ISX/CIRC was developed as a library circulation package for the DOS version of Unesco's CDS/ISIS retrieval system. ISX/CIRC allows small libraries and documentation centres using CDS/ISIS to control the loan and return of books, documents or files -- in short, any kind of material that can be borrowed.

ISX/CIRC was originally developed in the early 1990's and has been used in over 35 countries throughout the world. However it does not meet the requirements of all libraries, particularly those with more sophisticated requirements. It is for use with the DOS Version of CDS/ISIS only; there is no version of ISX/CIRC for the Windows version of CDS/ISIS, due to the limited programming capabilities of the Windows version.

Year 2000 Compliance

ISX/CIRC is Year 2000 compliant. Users of earlier versions of ISX/CIRC (version 1 to version 3.19) which were not Year 2000 compliant can upgrade to the current version by re-installing the software or (in the case of users of version 3.0 and higher only) by replacing the CIRC?.PCD files with the similar files distributed with the current version.

For more information

Read the ISX/CIRC Technical Specifications, which provides detailed information on the functions and capabilities of the software.

How to obtain ISX/CIRC

Click here to download the software.
Please note that no support is available for this software, and that users use the software entirely at their own risk. The program is available only in a compiled version, i.e. the program source is not available. If you require capabilities not found in this program or wish to adapt it to your specific situation, please use one of the other circulation systems available for CDS/ISIS.