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The CDS-ISIS discussion list

Unesco's CDS/ISIS text retrieval program is widely used, especially in developing countries, for bibliographic applications, project administrations etc. The aim of this discussion group is to provide a forum where users can ask questions, announce new developments, applications and co- programs. The group is meant for MS/DOS user's as well as Vax and Wang users.
Contributions can be submitted in French, English or Spanish.

How to subscribe

To join the CDS-ISIS discussion list, send an e-mail message to:
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How to send a message to the list

To send a message to be distributed to the list, send your e- mail message to
Please do not send messages longer than about 250 lines; break long messages up into multiple shorter messages.
Authors of CDS-ISIS messages are solely responsible for content of their messages.


The list has two archives:

  1. A Web based archive, that also has a searchable index.
  2. One that can be searched by e-mail.

Other mailing lists

There is a special mailing list for German speaking CDS-ISIS users

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