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Version 2 now available!

Version 2 shows the following improvements:

  1. Better exception handling making it more tolerant to errors.
  2. Better navigation through the display of retrieved records.
  3. Easier method to Mark and Unmark records of a set.
  4. A new expanded display option that allows a better view and navigation through long records, typical of bibliographic databases.
  5. Saving, printing and downloading of sets (marked or all records) as RTF files.
  6. Easier selection of CDS/ISIS display formats and the possibility of showing descriptive names for such display formats instead of the usual 6-character names.
  7. The possibility to set display of retrieved records either in forward, i.e., first record to last record or in the reverse order.
  8. The possibility to define a default database. Once defined, this database is opened automatically each time Delphi - Isis is invoked.
  9. A new and expanded help file

Download and setup instructions

  1. Download the file to your hard disk into any suitable directory.
  2. Unzip to any folder on your hard disk to get all the files needed for you to setup Delphi - Isis on your computer. You may, if you wish, unzip to a diskette.
  3. Using Windows Explorer, locate the folder in which you unzipped the setup files.
  4. Double click the file SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions in the setup wizard to install Delphi - Isis
  5. If you are a database administrator, read the section Customizing in the Help File provided with Delphi - Isis.

Lastly, please send an email from your mail account to the account letting me know that you downloaded the setup files. This will help me get in touch with you for any further improvements or problem solutions.

Please report any problems you face to

About Delphi-ISIS

Delphi-ISIS is a Windows-95/NT front end for CDS/ISIS databases. It has been developed using Borland's Delphi 3.0 and Unesco/Bireme's DLL called Isis32.dll.

The application provides a GUI front-end using which information centres can master and distribute CDS/ISIS databases. It is possible to use Delphi-Isis on a standalone PC, on a Windows-NT network server or for one or more databases on CD-ROM.

One or more databases may be searched with Delphi-Isis:

Delphi-Isis allows the:

Delphi-Isis also allows:

The application comes with a full fledged Windows Help file and an Install utility.

Delphi-ISIS was developed by L.J. Haravu

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