf and B. Raterman (The Netherlands)

11. On the use of unsaturated flow and transport models in nutrient and pesticide management (250 kB)
M. Vanclooster (Belgium), J. Boesten (The Netherlands), A. Tiktak (The Netherlands), N. Jarvis (Sweden), J.G. Kroes (The Netherlands), R. Muñoz-Carpena (USA), B.E. Clothier (New Zealand) and S.R. Green (New Zealand)

List of authors (58 kB)
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